Okay, let’s just get this one out of the way, because you cant have a list of movies about friendship without the classic “Stand By Me”. https://youtu.be/HkFudCvaxtk And how can you forget the bond between Elliot and E.T.? 😮 https://youtu.be/qYAETtIIClk Stepping out of our comfort zone here, “Now and Then” is exactly friendship is made of. https://youtu.be/XeoqxB7NCk8 And what good would a hunt for buried treasure be without a bunch of wonderful friends? https://youtu.be/hJ2j4oWdQtU When I’m old and grey, I really hope I’m blessed with a friendship like that between Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List”. https://youtu.be/UvdTpywTmQg Okay, there’s just a quick skim of the surface. What movies have you watched that scream friendship to you?

JOIN US!!! >:O Have you been meaning to start writing more? Do you need a little more encouragement, maybe a little more motivation? Well, dagnabbit, so have I, them, and us! Join us at the brand new section of the Imagine website called the Writers Club, where we’ll be talking tools and dropping writing prompts and challenges and having a gay old time just trying to get each other to pick up the perverbial pen (see what I did there?) The primary goal is obvious – get us writing, then maintain momentum. Participation in the group isn’t mandatory. You can sign up and pop in whenever you feel like it. Writing prompts are going to start off at one per day, and writing challenges will be posted on Saturday of each week to begin with.   To join the group, simply register for an account here at Imagine, and visit this page: https://imagine-magazine.org/groups/writing-club/ Hope to see you there!

Ah, yes! With spring around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the inevitable spring chickens bouncing around in the basement, just waiting to be let out for some fresh air. During this dreaded time of year, I must busy myself with other means of entertainment, which is why I turned my focus toward the impossible to capture… Comicality! That’s right, folks. I made it my mission to bed THE Comicality, and what better way to get someone’s attention than to write them a song? You know, a lot of people don’t know this about me, but I have a wonderful voice. It’s comparable to a young Greyson Chance, with a dash of Freddie Mercury. With a song like this, there’s no way Comicality will be able to resist me… no way he’ll ever be able to say no… and, well, once he’s in my basement, it doesn’t really matter anyway, right? So without any further ado, I’d like to introduce you to an almost original piece, written byContinue reading »

All you really need to start writing a story is an idea and some time to spare. The funny thing is, many people shy away from writing because they think it’s too hard, especially when they hear things like character and plot building, planning, research and the dreaded “G” word, otherwise known as “grammar”. If you’re just starting out in the story-writing world, forget all of those technical aspects and concentrate on your enjoyment.  If you’re going to write something, you have to want to do it. That said, until you’re comfortable with taking your writing to the next level, all you need to start writing is an idea. Nothing else. The idea you have for your story doesn’t have to be complicated or profound at all.  In fact, it’s usually better for it to be simple. That will give your idea a lot of room to grow as you write your story. Some examples of simple ideas are: Boy meets boy, falls in love. Newly discovered power (like super-strength,Continue reading »

I’m not sure about you, but I love underwear. There’s something magical about it. It’s the most private piece of clothing there is. Honestly. You don’t get much more personal than clothing that touches your unseen regions at all times… unless you’re a commando person. Commando’s okay on occasion, but 99% of the time, if you’re not wearing underwear, I’m going to have a sad. What is it that I like about underwear? Well, everything, of course. Strangely enough, however, I’m not a fan of kinky underwear or lacy or skimpy or ‘sexy’ underwear. I very rarely find it sexy. I like your basic underpants. Briefs, trunks and boxer-briefs are the best. Bikini briefs and boxers tend to be circumstantial and depend heavily on the wearer and occasion. Now let’s talk about brand. It’s important. It’s the first thing you see when catching a glimpse of someone’s underpants because it’s always found on the waistband. Some of my favourite brands don’t always have to do with the brand itself. It’sContinue reading »

Do you remember your first crush? That feeling you had, with the constant thoughts of that special person. What about how the crush progressed? Do you remember how, at first, it was just a thought? Like a tiny, little “Hey, he’s cute!” But then, for whatever reason, that thought doesn’t leave your mind. You think to yourself… “Wait a minute. He’s cute!” And before you knew what was happening, he was all that you could think about? Do you remember purposely trying to bump into him? But not actually into him. You weren’t ready to actually talk to him yet. You just wanted to, say, cross paths. Perhaps see him in the halls at school, or walk past his house 17 times in one hour, all based on the hope that you’d see him just once, and not have his parents call the cops on you for stalking. By the time you actually get to talk to him, he has already consumed your entire world. He’s in your dreams, he’sContinue reading »

