So….we’re all here, reading this right? At SOME point in our younger days we decided that we were gay! Right? Not a choice…but at some point we realized that, “Hey! I think I kinda like boys more than girls!” (Or vice versa, for our lesbian audience) There’s always that ONE boy that awakens us to our sexuality! Who was it for you! You can just say a first name. But what boy caught your eye when you were younger and forced the idea of being GAY in you mind? I’m curious! This is a question for the next issue of Imagine Magazine! So, if you’re a bit worried about having your true feelings displayed for whatever reason, I can respect that. But for those who don’t mind having a place to share your memories with the rest of us…PLEASE feel free! K? You’re an innocent kid…who made you gay? Hehehe! For me, it was this boy named Gabe! I was just…wow…I wanted him so BAD! He was the first boyContinue reading »

1- If you look at the cap on your pen, you will notice a hole or some form of ventilation in the top of it. This is a safety measure that was put in the pen cap’s design for people that absentmindedly chew on their pens. If swallowed…the victim will be able to get at least some oxygen through the pen cap, until proper medical attention can be received. 2- While many people think that the DC Comics character, ‘Shazam’, has that as a name…it is actually an anagram. It stands for Solomon, Hercules, Aries, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury! 3- If you have pots and pans in your kitchen, you’ll notice that most, if not all, of them have a hole in the handle. This is not just for hanging them up on a rack or on the wall. The hole is meant to be used to hold your spoon or cooking utensil upright, with the ‘used’ end dangling over the pot. 4- Nearly 50% of Asian men and womenContinue reading »

It’s hard to come up with things to say to him. Hard to make idle small talk when Dallas’ very presence makes me scrutinize and feel self conscious about every word that comes out of my mouth. I’m not really used to being shy. Bashfulness has never really been an emotion that I’ve learned to embrace. You want something? You ask for it. You go AFTER it. How else do you expect to make any progress in life, right? The worst thing anybody can say to you is ‘no’…and even then, keep pushing until they either give in to your demands, or walk away angry because you made such a fucking *PEST* out of yourself! Either way, I get my answer right away and I either get what I want or I get the opportunity to move on and get it elsewhere instead of wasting my time. I don’t like feeling as though I have to appeal to someone else in order to get them to play ball. Either giveContinue reading »

“Uhhhh…I can’t say that I’ve got a game strategy for this one, bro! Open to suggestions if you’ve got ’em!” Frye shouted as the three of us tried to concentrate on the immediate threats in front of us as well as the imminent threat coming up behind us! “We need a turn off! NOW!” I shouted. “The Chi isn’t built like that, Logan! We get our exits when we get ’em!” Sanchez hollered back. The giant truck behind us was steadily picking up speed, some of the cars in it’s path being rammed and turned backwards from the impact! Countless people getting hurt in the process. Looking in my rearview mirror, I saw the truck’s grill barreling down on us, and looked forward just in time to violently swerve to the left around a car that had suddenly flipped over on its side! Sanchez and Frye did their best to keep up, but everything was happening so fast that it was hard for us to concentrate. Looking ahead, I caughtContinue reading »

I rubbed my elbow some more as I moved around the basement. Dangit!!! I think I hit my funny bone or something when I fell, because my arm and my fingers feel all tingly and weird now. Plus, I got my good party shirt all dirty. I specifically picked this one out to look cool tonight, and that jerk made me ruin it by chasing me down here in this dusty farmer house trap thingy. Big butthole! This basement was super dirty and dark, but I didn’t even want to complain in the back of my mind. If nothing else, it was providing me some decent shelter from the awful bullies outside. I guess I should be grateful. Even if I was a little bit grumpy about it all. Why did Jason have to wreck everything? Was he really that insecure and jealous that people actually LIKED me and wanted to talk to me instead of him? I’ll bet he was. I’ll just bet he gets his stomach all tiedContinue reading »

