Triple M for March 07, 2016: This week’s 3M reminds you that before DiCaprio was taking on a bear in the wilderness…Anthony Hopkins was showing him how it’s done! 😛 This movie is going back a few years, but you can’t deny it was awesome! And if you go back and watch it today, this survival thriller has definitely held up over time! Our main focus is Anthony Hopkins, who plays a billionaire who has built himself a business empire and is married to a much younger, super model, wife. When a big photo shoot for his wife leads them out into the mountains for the weekend, her lead photographer (Played by Alec Baldwin) takes Hopkins out for an airborne tour of the grounds. But…the real question is…is this hot shot young photographer just being friendly, or is there a more sinister reason involved? Hot young photographer, hot young wife, and a much older man with billions of dollars…in the woods. Yeah, that might be a bad situation for poorContinue reading »

You know, for him to be the next in line for the title of ‘man of the house’, my brother Brett was certainly being a total bitch about the bite in his neck. Don’t get me wrong, it looked like it hurt…a LOT! But I can’t help but to feel that it serves him right. Sorry, but it’s true. After all the lunk-headed sexist bullshit he’s spewed out of his mouth within the walls of this household about bitches not being worth more than a few orgasms each and only being nice to them so he could get some pussy…I was GLAD that some girl came along and made a ‘pussy’ out of him for a change. Sure, his hyper level Testosterone would somehow meld with my dad’s and they’d find a way to mysteriously ‘bond’ over this whole sick ordeal…a bond that I was never invited to be a part of on a count that I was…different…but for now? I’m GLAD he’s hurting. I’m happy to hear his helplessContinue reading »

Driving home always forced me to turn my brain off. I could almost consider it a defense mechanism at this point. As I turned down those same familiar streets, getting close to the place that I occasionally referred to as home, I just knew that the best parts of my day were done and over with. Most people think of home as a place to go for comfort and tranquility. Essentially making it your own private escape from the rest of the world. For me it was the exact opposite. I didn’t find any comfort there at all. Prison walls might have been more to my liking, when I really sit down and think about it. As I pulled into the dirt driveway, leading up to the ‘peeling paint’ supports of the raggedy shelter on the side of the house, I turned off the clunky engine of my father’s truck…sitting there at the wheel for a minute or two. Just trying to collect myself before taking the key out ofContinue reading »

All guilt seems to melt away the moment he lowers those tender lips down on me. The sensation of lushly padded warmth and moisture softly wrapped around my hard inches makes me gasp, each and every time. I try to control that, hoping to hide just how much I enjoy having this neighborhood boy eagerly suck me off in the front seat of my father’s truck. But…if nothing else, he can feel my entire body responding to his touch upon initial contact. It wasn’t something that I could ever hope to control. The way he coils his tongue round my pulsing shaft, the way his delicate fingers stroke me in time with his rhythmic motion…it’s easy to forget that he’s nearly two and a half years younger than I am. Little Stephen from over on the next block. We’d both be so DEAD if we ever got caught doing this with each other. I’m reminded of his lingering immaturity as he stops the blowjob in mid suck to lift hisContinue reading »

When you’re a teenager…one of the most frustrating things about a situation like the one I’m in, sleeping in a room full of random people…is waking up with morning wood and not having a private way to ‘take care of it’ before getting out of bed. It was actually more like morning IRON today, as horny as I was. God, I missed the days of having my own room and a closed door to hide my sins from the rest of the world. I could have splashed the ceiling with the semen I had built up and ready to go when I opened my eyes. I couldn’t even get out from under my covers before my erection got soft enough to sufficiently tuck to the side. At this rate, I’m going to be back to having wet dreams again in a day or two, just like I had a few years ago when I first hit puberty. Involuntarily messing up my sheets with no access to washing my own laundry…nowContinue reading »

Before starting this…if any of you haven’t read the story “Shelter” in Imagine Magazine, or the acommpanying side stories, “Walker Road” and “Rotting Apples”…this article may contain some light *spoilers*! So…be warned! Some years back, when I was asked by readers if I would ever write a zombie apocalypse story for the Shack, I said that I would only do it if I thought I could bring something ‘new’ to the table. I didn’t just want to write the typical zombie story and add a gay teen romance to it. I wanted to think up something that might be considered fun and creepy, interesting and unique. Considering that zombie stories have been done a billion different ways in movies and television (You might even say….they’ve been done to DEATH! ::Snickers:: Ehh? Right. Sorry.), I couldn’t think of anything original to add to the whole concept. I didn’t think it was possible. But, eventually, I gave the idea a try. Just a one time story that was more about the actualContinue reading »