It happened on Halloween, of all days.  Comicality was pounding away on his keyboard, trying to get his next chapter done in time for the following morning so that he could fall into a deep, candy-coma, when all of a sudden: blood.  Lots and lots of blood.  It was gushing profusely, spraying all over his monitor and keyboard.  It was like each one of his fingertips had decided to explode simultaneously… and they did. It was a bloody mess.  Looking at his keyboard, it was impossible to distinguish the ‘G’ key from the ‘H’, not that you could see a difference on a regular day, as Comicality writes so much that the typeface on each key had long-since faded away. No one can say that we didn’t see this coming.  Comicality writes and releases more stories than anyone on the Internet that any of us know about.  In the past month alone, Comicality has published more than 10 chapters to several of his most popular stories, including Billy Chase, GoneContinue reading »

  Chapter One: Don’t jump! You’ll squash my fort.   He was upside down again—the weird boy that no one spoke to.  No one knew why he did it, nor did they care to ask him.  Speaking to him, after all, was social suicide.  Not that Dustin cared about that anymore.  He had already committed it. Last night was the end-of-year party, down at The Old Mill by the lake, and Dustin was meant to bring the keg.  He had failed, but it was much worse than that.  He also lost the beer money.  It wasn’t his fault.  Kevin and his gang of merry miscreants jumped him.  There was nothing he could do.  Nothing except hide, of course. When he had arrived at the party empty-handed, he was practically excommunicated.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that summer vacation had started, and he’d be stuck at home with his freak brother and sick mother for the next few months.  He knew his sister wouldn’t be there.  She was too busyContinue reading »

The Internet is awesome.  It connects us to the world with a single click of a button.  It lets us speak with anyone anywhere at any time and helps us stay in contact with friends and family, regardless of where they live.  It’s filled with all sorts of information, all kinds of people, communities and interests and… it’s distracting! I don’t know about you, but whenever I sit down to work and get things done, the very moment I have the slightest problem, I turn to the Internet.  For example, I can’t remember the exact meaning of a word, so I check out the definition online.  It’s all downhill from there. It’s like a small explosion in my mind.  I find the definition and then decide to see what’s going on the Shack, then the Library, then The Vampire Warehouse.  From there I’ll check out my favourite blogs and then see if there’s any new books out on Kindle—that I don’t have the money to buy. Immediately following this, I’llContinue reading »

Over the past few weeks the Vampire Warehouse, forum to the GFD Blood Bank, has been transformed into a battleground.  Werewolves in lab coats have left several of our vampire leaders under siege, stranded within the warehouse’s basement.  Thus far the vampires have been able to hold their ground, but their walls have been penetrated on numerous occasions. Fortification is failing, and our numbers are dwindling.  These werewolves are relentless.  The fact of the matter is, without reinforcements, the Vampire Warehouse will be overrun, and soon. This is a call to arms!  Any and all vampires are needed to help battle the masses before it’s too late.  Without your help, the Vampire Warehouse will fall and in its place will mark the Rise of the Lycan’s Generic Pharmaceutical Pharmacy. We cannot allow this to happen.  Werewolves are ferocious enough as they are.  Imagine how much stronger they will become when disease and infection are no longer an issue. So please, put on your armour, unsheathe your swords and help defendContinue reading »

Dennis fell back on the couch and closed his eyes.  He was so tired that the room was starting to spin, making him feel nauseas, but he couldn’t sleep.  There was too much on his mind. Sheriff Wolseley had volunteered their home as the new headquarters for the ongoing search for the boy; the same boy who had fallen asleep upstairs on Dennis’s bed more than an hour ago.  First thing in the morning, people were going to drop in and set up a CB radio in the kitchen and a temporary antenna in the backyard.  Everything relating to the search would be passed through their home.  People would constantly be coming and going as they changed shifts or needed to warm up.  And all of this was for nothing.  The boy wasn’t in the woods anymore.  He was safe and warm, curled up and snuggled under a quilt and blankets, as people sat outside in the cold staring at a deserted shelter. “Mom?” Dennis said groggily.  “What are weContinue reading »

