WdotW for March 4, 2013: Chandler Canterbury   Chandler Canterbury is a cutie.  He’s one of those poor, unfortunate people who has those cheeks you just want to reach out and pinch.  I’d really hate to be in his shoes during family reunions.  Yeesh! Born in Houston, Texas on December 15, 1998, Chandler has already been in some very well-known films, such as “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Knowing” and “Repo Men”.  And let’s not forget his upcoming appearance in the movie “The Host”, which was released on March 29, 2013!  Of course, as I haven’t seen it yet, I’m not sure how big is part was.  Here’s hoping he gets some real screen time! The Host Trailer: You don’t get to see Chandler in the trailer, but he appears a lot in the Making of teasers: Making of “The Host” Part one: Making of “The Host” Part two: Beyond Chandler’s ever-growing portfolio, look at those eyes!  Aren’t they pretty?  They’re right up there with Asa Butterfield’s and ChaseContinue reading »

Long, long ago, Wolfie was a corner-stone of the Shack Out Back.  He held the community together with a little glue and a lot of love.  But then, out of the blue, he disappeared; selected to lead a crew of five on an important mission to a far off galaxy, more than 36 light years away.  I think. He was sent to investigate a Goldilocks planet, roughly 36 light years away, called G i4591b. “They were huge!” Wolfie explained with excitement.  “The planet is about 4 times the size of Earth, and so are the people!” According to Wolfie’s report, human-like giants, averaging at 23 feet, 5 inches in height, populate the planet with even bigger plant and animal life. “We were worse than midgets.  [We] could practically fit in the palm of their hands.  And their wild life — simply amazing.  Some were much like the dinosaurs that roamed our planet during the Jurassic period, others were just like our own; only much, much bigger.” Wolfie is currently underContinue reading »

Early Friday morning on February 22, 2013, at 12:01 a.m. Digital Bob gave birth to a two-headed child, after 3 minutes of surprise labour.  Playing the cat, the Imagine Team let curiosity get the best them and joined D. Bob for an interview. “It was a complete surprise to me,” admitted Digital Bob.  “I didn’t even know I was pregnant.” Anyone who lays eyes on the dual-spirited baby can attest to the child’s chilling presence.  Its flesh has a ghoulish green tone, slightly scaly and even has the first signs of horns on either side of its forehead… er, on the right head, that is. “I don’t care what anyone says.  My baby is not a monster,” says D. Bob.  “He’s a gift from God and I’m going to cherish and protect him forever and ever.” Of course, shortly after the interview, D. Bob and his child(ren?) were transported to an undisclosed facility where more thorough tests could be conducted. We at the Imagine Headquarters would like to wish D.Continue reading »

Jeremy Shada was born on January 21, 1997, in Boise, Idaho, USA (Wikipedia).  Despite his easy-on-the-eyes good looks, his acting career has mainly been hidden away in a studio doing voice-overs for animated films.  Of course, this isn’t really a surprise to anyone who’s heard Jeremy sing.  The boy has a voice!  …and a good one at that 😮 Seriously.  It’s the truth.  In fact, if you can’t just trust me, check out Jeremy’s cover to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”:       Now do you believe me?  And, ummm, in case you didn’t notice, Jeremy’s not really doing the rap parts.  He’s just a really good lip-syncer.  I’m not sure, but it might be because he’s had so much practice.  

Sean Keenan – WdotW: February 11, 2013   Twenty-year-old Sean Keenan first appeared on television in a two-season series called Lockie Leonard, which was an Australian children’s show that started in 2009.  Since then, Sean has secured roles in Cloudstreet, Drift and Puberty Blues. Despite everything that Sean has done since Lockie Leonard, whenever his name comes up, people still place him as the young Lockie.  But, as the image to the left illustrates, our Lockie is now a man, baby! Of course, if that hurts too much for you to hear, and you want your Lockie back, check out this Lockie-flashback:     However, if you’re over it and want to see some real Sean Keenan, you can find him in the new Australian television series Puberty Blues:  

Story 2:  It Came From Above.  Genre: Horror, sci-fi, adventure, drama. Jeremy’s always been a bit of an outcast.  He’s a nerd, by definition: gets straight ‘A’s, enjoys video games, science & technology and roll playing games.  None of which things would prepare him for what was about to happen. It started on May 17, 2013 at 1:47 in the afternoon.  A large meteor struck the Earth, killing thousands in the blink of an eye.  But it didn’t stop there.  All around the world, reports of strange occurrences spread like wildfire, which led to Nelson High’s first and final mistake: to instruct their students to remain calm and seek shelter in the school’s basement. The world had been invaded. As soon as their safe haven is discovered by a large, robotic creature, people started dying.  Fortunately, Jeremy is rescued by his physics teacher, Mr. Gertrand, who pulls him out of sight, inside and old, out of use boiler, along with several other students. After more than a day of hidingContinue reading »