1- In the 80’s classic video game, Pac Man, there are 4 ghosts that chase you around the screen. However, each ghost is programmed to move differently from the others during gameplay. Blinky (Red) chases Pac Man directly. Inky (Blue) stays ahead of Pac Man at all times. Pinky (Pink) stays behind Pac Man at all times. And Clyde (Orange) moves randomly about the board. 2- Directed by Robert Zemeckis, if you look closely in one of the scenes of the animated movie, “Polar Express”, you can see that the giant train is being powered by none other than “Back To The Future’s” flux capacitor! 3- Eating bananas can actually increase the volume of semen expelled during your ejaculations! Or maybe you just get really turned on by eating bananas! 😛 4- On July 4th, 1776, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were instrumental in creating and signing the original US Constitution. But what people don’t know is that they both later died on the exact same date! July 4th,Continue reading »

I’m not sure what it was that woke me up. The pipes in this dingy basement make funny noises sometimes. I’ve gotten used to them at this point. I know what they sound like. But it doesn’t make it any easier to sleep. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t jump at every noise regardless. There was only one tiny window in that basement, but the glass had been painted over. I could never tell what time of day it was. Or if it was daytime at all. I suppose I could have broken it open, but I was terrified that the noise would bring ‘them’ back. How long had I been down here? Three weeks? More? The battery in my cell phone died the morning after I came down here to hide. I’ve been a bit lost ever since. I was still clutching a rifle in my arms. Always close by. Always ready. I had never fired a gun in my life before. Never even held one, to be honest.Continue reading »

It’s not like this was my first time in the backseat of a taxi before. It’s not like I hadn’t seen the same environment of local neighborhood shops and suburban houses scroll by the typical bus window a million times either. But as I stared out of the side window to avoid an awkward conversation with the driver, I couldn’t help but notice that the entire world around me looked different somehow. Lifeless. More lifeless than I had ever seen it before in my life. It wasn’t just the lack of people walking the streets, or the darkened windows of stores that were usually open at this time of night and much much later. It was the unfathomable cloud of utter silence that hung over the town as a whole. No homeless. No college frat boys. No traffic. In fact, the very act of seeing the cab driver stop at a red light seemed pointless. Even if he had disregarded the law and rolled right through the intersection, I doubtContinue reading »

“I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of this, Mom! You’re not being fair!” I said, more persistent than ever to get her to let me go out tonight. “Walker, you are THIRTEEN years old! I’m not about to let you go roaming the streets at night, running off to some party with high school kids that are all older than you. What am I, crazy?” “Who’s ‘roaming the streets’? I’m going to my friend, Eddie’s, house, just like I always do…and we’re both going to stay downstairs the whole night and play video games. It’s not even Eddie’s party! It’s his big brother’s party! They probably won’t even want us kids anywhere around them.” I said it in an attempt to get her to relax her stance on the subject, but in reality, I was SO hoping that wasn’t going to be the case. Eddie’s brother, Michael, was 16…and so was his best friend, Jason. Jason, Jason…sweet, unnaturally beautiful, Jason. I knew he’d be there.Continue reading »

There’s a certain something to be said about sharing moments of intimacy with someone you truly care about. Someone you love and cherish. Trust and fight for. And during those times when you’re writing a story and the moment feels right… it’s always fun to add a little naughty text to your work and give it the kind of heat that raises every eyebrow (among other things) from every reader that comes across it. Hehehe! And why not? Sex is a beautiful and natural thing! From gentle foreplay to desperate release… and every joyously carnal moment of graphic grinding and heavy breathing in between. When writing erotic fiction, it’s the explosive payoff that a large percentage of your audience has been waiting for. There’s nothing wrong with that. But do your main characters have to actually get sweaty and naked to be sexy? From my experience, I think that it can be a difficult balance to maintain sometimes. Because the last thing I want is for half of my readersContinue reading »

1- George Lucas created “Star Wars” simply because he couldn’t get the official licensing rights to the “Flash Gordon” franchise! >:O 2- Michael J. Fox was not the first choice to play ‘Marty McFly’ in the “Back To The Future” saga. Actor, Eric Stoltz, was. In fact, there is a great deal of actual film footage out there that exists with Stoltz in the title role, until it was eventually re-shot with Fox taking his place! 3- The ‘Harlem Shake’ videos were SO well beloved on YouTube, that (on MOST browsers) if you type ‘Do The Harlem Shake’ into the search window…not only will the song begin to play, but the entire page and the graphics on it will begin to ‘dance’ for you as well! 4- The planet Pluto is actually smaller than Russia. 5- Paul McCartney is the only singer/songwriter in music history to have ever topped the charts as a solo artist, as part of a duo, as part of a trio, as part of a quartet,Continue reading »

