I steered the car left to enter through the cemetery gates. My head was filled with distant memories, mixed emotions, and deep regrets. Many years had passed since the last time I’d driven up this long, narrow road. A road surrounded on either side by the gravestones of ones who’ve passed on from this world. Many of them long gone and forgotten, evident by the weathered and unkempt gravestones. Others, more modern, lighter in contrast and surrounded by flowers. Not uncommon for this time of the year. Christmas often reminded us of the loved ones we’ve lost. And that’s what had brought me here this evening. “Are you sure you’ll be OK, hon? I know this trip has been weighing so heavily on you over the last few days.” I nodded my head, still not lifting my gaze up from the steering wheel. “You don’t have to do this alone you know? Sam and I will be right here any time you need us.” After letting out another long sigh,Continue reading »

For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I have a bit of a soft spot for Neverland and the whole Peter Pan mythology.  The story was told to me by my mother when I was a young child. I was enthralled by the tales of ‘the boy who never grew up’, and I have remained so to this day. But what you might not know is that there’s a true story to be told behind the story of Peter Pan, it’s author, J.M Barrie, and the five boys who helped inspire the character’s development. Particularly one boy, Michael Llewelyn-Davies, who was said to have been ‘uncle Jimmy’s (J.M. Barrie’s) favourite boy’, and the boy who inspired most of Peter’s later character development. The true story behind Peter Pan is a tragic one, and not just for Michael, but for all five boys, their parents, and even Barrie himself. Much like the character they helped inspire, two of the Davies boys would never get the chance toContinue reading »

This particular short tale is based on one Christmas day back in my childhood. Part fiction Partly true. Other names besides my own have been changed.

It was a typical British Summer’s day. It was pouring it down with rain and the clouds were a murky grey in colour My mood matched the weather outside just the same. A boy, fifteen, forced to endure a shopping trip with his mother on a Saturday afternoon no less, when I could be back home, out with friends making the most out of the weekend break from school. She insisted that I go. That I needed some new clothes for the summer, and also for our upcoming vacation to Spain in just three weeks, once school had finished for the year. I agreed with her, I did need new clothes. I had grown quite a lot so far this year. A couple of inches in height actually and I had also broadened out quite a lot too. My school shirts were now straining to fit around my broadening shoulders and my pants were steadily inching their way up my ankles towards my knees. My mother had to make sure thatContinue reading »

Opportunities Lost By Mike -released 24-12-2012 This short story is based on one particular Christmas back in my childhood. Though some details here and there have been tweaked a little, it is mostly factual.   “Not even a couple? Come on, it’s Christmas!” “Not until after lunch, we’re already running late as it is. If you had gotten up a little earlier with your sister, as I’d asked, then my answer would have been yes,” my mother said, standing over me as I’d crouched down to examine my still wrapped Christmas presents. Presents I wouldn’t be allowed to open until much later today because we had to go out to our stinking family get-together. Ever since my big brother moved out of the house after getting his ‘high school sweetheart’ knocked up, our Christmas family get-togethers had become too large for them to take place at home, so the ‘rents would book a large group reservation at some fancy restaurant in the city for us instead. Which sucked, because insteadContinue reading »