The Portals By Binneyan Smith Chapter 8 Older Jerry’s words still echoed in my head… “We have to talk to you about time travel and what it’s doing to you.” “Wh-What it’s doing to us?” Danny asked. He looked as nervous as I felt. “What is it doing to us?” I asked. “Calm down!” Older Danny said. “Nothing bad has happened yet, we just have to let you know what the rules are. If you’re afraid now, that’s probably good. It’s gonna help you to stay on top of things.” Older Danny walked over to the sink and looked around, as if he had misplaced something. “Oh yeah,” he said, “You guys don’t drink coffee yet, so you don’t have a coffee pot. I guess we can have Cokes.” Then he opened the fridge and took out four cans. Carrying them over to the table, he placed them in the center. Grabbing one, he sat down. Older Jerry did likewise, so Danny and I did the same. Once we wereContinue reading »

By Binneyan Smith Chapter 7 After our trip to Paris, we realized that we don’t have to be late ever again! For instance, on August 15th we travelled a few hours back in time so we could deliver the contract to François Chevalier before 18:00 Paris time. Then we travelled back to 07:00 on the same day so we could get some rest and still make it home on time, so the ‘rents wouldn’t freak. Well, that was just the start of it. As far as time travel goes, we remembered what Older Jerry and Danny told us the first time we met them – we can’t travel back to before we were born, and we can’t travel forward to any time that we hadn’t lived through… which is moving forward every moment. We didn’t understand why, but we took Older Jerry and Danny at their word. After all, they are us. It took us a few days to realize the potential of time travelling within our 16-year lifetimes. AsContinue reading »

Over the next few weeks we were busy with school and deliveries, so much so that our parents started to worry about us. “You guys never talk about your friends any more. What’s up with that?” Danny’s mom asked us one Saturday. “And what about the Cubs? You used to talk about them non-stop. Is something wrong?” I froze. I had no answer. Fortunately, Danny thinks a bit faster than I do. “No, Mom, we’ve just been working harder on our studies. Jerry and I are trying for a company scholarship. If we can get a few ‘A’s we might get a full ride at IIT.” “Is that true, Danny? You want to go to the Illinois Institute of Technology? That’s my alma mater!” “Yeah, Mom. I know. That’s why we’re taking AP Chemistry this year and AP Physics next year,” Danny said. + + + ED: It was true that we were taking AP Chemistry, but only because our guidance counselor talked us into it last August when weContinue reading »

  The weekend went too fast! We spent Saturday in Phoenix and Sunday we went back and checked out eight of the 16 buildings there. We were surprised when one of the buildings took us to Guadalajara, Mexico through the rear door, and Regina, Saskatchewan through the front! This was the first time we found ourselves outside of the United States! What an experience! I’m not sure about Danny, but I was glad when we got back to Chicago. + + + ED: Danny here. Jerry is soooo weird! In Guadalajara he was like, “We gotta go back, Dan! We don’t have our passports!” And I’m like, “Who’s gonna stop us?” And when we got to Regina, the dude almost shit a brick! Fortunately, Regina was freezing and, since we left our jackets back in the breakroom in Chicago, as soon as the cold air hit us, we decided to turn around and go back. + + + When Monday came around, reality sank in. School. Dan and I spentContinue reading »

I don’t know where to start. OK, let’s back up a few minutes. Danny appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Wait. It wasn’t really out of nowhere; it was from the basement door next to the doggie door at the front of the building on Nova Avenue, but he was supposed to be five blocks away at the Summit Avenue building. How did he get here? I was looking at my phone and waiting for him to text me. I looked up when I heard the door open, and before I could react, Chuck was barking and running towards me. Danny had a huge grin on his face and he told me to come with him. + + + Ed: Danny here. Sheesh! Jerry was frozen in place and I had to actually punch him in his arm to get him to respond! + + + “But… But how did you get here? You’re supposed to be at Mrs. Scott’s building!” “Jerry, if you come with me, I’ll explain it toContinue reading »

The next few days were as busy as all get-out. We knew our teachers and parents would accept a ‘B’ rather than an ‘A’, but we would never get away with a ‘C’… even though it’s still a passing grade. We just finished our midterms in March, so really we were just trying to extend our Spring Break a little longer – no such luck. *sigh* With all the school activity picking up, we had to put The Portals on hold during the week, although we managed to take a day trip to Los Angeles on Saturday and then another to Miami on Sunday. This was unbelievable!  We rode our bikes a few blocks from home and spent Saturday on the west coast and Sunday on the east. It was kind of hard to come back to the rain and clouds of Chicago after spending the weekend in the sun.  We were kinda surprised that we didn’t see Chuck over the weekend. Disappointed is more like it. Neither Danny norContinue reading »

Saturday morning I woke Danny by jumping on him and smacking him repeatedly on his forehead while singing ‘Purple Rain’. He tried to get me off of him, but his arms were under the blankets and he couldn’t get them out. When he noticed that I was already dressed, he asked, “How long have you been awake?” “Long enough to get washed up and ready to go. Now let’s get going, we have a lot of stuff to do today.”   = = =   After we downed a couple of bowls of Froot Loops, Dan and I took off on our discovery tour. The weather called for light showers, so we double checked that our ponchos were still in our backpacks. We had a number of places to go, so we decided to take our bikes. I gave Danny a ride to his place so he could pick his up. Yeah, I know – we’re 16 and in high school and we’re still riding our bikes. But it reallyContinue reading »

By Binneyan Smith   Hi. My name is Jerry. Last week when my friend Dan and I were taking a shortcut home, the strangest thing happened. We ended up in… Nah, you’ll never believe me, but I swear to all the gods above, I’m not kidding… Okay. This isn’t going right; I’m not making any sense. Let me start over… from the beginning this time. The last class of the day for me is History. I really like History, but last Wednesday I had to get home because of a baseball game that I wanted to watch on TV. And Ms Ellis was dragging the class out, which was strange in itself because she’s never done that before. Dan and I were going nuts! We were watching the clock and, I swear, it stayed on 3:19 for twelve minutes! Look, this was an important game. The Mariners were playing the Cubs in Seattle and it was a day game. The Mariners start most weekday afternoon home games at 1:10. That’sContinue reading »