    “Oh my, look at the two of you,” said Mrs. Hayes to the two boys, all spick and span, as they stepped down the stairs. Adam didn’t even look like himself anymore.  It wasn’t just that he was clean.  He was wearing real clothes.  And despite the fact that they were merely sweats and a t-shirt, he had undergone a complete transformation.  The result was astronomical. Adam now looked like a normal, modern day boy, with the slight exception of a comb that had mangled itself in his hair at the top of his head. “Ouch,” Adam said in a deep, grumbly tone as he stepped into the kitchen, fidgeting with the comb.  “Help me, Dennis.” Dennis’s mother smiled in surprise.  “He knows your name?” Dennis grinned and nodded.  “Guess so,” he said with a shrug, trying to look nonchalant, as he looked over at Adam and then back at his dad.  “So now what?” he asked nervously.  “You’re not calling family services, are you?” “I don’t knowContinue reading »

  Internet safety.  It sounds a bit like an oxymoron sometimes.  Nowadays there are so many things we have to take into consideration when visiting a websites; things like digital footprints and cookies, malware, spyware, viruses and Trojans.  When you think about it, the Internet’s quite frightening.  Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows everything that you’re doing online, websites track you, apps harass you and games offer you discounts on natural male enhancement…  I guess that’s what you get for searching ‘snail male’.  That tiny typo really screwed up your web experience, and that was more than a month ago! The web sucks.  It spies on you and lets strangers know where you live and what you’re doing.  People living on the other side of the world know your phone number and address and what colour underpants you’re wearing.  How?  Because you updated your status using a social media website and forgot to set the right privacy settings. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do toContinue reading »

WdotW for March 25, 2013: Dylan Everett   Dylan was born in 1995 in Toronto, Ontario and has been in the acting industry since 2005.  Like many young actors, Dylan started out in commercials and short films.  For many, this is where it ends, but not for Dylan.  In 2009, he scored a role in a television series called How to Be Indie, as “Marlon Parks”, which was quickly followed by another series called Wingin’ It, where he played “Carl Montclaire”. Of course, most of us will recognize Dylan for his role as “Campbell Saunders” in the revamp of the popular teen series Degrassi: The Next Generation. (Spoiler alert!!!) Unfortunately, as it turns out, the character Campbell Saunders died!  And apparently some of his fans looked at his character as a real person.  Here’s a dedication to the death of Campbell Saunders: http://youtu.be/iLWuTxYK1Kk It’s really, really freaky because there seems to be hundreds of these dedications to a fictional character’s death.  Let’s just look at this as a tribute toContinue reading »

WdotW for March 18, 2013: Jeydon Wale   Jeydon’s a superstar!  A superstar who has never been in a single movie, television show or commercial.  Nothing.  Nada.  If you’re telling yourself “that’s not possible!”  Well, you’re wrong.  Jeydon’s a YouTube sensation! To some, this may not count.  But if you’ve ever tried to get noticed on YouTube then you know how hard it is to get (as of March 28, 2013) 413, 468 subscribers and 81, 911, 539 video views!  That’s even better than some celebrity pages. Jeydon’s videos, however, need to come with a warning.  They are addictive.  And with the way YouTube has designed playlists…  You could spend hours watching Jeydon without even realizing it. Of course, you can’t mention Jeydon without bringing up Hunter.  Hunter is my bestest friend. Hunter is a fictional character created by Jeydon.  He’s like Jeydon’s identical twin, if his twin were an annoying little brother who’s liked by everyone but Jeydon.  Actually, the best way to describe Hunter is to not describeContinue reading »

WdotW for March 11, 2013: Aramis Knight   Born in 1999 to Woodland Hills, California, Aramis Knight has inched his way to success.  He began as an extra, building connections with directors and actors, always making his name known.  We all know that most extras aren’t credited, but somehow Aramis managed to get his name listed. Many of Aramis’s early debuts are mentioned as obscure names, like “Boy #2” or “Kid with Apple”.  However, it was through small-time parts like these that landed him bigger roles, such as “Jeremy El-Ibrahami” in Rendition, “Carlos” in Dexter and “Bean” in the much-anticipated Ender’s Game.   Check out a clip with Aramis Knight playing “Kid with Apple” in The Dark Knight Rises: http://youtu.be/REpnyMheSeg Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be very many clips of Aramis, especially recent ones, so we’ll have to wait until “Ender’s Game” releases an official trailer.