May 9, 2016 This week’s 3M shines a light on that little voice in your head! Maybe it’s a good thing! STOP! Before some of you scroll down and just SKIP this one, I want to say that I really ENJOYED this movie! Despite the title, it’s not going to be one of those super corny and weird religious flicks that shoves Christianity so far down your throat that it makes you SICK! (I’m looking at YOU…90% of Christian propaganda flicks who can’t just tell a god story without aggressively attacking other people!) That said, this is a really cool drama about someone who was really down on their luck and hit rock bottom. A man who couldn’t work anymore, and who couldn’t get a job, became homeless for a while, and didn’t know where to turn for help. Then, out of nowhere, he begins to hear (what he believes to be) a foreign voice in his head. A voice that he believes to be the voice of GodContinue reading »

Every story that you have ever read, every movie that you have ever seen, has a potential backstory to it. Every last one. Now, maybe it’s a backstory that doesn’t need to be dwelled upon for that particular tale…but believe me, it’s there. And if you work to create characters that are compelling enough for your readers to want to know more about them…teasing them with bits and pieces of a backstory can add depth and complexity to your main character and the characters around them. IF it’s done right! So this month…let’s talk backstories. If the characters in your story have any importance at all in the plot, they might have an interesting backstory trailing behind them. They didn’t just appear out of thin air. Something brought them there. Something put these current events into motion. That’s what backstories attempt to explain. They reveal pieces of history that come before, and lead up to, the tale being told. It gives people a detailed idea about that character’s motivations, orContinue reading »

Triple M for April 25, 2016 Awww…how could I forget about this one? I wonder what was going through my head when I saw this for the first time… I have to admit…even waaaaay back then, I can remember my tiny little Comsie heart beating soooo hard during this movie! ::Blush:: Ah, memories. Anyway, “D.A.R.Y.L.” is a story about a robot that was created by the government to see if artificial intelligence can actually work. If it can learn emotion, make its own choices, and blend in with regular society undetected. The strange thing is, a great deal of this movie doesn’t deal with him being a robot at all. In fact, if it weren’t for the trailer, I think the movie was trying to keep that a secret and pass this off as a coming of age movie with a twist. (Don’t worry. I didn’t ruin anything. It’s pretty obvious from the beginning, but…you know, there were no M. Night Shyamalan’s in the early 80’s!) When the boy isContinue reading »

WdotW for April 25, 2016 Say, Nathan…he’s a BIG 21 Pilots fan too! ::Nods:: Hehehe, just sayin’! Maybe you’ll meet him at a concert or something…trade numbers? You never know! 😛 Photos:     Videos: Ya know…the way this demo reel started (along with the ‘title’ of that TV show!!!) I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for here! LOL! >:O

1- “Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest” for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System is the very first video game to have multiple endings depending on how many times you died during the game, and how long it took you to finish it. 2- ‘Slimer’ from the original “Ghostbusters” movie was actually created to be the ghost of John Belushi. Belushi was meant to play a major role in the film, but passed away shortly before filming began. Slimer was a memorial done by filmmakers to parody Belushi’s character from the movie “Animal House”, and to make sure that his spirit was kept alive. 3- The Ouija Board actually named itself! When it was developed, the makers asked the board what it should be called. And the marker spelled out ‘O-U-I-J-A’ as a response. 4- In “New Kid In School”, the character of ‘Ryan’ was based on a boy I went to Junior High with named Stephen. That’s why Randy’s full name is ‘Randy Stephens’. 5- The most popular Nine Inch Nails album,Continue reading »

WdotW for April 18, 2016 Elliott’s actually a little bit older now, but we’ll be seeing more of him soon! Can’t wait! Hehehe, he certainly grew up to be a cutie in the last year or two! 🙂 Pictures: Videos:   Elliot Hanna on IMDB

Triple M for April 18, 2016 How does Thomas Brodie Sangster shave his head AND his eyebrows and still stay so darn CUTE? Hehehe! I know what you’re thinking! “OMIGOD!!! It’s Andy Serkis! And he’s not leading an army of apes, or trying to steal the ‘precious’ from Frodo, or intimidating dark jedi as a 40 ft tall hologram, or getting his hand chopped off by Ultron!” LOL! Yes, he’s an exceptional actor all on his own. This movie is definitely a solid example of that. “Death Of A Superhero” stars Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and it’s about a teenage boy who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is trying to deal with what that means. Serkis plays a therapist who is trying to help him through hard times as his behavior becomes more angry and reckless, possibly sending him down the road to suicidal tendencies if not addressed. Now, as dark as this sounds, there are a LOT of laughs in this movie, and heartwarming moments thatContinue reading »

WdotW for April 11, 2016 I haven’t seen “King Jack” yet, but it looks cool. A little drama is good for the soul every now and then. 🙂 Pictures: Videos: Charlie Plummer on IMDB

Triple M for April 11, 2016 Inspired by true events? Hehehe…ummmm…okaaaay. 😛 A touch of horror, but more of a thriller with a supernatural theme involved, there’s a nice little theme to “The Entrance”! One of those stories where you se just how the Devil loves to play wild games with the sins of the living. And I’m always down for on of those on a rainy weekend! 🙂 Without saying too much, the movie is about a female detective who comes across a lone stranger who claims that he has spent the entire night being held hostage with a small group of other criminals…playing a series of games to determine who will live and who will die. A demonic series of bizarre events that he managed to survive, and for some mysterious reason…he was released. Allowed to escape. And contact the very detective that caught him. Can’t say much more than that, but it makes for a cool popcorn flick, and I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 BuyContinue reading »