I can feel his eyes on me again. I don’t know why…but he just stares at me sometimes. Jayce, I mean. He never used to do that. Not until a couple of weeks ago, that is. The 8th grade is difficult enough to handle without having some other boy literally gawking at you for 85% of your class period. I don’t know why he’s become so interested in me all of a sudden. It doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like we’re friends or anything. Sure, we know each other well enough to recognize one another’s faces in the school hallways. I mean…if he snatched some lady’s purse on the street, and the cops asked me to pick him out of a criminal line up, I could do so with no problem. But outside of that? Jayce and I were just ‘classmates’. A connection that was more attributed to chance scheduling than any kind of common interest. Then we were paired up to do a class project together. It wasContinue reading » Over the years, there has been a true sense of love and unquestionable loyalty from the fans when it came to the “Billy Chase” series! The personal ‘diary’ format was something new and different for me, as well as a challenge to most readers in the beginning. It was an audience that didn’t really want to read a story that was told in that style at the time, so they avoided it like the plague despite its long run and many dedicated chapters over the years, updated on an almost weekly basis as the site’s personal ‘soap opera’. But as more and more people discovered the storyline and fell in love with the characters, it finally gained the popularity that I had been hoping for, but could NEVER predict ahead of time! And that fanbase grew even bigger when it came to the re-edited ebooks on! It found a whole new life there as the refurbished chapters brought the “Billy Chase” character and all of his friends intoContinue reading »

So, you’ve finally done it! You’ve written your masterpiece! You took the time, you put in the hard work, you lost the appropriate amount of sleep, you’ve done all you could to rub the severe ache out of your sore and tired fingers! It’s finished! Your project! Your baby! Yay! Hold it up to the sky like Simba in “The Lion King” and beam with all the pride you deserve! You’ve earned it! Now… I want you to take that healthy piece of work, give it a loving kiss… and then start HACKING IT TO PIECES!!! Fingers, toes, arms, legs… it’s time to butcher your creation and hope for the best. Such is the plight of the internet author. Or any author, for that matter. It can really suck sometimes, but if you want your story to be as potent and as effective as you’re hoping it will be… then sacrifices must be made. So make them, we shall. Hopefully, this article will help you to trim some of theContinue reading »

“Ungh…ungh…mmmm…yeah…mmm…ungh…” For someone who was so hesitant in the beginning, so unbelievably nervous and emotionally repressed about wanting to fuck me… this guy certainly took a great deal of enjoyment out of penetrating me once I talked him into it. Gus was a year older than I was. Seventeen, going on ‘porn star’. I had seen him around Hillside High before. He was pretty much a reject in this place. Quiet, withdrawn, socially awkward… hardly the kind of guy that was up for being Homecoming King at any point during the year. I mean… he was a nerd. It’s ok to be a nerd, but he was the creepy kind of nerd. Not the cool, acceptable, geeks with a comic book, Star Wars, video game, list of fetishes and obsessions. He was more like the ‘most likely to become a serial killer after graduation’ type. Just saying. You can’t spend that much time in a corner by yourself without having a few crazy ideas popping into your head about fuckingContinue reading »

1- Every time you go to the gas station to fill your car up… you may be putting your LIFE at risk! While most people are aware of the dangers of leaving the car running or smoking around the gas pump, there is a third precaution that is clearly detailed on the pump that no one pays attention to. You are actually supposed to touch both of your hands to a metal surface before filling up your car to rid yourself of any possible built up static electricity. While this rule goes highly unnoticed, the slightest accidental spark could cause the gas fumes to ignite, setting both you AND your car on fire! So… remember that! 😛 2- In the Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” music video… TWO of those girls were actually no longer a part of the group! They started off with four members, including Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. Then two were fired from the group without even knowing it until after the video had already been shot,Continue reading »

For this months issue, we asked readers what some of their personal fears might be! These were the answers we received! What are YOU scared of? Give it some thought, and add it to the comments below! “Fear can be a superpower… OK, so for the benefit of Imagine Magazine, I’ve flushed out, what was initially a much briefer response. Feel free to use it if it’s helpful in some way. CLAUSTROPHOBIA. Well for one, I’m super claustrophobic. And it’s not so much about being in tight places like a small room, it’s more about being unable to breathe / move / sit up / raise my hands, being restricted in some form, just the thought of, say, being put in a straitjacket or handcuffs, or sandwiched between two huge rocks, unable to squeeze through, seriously freaks me out. When people think of claustrophobia they think of the fear of being trapped in small rooms / tight spaces, etc. But while that does bother me somewhat, it’s much more aboutContinue reading »

