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Cirrus’s Book Club: One Man Guy, by Michael Barakiva

Cirrus’s Book Club: One Man Guy, by Michael Barakiva

May 4, 2017

In some of my reviews I’ve mentioned how LGBTI young adult books are getting more diverse in the stories they…

Sing a Song of Friendship cover image

Sing a Song of Friendship

March 3, 2017

This month’s release is dedicated to the importance of friendship, and both @mike and Johnny from The Shack Forum have found us…

The Auranades: Episode 10 – Seed Part 2

March 3, 2017

Seed: Part 2 Prolog   Rita Allen clicks away at the computer in disbelief before she gasps, “No! T-This can’t be!”…

The Auranades: Episode 9 – Seed Part 1

March 3, 2017

Seed: Part 1 Prolog   It’s a crisp autumn weekend and the pep rally is underway for the semi-final game…

The Auranades: Episode 8

January 8, 2017

Episode 8 Raze Prolog At the Libretta café, as students are coming in and out during lunch period, Chad, Vitani…

Cirrus’s Book Club: Simon vs The HomoSapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli

October 30, 2016

Simon is gay, closeted, and emailing anonymously with another gay boy at his school he knows only as “Blue”. But…

The Auranades – Episode 7: Wild

October 30, 2016

The Auranades Episode 7 Wild Prolog After the school bell rings for the end of class, the students are soon…

Cirrus’s Book Club: Drag Queen, by Jeffery Self

September 16, 2016

While Comsie is away wrestling with an army of small children, the rest of us have to keep things ticking…

The Auranades: Episode 6: Flaunt

September 16, 2016

Episode 6 Flaunt Prolog At the Libretta café, students are in and out of the bookshop café during the lunch…

The Auranades: Episode 5: Daunt

July 1, 2016

  Prolog   As students are walking about the hallways, Chad, Vitani and Josh turn the corner while chatting with…

Cirrus’s Book Club: Orbiting Jupiter, by Gary D. Schidt

July 1, 2016

No gay content in this novel – but it features teenage (and almost teenage) boys, plus it’s good. Fair warning:…

Cover image for Cirrus's Book: Club: The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Patrick Ness

Cirrus’s Book Club: The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Patrick Ness

May 2, 2016

There are few authors for whom my eyes light up whenever I see a new book from them, because I…

Cover image for The Auranades: Episode 4: Shutter

The Auranades: Episode 4: Shutter

May 2, 2016

  Prolog   Just after class, the students are walking about from here to there. Chad decides to stop by…

Cover image for The Auranades: Episode 3 - Reckless, by Chad Blackman

The Auranades: Episode 3 – Reckless

March 1, 2016

A tour bus pulls to a stop in front of the main building at the SyndAcad campus, where its doors…

Cover image for Cirrus's Book Club: Savior, by D.J. Jones

Cirrus’s Book Club: Savior

March 1, 2016

“Savior” is a vampire story set in Chicago. The plot, setting and style are all very reminiscent of “Gone From…

Cover image to Cirrus's Book Club: Mad World, by Brokendreamboi

Cirrus’s Book Club: Mad World

March 1, 2016

Today at Cirrus’ Book Club we’re featuring our first story by a Shack author. I’m always looking for more stories…

Cirrus’s Book Club: Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell

January 2, 2016

Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first. It’s impossible to read this story without noticing parallels with…

Cirrus’s Book Club: The Chaos Walking Trilogy, by Patrick Ness

January 2, 2016

“The first thing you find out when yer dog learns to talk is that they don’t got nothing much to…