It’s our dirty little secret.  So secret, in fact, that none of us want to admit to having it.  Well guess what, Shackers, I’m outing all of us!  We are turning our beloved Shack Forum into a slug.  You can’t deny it.  It’s slow, unbearably so! On a recent test of our Voy forum, on average: It took 45 seconds to load. It’s download size was 1.8 megabytes. It held 20 YouTube videos on a single page. If you’re a frequent Shack visitor, like myself, you’re wasting your life away for nothing!  Think about it—if you visit the Shack Forum 10 times per day, you’ve waited for 450 seconds (7 minutes 30 seconds), downloaded 18 megabytes of, mostly, non-cacheable, non-refundable bandwidth and waited for 200 videos to load.  You may gasp now. In a single month, you’ve waited almost four hours, wasted 558 megabytes of bandwidth and waited for 6200 videos to load… Should I get into the whole year?!  Because it’s possible you’ve wasted 46 hours—almost two days!!!—, wastedContinue reading »

The weather was changing again.  Trees, once green and filled with life, were now an array of colours, ranging from deep reds and oranges to a dead brown that crunched and disintegrated from the slightest touch.  But it wasn’t the colours that he feared, nor was it the dying leaves and plant life, it was the cold that worsened with every passing night and the fear of starvation that quickly followed. As the critters foraged for food, so did he.  Years ago, before his father died from infection, he was taught how to survive through the winter months—how to find and store food, what could be eaten and what could be used to keep warm.  That was long ago, though.  Since then he had travelled south to where the winter months weren’t as severe, just like his father had made him promise. Throughout the journey, it hadn’t been easy to avoid The Devil’s Creatures, as their influence bordered every forest and lake and pond.  He had seen acres of treesContinue reading »

…From Around the House   10) Mangled toothpaste tubes 9) Improperly hung hand towels 8) Snow before Halloween, 7) Snow before I’ve had a chance to rake, 6) Snow 5) Messy birds 4) Messy cats 3) Computer updates and scans 2) Making the bed 1) Replying to emails

Standing next to Bort’s crate, alone and surrounded by the infected, I feared there was no escape; that I was done for, that there would never be another day beyond this one.  And that’s when it happened.  Out of nowhere, a strange and naked man dropped from above, wearing only a ninja’s mask and belt, and he pushed me back while waving a box of chocolate in the air. “Go!” yelled the nudist ninja. The mouths of the infected began to froth and foam as they cooed and clawed at the air, and, taking this moment to escape, I turned and ran in the other direction. When I got outside, the smell of chocolate was already beginning to attract an even angrier, hungrier mob of Erickoeys, but beyond the cluster of infected I could see Bort, who had climbed a tree and hidden within its branches.  I wasted no time and darted toward him, dodging infected after infected like they were the projectiles in a game of dodge ball.  However,Continue reading »

“Beyond the Seas of Shackonia, cradled deep in the heart of The Beast Lies the Singular Gem of Ambrosia, heeding way to where immortals feast. Become one with rock and sea and air, only then will your hearts swallow whole The depths of the cave of the vile Serpent’s Lair, deep within you’ll uncover the scroll,” recited Captain JOHN as he and the crew gathered around the map of Irk Island, attempting to grasp what it meant. A sudden groan from Micca’s empty belly directed everyone’s attention to him, and he blushed sheepishly.  “Well…” started Micca, from the shelter of a thick blanket to protect him from the sun, “we’ve travelled ‘Beyond the seas of Shackonia’, so now we have to cradle ourselves ‘deep in the heart of the beast”. Lemonians cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.  “Yeah, but what does that mean?” Captain JOHN rolled up the map and slid it inside his jacket.  “There,” he pointed to the island, at a tall, rocky mountain.  “The island’s ‘TheContinue reading »

As the Erickoey Virus continues to spread, governments across the globe had no choice but to quarantine all major cities in order to prevent the virus from infecting the farmers and their crops.  The infectious disease has not yet managed to become airborne.  However, it can be transmitted through bodily fluids, including any fluids that may seep into the soil.  Therefore, water and waste have been shut off, leaving all highly populated areas barren of fresh drinking water and overwhelmed with stench and dangerous gases that are escaping from the sewer systems. Thus far the quarantine has proven effective, aside from one ginormous flaw: it has been discovered that a child carries a natural immunity to the virus, despite being the son of patient zero.  That’s right!  Our very existence now depends on none other than the Shack’s infamous Bort Ick-Ality, son of Erick and Comicality. Unfortunately, the child has been sealed within the barrier walls of LA, along with thousands upon thousands of infected souls and desperate civilians.  AlthoughContinue reading »

10) Les Amitiés Particulières (This Special Friendship) – 1964 This is a French film, based on the novel written by Roger Peyrefitte.  It takes place in a strict all boys French Roman Catholic school in the 1920s.  The story tells the tale of the forbidden special friendship between a twelve-year-old and fifteen-year-old boy.  However, the school provides no privacy and forbids relationships, regardless of how innocent, between the boys.  Although the movie is quite old, and the book even older, and despite the fact that it’s filmed in black and white with English subtitles, this movie is well worth watching.  I guarantee you that this movie will make an impact on your emotions.  This is also the movie that inspired my latest story, “Corridor VI”.   9) Troy – 2004 Although this movie isn’t quite true to the actual story, Troy is simply an awesome film.  Despite the fact that Achilles didn’t actually live to see the birth of the Trojan Horse, the people who put this movieContinue reading »

