Welcome to the official Shack Out Back Magazine.

Just in time to celebrate the “20th” Anniversary of Comicality’s Shack Out Back, Imagine Magazine has finally been restored. There may be a few items out of place but, all content that was available from the backups that were provided are available once again. With that said…

If you previously posted work on Imagine Magazine and it is either missing or miscredited, please send an email to submissions@imagine-magazine.org and we’ll get right on correcting the issue.

Thanks for your patience and understanding and join us as we celebrate 20 years of some of the funnest stuff from the bestest author ever! (Yup, I’m leaving it like that too :P)


Imagine Volume 33Cover image for Imagine: Volume 32.Cover image for Imagine: Volume 29Cover image for Imagine Magazine: Volume 28Cover image of Imagine Magazine Volume 26Volume 13 cover imageVolume 12Volume 10 cover imageVolume Seven cover imageVolume Six cover imageVolume 5 cover imageVolume Four cover imageVolume 3 cover imageVolume Two cover imageVolume One cover image