Nobody should be able to make it through a Halloween night without a few genuine scares, witnessed from the comfort of your own home! So, if you’re looking for creepy goosebumps and some serious midnight chills…here are Comsie’s ’13 Short Horror Films To Watch Before Bed’! Sweet dreams! >:) #1 – Chained – #2 – Sheets – #3 – On My Way – #4 – Night Night Nancy – #5 – The Smiling Man – #6 – Horror Short Film – #7 – The Whisperer – #8 – She’s A Doll – #9 – Vicious – #10 -Candy – #11 – Abe-   #12 – Red Balloon – #13 – I Heard It Too-

1- When the original “Blair Witch” movie was released, so MANY people thought that it was a real and legitimate document of people who were actually ‘missing’ that the parents of the three actors received a flood of sympathy cards in the mail from people who saw it in theaters. 2- At the end of the original novel, “The Jungle Book”, Mowgli goes to live with his own kind, but the other humans reject him and cast him back out into the wilderness. Enraged by their judgement of him, Mowgli goes back and enlists the help of his animal friends to come BACK to the human village… and viciously tear the entire human settlement apart, slaughtering everyone inside! Hehehe, that Kipling… you crazy writer, you! 😛 3- Diehard religion during childhood… can cause actual brain damage! And that damage is irreparable past a certain age. Scientific studies have proven that extended exposure to heavy theological beliefs harshly affects the Hippocampus part of the brain. To young children, indoctrinating them withContinue reading »

After all of the fuzzy warm feelings that I’ve conjured up online for the stories many of you have come to enjoy, you might be surprised at how much of a ‘dark’ individual I can be a times. Hehehe! I can’t help it. I was an 80’s kid, and growing up during the slasher flick era was AWESOME! We’re talking “Halloween”, “Nightmare On Elm St.”, “Friday The 13th”, “Child’s Play”, “The Howling”…my friends and I were the kids who got together in somebody’s basement every weekend, turned out all the lights, and blazed through whatever we could afford from the local video store. I was that kid with the ‘Fangoria’ magazine subscription and the fake vampire teeth. As much as I absolutely LOVE writing romance and erotic fiction, my foundation has always been one part Horror, one part Science Fiction, and one part Comic Books. I was practically a character from “Stranger Things”! Hehehe! (If you haven’t seen that on Netflix…you need to remedy that as soon as possible!) So,Continue reading »

Just in case your dream tank was empty and you were running low on a steady stream of total nightmare fuel, then you need to look no further than artist, Joshua Hoffine, for a full service fill up! If you haven’t heard the name or seen his work before, then read on, horror fans. This is one visual artist who is sure to stir up a few fearful thoughts and a collection of goosebumps…all with a single picture. Featured in magazines and news circulations, Joshua Hoffine’s special brand of ‘horror photography’ have grown extremely popular over the past few years, and he gets more ambitious with each following project. His work has been called ‘disturbing’, ‘jaw dropping’, and downright ‘unsettling’, by many…and yet those feelings of dread and repulsion only seem to add to their utter fascination with his art. With his impeccable eye for detail, mixed with heavy doses of passion, patience, and ingenuity…even the harshest critics have to praise him for the photos’ creativity and creepy vintage appeal.Continue reading »

“The Elixir” “Danny? Are you sure you’re alright?” My mom asked me at the dinner table. “You’ve hardly touched your beef brisket tonight. I thought it was one of your favorites?” “Huh? Oh…” I mumbled in response. I looked down to notice my hand limply holding my fork, the prongs doing little more than pushing bits of uneaten food from one side of my plate to the other. “I’m sorry, Mom. I guess I’ve just got a lot on my mind at the moment.” I forced myself to take another bite or two, but I only did it for the sake of being polite. “Can I be excused? If you don’t mind…I think I’d rather lay down for a bit and warm up the rest of dinner later. Ok?” With a look of serious concern, she weakly said, “Ok, Honey. If you’re not hungry.” Then added, “Are you sure you’re not coming down with something? There’s a few nasty flu bugs going around town…” “I’m ok, Mom. Really. I’m notContinue reading »