Dennis jumped from his seat so fast that he almost tripped over his chair.  The Police were at the front door and The Boy From The Woods was sitting at his kitchen table.  “Adam,” Dennis whispered urgently.  “We need to hide you.” Adam looked up at him and smiled, his hands sliding back and forth against the smooth surface of the wooden table. “Sitting,” he said plainly and leaned forward to smell the wood. “Adam, please,” Dennis tried again and tugged at the boy’s collar.  “We can’t let them find you.  Not yet.” The boy seemed to become concerned with Dennis’s urgency and he stood up and faced him.  “Is good?” he asked and placed his hands on the sides of Dennis’s arms. “No,” replied Dennis.  “Not good.  We need to hide you somewhere.” Adam looked up at the ceiling briefly and then cocked an eyebrow as he stared into Dennis’s eyes.  “Oh.” “Follow me, okay?” asked Dennis as he tiptoed around the table toward the stairs.  “We need toContinue reading »

This sixteen-year-old actor from Elkhart, Texas, kick-started his career playing the role of Steve in the, three-time Oscar nominated, film “The Tree of Life”, next to Hollywood giants Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.  Although the film itself was a bit on the artsy side for many people, no one’s holding it against him. Shortly after the completion of “The Tree of Life”, Tye was scooped up for his second role playing Ellis in the upcoming Indie film “Mud”, where he worked next to Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon. “Mud” is about two teen boys who cross paths with a fugitive, by the name of Mud, and promise to help keep him hidden from bounty hunters so that he can be reunited with his one true love.     After creating two movies in a row, you’d think that Tye would sit back and take a breather.  Needless to say, he didn’t!  Directly after completing “Mud” he was casted to play Gary in the upcoming film “Joe”, which is still inContinue reading »

Story Outlines to Help Get Your Groove Back. Story 1: Where Has My Daddy Gone? Genre: Drama, adventure Danny’s parents split up before he was born.  He’s never seen or heard anything from his father—until now.  After finding an old letter, dated shortly after he was born, Danny realizes how much he wants a dad.  He tries to ignore it, tries to forget it, but the thought keeps prodding at his mind: Who is my father?  All attempts to squeeze his mother for information on the man fail, leaving Danny with one choice: He needs to find his father. On the first day of summer vacation, after his mother goes to work, Danny packs a bag with clothes, money and food and sets out to find his father.  His only guide: a single letter with a 14 year old address. On the way, Danny meets a homeless boy named Alex, who Danny shares a meal with as a bribe to get Alex to bring him to the address on theContinue reading »

Runner-ups At 1 Vote: At 3 Votes: At 4 Votes: At 5 Votes: At 6 Votes: Top 10 Movies 2013 10) Home Alone – 7 VotesAn 8-year-old boy, who is accidentally left behind while his family flies to France for Christmas, has to defend his home against idiotic burglars. —IMDB 9) Terminator 2: Judgement Day – 8 VotesThe cyborg who once tried to kill Sarah Connor is dead, and another T-101 must now protect her teenage son, John Connor, from an even more powerful and advanced Terminator, the T-1000. —IMDB 8) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – 8 Votes, 1 tie-breakerAs Harry races against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he uncovers the existence of three most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Deathly Hallows. —IMDB 7) The Client – 8 Votes, 2 tie-breakerA young boy who witnessed the suicide of a mafia lawyer hires an attorney to protect him when the district attorney tries to use him to take down a mob family. —IMDB 6) E.T.Continue reading »

For more than a decade, millions of people have flocked to Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger to communicate with family and friends. However, on November sixth of 2012, Microsoft announced, via the Skype blog, that Windows Live Messenger has been scheduled for execution! The executioner: Skype. Although the exact date is not set, Microsoft has declared that Windows Live Messenger has been discontinued and support will end during the first quarter of 2013, forcing all Messenger users to migrate to Skype, whether they like it or not. If you think this news is sudden, then you might want to avoid the Microsoft website, as the messenger download section has already been replaced with a link to Skype. But what does this mean, exactly? Skype is working hard to make the transition as painless as possible. All that is required of Messenger refugees is an upgrade from Messenger to Skype and to sign in to the service using your Windows Live ID. If you already have a Skype account, you can alsoContinue reading »