1- To create the rather unique and terrifying roar for the T-Rex in “Jurassic Park”, sound editors and foley artists combined the roar of a tiger, the bark of a dog, and the combined sounds of a penguin and an alligator. 2- While the episode has now been banned from being shown on television ever again, there is an extremely morbid ‘Tom And Jerry’ cartoon where the mouse is continuously trying to get Tom to believe that he’s attempting to commit suicide. (The weird thing is, I REMEMBER that cartoon!) Every time he goes to sleep, Jerry plays mean pranks, such as slipping a noose around his throat, gluing a bottle of sleeping pills to the palm of his hand, having him hold a knife while pouring ketchup on his chest, and even putting a pistol in his mouth. Remember, this was meant to be a ‘ha ha’ funny cartoon for children. That wacky duo and their traumatizing jokes… 3- Halloween is the only American holiday with a clinical phobiaContinue reading »

It took some serious will power to hold out for longer and longer periods of time between calls. Something about the way Alex was worrying about his folks just made me worry a little bit more about my own. I was super happy to be connected with Cain again, but as the hours passed me by, I started wondering if maybe my short conversation on the phone with my parents the other night was a bit of red herring when it came to our family being reunited the way we were hoping. I should be more patient though, right? Maybe I should just relax a little? My mom did say that it would take a few weeks for the military forces to get things settled in. I guess the rescue mission is the most important part of the process for right now. They can switch schedules and transport people to be with their families once everybody has been documented and checked out for bites and scratches and the like. I’mContinue reading »

“Come on, you guys! Get in on this! Come here!” I smiled, trying to get my friends to crowd in together for another selfie photo at this lonely looking gas station by the side of the road. “Come on, Mike! David! Duncan! I wanna get a shot of this!” David groaned, “You want to get a shot of everything, Brian. Seriously, I’m all ‘selfied’ out, dude.” “What?” I asked. “TELL me that you don’t want to document every last detail of this trip, dude! This is amazing! It’s our first time going out to the cabin alone, I want to remember this!” My friends and I practically grew up together. We’ve known each other since we were ten years old, and even though it’s been almost ten years since we first started running around the fifth grade playground… we never lost that kind of closeness that we had when we were little. Even if we tend to bitch about it a little bit more. “I can’t believe that you guysContinue reading »

[ ** Haven’t read Shelter: chapter 1? Check it out here:  **] Waking up the next morning was a breeze for me. In fact, I was so excited to reconnect with Alex again that I’m surprised I got any sleep at all. Not that the discomfort of trying to adjust to the idea of sleeping in this makeshift hostel of ours was going to allow me much of a good night’s sleep anyway, but it wasn’t hard to ignore the sore and stiff limbs for a while as I prepared to be bathed in the glow of his golden presence once again. My big brother, Cain, had already gotten up and wandered off somewhere by the time I was able to rub the fatigue out of my arid eyes. I looked down and saw a small wet spot on my pillow. I have a tendency to drool a lot when I’m uncomfortable. It’s embarrassing. I wish I had a mirror so I could check my face for chalky white droolContinue reading »

Some of my friends, and the cousins I have my age, always moan and groan about having to go back to school after Summer vacation, but *I* don’t! I LOVE going back to school after a long few months of being away from everybody I know! School is my life. It’s my ‘job’. My entire social circle revolves around it. I might enjoy a break from the monotony of it all for the first few weeks… but by the time school is ready to start up again for the Fall, I’m usually so desperate to get back to my academic microcosm of the world at large that I end up nearly tearing my hair out in anticipation. “Get up, Cheeky! You don’t want to be late on your first day!” My mom said, calling me from the kitchen while my father took cautious sips out of his hot morning coffee. My name is Charlie, but everyone calls me ‘Cheeky’ because of my smile. I don’t know, I was just bornContinue reading »

1- ANY crime that you commit at sea, from actual murder, to illegally downloading movies, to cutting the tag off of a new mattress… officially makes you a ‘PIRATE’ in the eyes of the law. 2- Film director, James Cameron, never shows his actual face in the movies he makes, but there are a number of times when his voice can be heard off screen. For example, in the original “Terminator”, Cameron’s voice can be heard on Sarah Connor’s answering machine, as a guy backing out on their date at the last minute. And again as the motel guy who gives Sarah and Reese keys to the room. 3- Those who play video games on a regular basis are MUCH more likely to experience lucid dreams than your average non-gamer. 4- In Disney’s “The Lion King”, a joke is told that the main villain, Scar, would make a good throw rug. However, in the Disney movie, “Hercules”…it looks as if that’s exactly what happened! Scar has apparently been SKINNED, and actually appearsContinue reading »