Do you ever think back to when you were still just a little kid, and you remember how you had that super close bond with your very BEST friend in the whole world? I’m talking about real life blood brothers, here! Hehehe, shared birthday cakes, treehouses, and making plans to spend the rest of your lives together and remain best buds until the stars burn out?

Hehehe, you may not even remember why you were so close at the time, but you find an old photo or something and you think…”Ohhh…I had a crush on him, didn’t I?” LOL! One of those innocent little boy crushes that you couldn’t really identify at the time, but now you can kind of see it in hindsight.

That’s pretty much what this month’s Imagine Magazine centerfold boy reminds me of. 😛

Born Aitor Izquierdo Curbelo, this young cutie pie has already begun making those big bright eyes and star patterned freckles of his a welcome part of the modeling industry. Quickly rising in popularity at such a young age, Aitor’s future seems to be turning into a bright one before our very eyes. Which…you know…is awesome!

Coming from Spain, Aitor is managed by his dedicated mom, Urcinia Curbelo, and he is also a proud member of the internationally known YTC Apparel group out of Germany. A place where I’m sure he’ll be able to thrive and grow as he sets forward in his career.

Not only as a model, but as an aspiring actor as well. I haven’t seen any of his acting work just yet, but it’s probably for the best. Hehehe, seeing as I’m just going to end up blankly staring at the screen anyway, losing my concentration every few minutes while trying to get my focus back.

What??? He’s pretty! Awww, so adorable!

Aitor will be one to look for in the near future as he reaches his teen years, and now that the Covid menace is a bit more under control than it was just a year or two when he started…more opportunities are certain to be tossed his way, one after another, until his beauty has touched each and every one of you.

You can pretty much count on that!

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The very best of luck to you, Aitor! Both in your acting and your modeling endeavors! Use this Summer to make a real impact on the industry, and in the next year or two, I’m sure you’ll be raising the eyebrows of every beholder of boy beauty from one side of the globe to the other! Stay good, kiddo! And give ‘em hell!

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