Dennis awoke to the sound of his violently chattering teeth.  His fingers and toes were aching from cold, despite the strange, soft warmth that was pressed against his body—directly against his skin. The warmth wasn’t normal, not like a blanket.  It was smooth and hot and—alive.  Dennis opened his eyes in a rush of panic and stared out into the darkness.  As his sight adjusted, no more than six inches from the tip of his nose, he saw what looked to be a face.  Dennis’s heart began to stir as his stomach shrivelled and knotted.  The face belonged to the boy from the woods, and he was just as naked as Dennis. The boy slept soundly at Dennis’s side, huddled beneath a thick, fur blanket, with his left arm wrapped snuggly over Dennis’s shoulder and their legs interwoven and locked.  Dennis wasn’t sure what to do, how to react, or if this feeling was fear or excitement.  He couldn’t move, either, and constantly had to remind himself to breathe. TheContinue reading »

It’s a well-known fact that blueberry pie is the current best pie in the world.  Regardless of this fact, Jake Johnson has challenged the natural order of things by declaring raspberry pie to be the best. Because this obviously can’t be true, as raspberries are disgusting, there can only be one explanation for this: Jake Johnson is an alien. He has been sent to Earth from the planet Tootart, with the sole purpose of discrediting our beloved blueberry.  Recent discoveries have revealed that Tootartians have been living among us, as sleeper cells, for hundreds of years in an attempt to learn what makes humans adore the blueberry. Up until recently the Tootarians have managed to keep their plans secret.  However, it has now come to our attention that raspberries contain an almost-untraceable chemical compound called Tutinatiumoxide.  After extensive study, this chemical has been identified as a mind-controlling agent. As it turns out, the consumption of too many raspberries, or only a few over many years, allows the chemical to buildContinue reading »

Do you remember, as a child, how you’d gather all of your G.I. Joes and army men and cars and head out to the backyard for battle?  Or how about the times you’d spend hours building a base out of sticks or books or even mud!  Ah, yes.  Those were the days.  The days when stories always came together in the blink of an eye, the days when a plot formed without a single brain fart, and the times when creating something was done simply for the fun of it? Why did you stop? If you think about it, building forts and playing with toys is the best way to plan a story.  It’s simple, it’s distracting and it’s super fun.  Of course, I get it.  You’re not a kid anymore, and you’re concerned about what others might think… but why? Sure, if people found out, they’d think you’re a nut, ripe for the loony bin.  But so what?  Isn’t that what we dreamed about as children?  Growing up soContinue reading »

“There he is!” As the words echoed through the radios and spread across a two-mile stretch, Dennis felt a lump of grief lodge itself in his throat.  He had been dreading those words for nearly three weeks and now that they finally arrived his mind went blank.  He’d planned for this.  He knew what he was going to do when they found the boy from the woods, but now that it was actually happening he couldn’t make his body work with his mind. Nerves are such cumbersome things.  They help build a person up, prepare him, protect him… only to betray him at the moment of need—a feeling that Dennis was all too familiar with as he struggled to keep up with his father.  His plan could still work, that much was certain, but he was beginning to doubt himself.  After all, he wasn’t the most athletic person, nor was he the brightest or loudest or strongest; all of which he was going to need for his plan to work.Continue reading »

My cheek stung.  Something had hit me so hard that my ears were ringing, but I had no time to stop and cry just yet.  I had to get Bort to the top of the U.S. Bank Tower before it was too late.  However, when I opened my eyes, still rubbing at my cheek, what I saw took my breath away—THE Erickoey. “Dad?!” Bort squealed in excitement. “Dad!  You’re alive!” “I…” Erickoey looked down at his hands and shook his head as he tried to sort his thoughts, “I’m sorry.  I don’t know what came over me…” Erickoey was half-naked, wearing only a long, fluffy Santa hat and matching pants.  The pants, however, had gooey stains of brown that smelled sweet in the air.  And that’s when it hit me again, or, more specifically, that’s when Erickoey hit me… again and again and again. “Erick!  Erickoey, stop!” I begged, just as I noticed something attached to the palm of Erickoey’s hand.  “Erick, what’s that in your hand?!” Erick stopped andContinue reading »

Three days in the jungle hadn’t prepared our heroes for what lied ahead.  The brave team, and Micca, stared up at the tall, desolate, jagged-edged mountain, steeper than the Cliffs of Shackonia that bordered their homeland’s capitol. With their jaws agape, tempting the flies, Captain JOHN swallowed hard and stepped forward to address his men.  In his mind’s eye he had prepared the most motivating, invigorating and rejuvenating speech he had ever spoken aloud before, but when he cleared his throat to speak, all that came out was, “Let’s get a move on, then.” And the team of weary men trudged on, preparing their ropes for the climb of their lives. “I don’t get it,” whined Micca.  “The mountain didn’t look this bad from the beach.” cRyptic smiled at Micca sympathetically and placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder.  “It’s okay, Micca.  I’ll help you.” But Micca just cocked his eyebrow and shook his head.  “With what?” he asked and leapt high into the air and landed on top ofContinue reading »