Welcome to the Official Magazine of “Comicality’s Shack Out Back” 

“Mask Up!”

Summer 2020 is gone and still for many, the entire year has just been on neverending nightmare. Sure, we’re able to keep ourselves safer by staying home, wearing face coverings when we have to go out, washing and sanitizing our hands often, and even just changing our clothes when we get home. Keep whatever is out there, out there! Yet some people STILL push back to fight for their rights to endanger others. So, we’ll give you a reason to stay home! A new issue of Imagine Magazine! As always, to all the new people who are just finding their way in for the first time, grab a snack and find a comfortable spot on the couch with your iPad. To the rest, just open a new tab on your browser, the porn can wait a while. OMG!

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