Triple M for April 4, 2016 Sighhh…what “Batman V Superman” could have been with just a LITTLE more focus… I’m sure that many of you saw my ‘trying not to be a rant’ rant on the board last week about the ‘Batman V Superman’ movie, and now that it’s been out for a while and a bunch of people have already seen it, I thought it only fair to see what it could have been if they didn’t try to cram 100 storylines all into the same movie for the sake of a franchise. This really is an EXCELLENT story! The Dark Knight Returns is, quite possibly, one of the most celebrated stories in all of comic book history! This was during an era where anti-heroes were being brought to the forefront. Daredevil and Punisher and Wolverine and etc were becoming the norm. Have you ever seen the original ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ comics? LOL! They were NOT for kids! But parents didn’t know that! So…yay for the sneaky handContinue reading »

WdotW for April 4, 2016 I don’t get it…is EVERYBODY in Australia just young and slim and blond and cute? How does that work? It’s like they took a Hollywood teen actors guild and turned it into an entire CONTINENT! So unfair! Hehehe! Anyway, best of luck on your Bieber audition, dude! Sneak us some pics of him in the shower if you can. ::Nods:: This is his video audition tape for a backup dancer opportunity… Pictures: Videos: LOL @ 00:55! Well THAT escalated quickly! Should I ask why they even HAVE those blue outfits? Hehehe, I honestly think this should be a whole 24 hour cable channel! Just cute boys laughing and trying to figure out advanced yoga poses on each other! LOL! I could watch that all day! It’s hilarious! Ahhh, boyhood…I remember it well. 🙂

WdotW for March 28, 2016 While just starting on on his journey as an actor, Brandon Spink is making one heck of a debut! Er… No, no wait, he’s been acting since he was seven, but now—NOW—Brandon’s found his way under our radar, because now… Brandon IS Batman! >:O Or, well, a young Bruce Wayne in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice“. While the movie’s getting mixed reviews, one thing is for certain, Brandon’s role in the movie has ensured his future in the acting industry. And, well, I think the “Miracles From Heaven” movie helped a little, too. Pictures: Videos: Mother’s Day on IMDB

Hehehe, yeah…I don’t think we had a ‘PG-13’ rating in the 80’s yet! So a regular ‘PG’ rating back then isn’t the same as it is today. ‘The Hobbit’ cartoon had trolls cannibalizing people, and teens would run away from home, drink, smoke, curse, and…in this case, get shot at by Russian spies! LOL! That’s how the 80’s roll! (Have you seen “Weird Science”? Is that grown woman openly tongue kissing a teenage boy and grabbing two handfuls of his ass? Wow! I bet Hollywood won’t try to reboot THAT one! LOL!) Anyway, this story is about a young boy (Henry Thomas from “E.T.”) who is fascinated with video games and role playing and spy stuff. His mother has recently passed away, and his way of dealing with it is to go on adventures with his imaginary friend, Jack Black. (Ummm…not really Jack Black, but…it’s just a name! Hehehe!) And while on one of these kiddie adventures, he comes across a REAL LIFE chunk of hidden government spy info, andContinue reading »

WdotW for March 14, 2016 While Ethan was a WDotW cutie a few years back, he has now returned (about a HUNDRED cute WDotW boys later!) to the list with a vengeance! And with two other cute boys on TOP of that! So keep up with him and In Stereo and he’ll be legal this year if you’re overseas. So give him a smooch for me! Awwwww, remember back then? He was all nervous and super adorable! 🙂 Pictures:   Videos:  

When it comes to appearances…acting ‘gay’ or acting ‘straight’…what does it prove? And believe it or not, that’s not a typo this time! It’s ‘Scot’ with one ‘T’! So ‘Breakfast With Scot’ is a delightful comedy about a happy gay couple who have built a life together, one of them being a former professional hockey star. Naturally, he’s not ‘out’ to the public for fear of the backlash of the sports fans and the possible loss of his job as a sportscaster on TV. However, when his lover’s irresponsible brother takes off on a selfish trip to a far away place, and his ex-wife passes away…the custody of their only son goes to the gay couple until Child Services can locate his father and place him in his care. That sounds complicate. It’s not. Hehehe, promise. ANYWAY, when young ‘Scot’ shows up on their doorstep, he’s not exactly what they expected. A bit on the flamboyant side, immediate adjustments need to be made…as the ‘straight acting’ gay couple, and theContinue reading »

WdotW for March 21, 2016 Hehehe, don’t worry! For “Fantastic 4″…he was in the decent part of the movie! You know, before it all fell apart. 😛 Pictures: Videos: Unfortunately, current videos are scarce, and I think these are from a year or two ago, but you can catch Evan on the “Fresh Off The Boat” TV show (Which is kinda like an Asian family version of “Malcolm In The Middle”. Pretty funny!)

Triple M for March 14, 2016 While this new thriller isn’t quite an A+ in my book, I have to say that it took me by surprise. I LIKED it! Hehehe! There’s a babysitter who’s NOT really a babysitter, a trio of kids who are helpless under her psychotic definition of ‘care’, and a creepy thriller vibe that begins right when the opening credits start! I won’t spoil anything, but if you’re looking for an entertaining Saturday afternoon popcorn flick, feel free to check this one out. Psycho babysitter stories are cool. 😛 Enjoy! Amazon* | IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Official Website *Currently only available with Prime Video on

WdotW for March 07, 2016 Images: Videos: Hehehe, uhhhh…what? He’s just starting out. He’ll get better roles soon. 😛 Check out Grady Port on IMDB