A Movie Worth Remembering… In the world of film there are very few movies that can make an impact on your life.  However, there are some that are so beautiful or powerful or bold that they manage to sear themselves inside your brain and stay with you for an entire lifetime.  It is for this reason that “August Rush” is one of the best movies ever created.  Not only can you learn from this film, but it also makes you feel good inside and then takes it a step further by inspiring you to capture that feeling and share it with anyone who cares to listen. One of the best ways to learn about writing is through experience.  Not just writing experience, but through life experience as well.  This doesn’t limit itself to merely the things you, yourself have lived.  We can learn from reading books, listening to tales and even watching movies.  “August Rush” is a prime example of this.  Its carefully plotted story and masterfully-crafted characters are soContinue reading »

Achilles was a Greek hero from the infamous Trojan War, who was said to be invulnerable everywhere on his body, except for his heel; hence the world-renowned saying of Achilles Heel, which has been used to point out flaws or weaknesses for hundreds of years.  If you're familiar with the story of Achilles, you know that he died in the Trojan War, but what happened next? Did you know that Achilles had a son?  His name was Neoptolemus(or Pyrrhus to some).  Neoptolemus had three sons, some people even say four: Molossus, Pielus, Peragamus and Amphialus, which of the four may or may not be his son is unclear… but that's not the point!  These sons grew to men and had more sons, and throughout the ages the Achilles name spreads like wildfire.  However, in all of this time the blood line loses purity and fades into nothingness, right? But we all know that certain genes can lay dormant for years.  What if it suddenly reactivated?  What if it happened inContinue reading »

Conducted by TurtleBoy Answered by Cirrus Throughout the month of July, and into the early days of August, our friend Cirrus took on a 30 day challenge.  For this challenge, Cirrus promised himself that he would write for at least 30 minutes each day for 30 consecutive days.  During this time he kept the entire community informed with in his advancement each day by posting a quick message on the Shack’s Voy forum.  Cirrus did not only succeed in his challenge, but he also inspired others to challenge themselves.  Not long after his challenge was over, I harassed him to answer some questions to help anyone else who is thinking about taking up a 30 day challenge of their own.  Inevitably, he soon caved in and the interview began!   1. What did you hope to gain from the challenge? I was reading some self-help book that suggested using a “30 day challenge” as a way of ingraining good habits. I think we’ve all got good habits that we’d likeContinue reading »

This past month has taken a heavy toll on the Shackonian Forces.  Only days after his reincarnation, Orvus had raised an army from the Dark Realm of Uzemae and pierced through the lands just as easily as a heated dagger through butter.  The northern settlement of Vyladia Keys was first to fall and every village within a fifty mile radius has already been reduced to ruin, leaving nothing but death and ash in his wake.  The Midlands of Ephyrous have teamed with the Vampires of Junckyrd and have managed to hold off Orvus’s forces, but for how long is uncertain. Although despair is overwhelming, all is not lost.  The Shackonians of the Fifth and Sixth Order have constructed a map that will lead us to The Scroll of Prophecy and a brave few have been selected to recover it from the Isle of Irk.  Our very existence now depends on a single squadron of mismatched heroes: Jevidiah Olando Hexibus Nor of Knoxxelle [JOHN] – General of the Great Battalion ofContinue reading »

Originally written in 1999 by TurtleBoy There are only two paths to discovery: trial and error; and because we cannot leave our lives to chance it is only through determination that we will come out as victorious!  Alas, it is true that along the way accidents will occur by the many, yet without ever trying, again and again, where would we be today?  Mistakes are what make us who we are.  They supply us with challenges and motivation, and through trial and error they define all that we are and everything we will become. In order to surpass discouragement, one needs to feel challenged.  It is the hope and promise of success that encourages us to continue and compels us to keep trudging forth.  If for every time we attempted something only to give up after a single failure, nothing would ever have been accomplished.  Instead, the entire human race would still be living in caves and dragging around our women by the hair.  As a result of failure weContinue reading »

It’s no secret that the Shack Out Back is a gay erotica-based community.  Not surprisingly, there are members of the community who would love to write a story for us but can’t due to circumstances such as living at home or with a friend.  Erotica isn’t something most of us want to share with the physical world.  It’s private, and for some it’s even their deepest, darkest secret.  Fortunately there are a few ways for you to start writing a story of your own without leaving your personal files susceptible to prying eyes. The easiest way to start writing privately is to use an online service, such as Google Docs (now known as Google Drive).  All you need is a Google account and you’re set.  If you have a YouTube account, you already have a Google account, but if you don’t, sign up is virtually painless.  Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is navigate to Google Drive and press the big read button labelled “Create”.  It worksContinue reading »

A Very Brady Christmas By TurtleBoy -released 24-12-2012 Bookmarks One    Two    Three     Four      Five     Six     Seven     Eight Snow had fallen to the ground, leaving a thick coat of fresh, wet snow as far as the eye could see.  The sun had just barely kissed the morning’s sky, and people were already out on their driveways struggling to remove enough snow to open their garage and, hopefully, get their cars out and onto the street.  Whether or not they could actually drive all the way to work and back, however, was another story. Brady Jeston stared out of his bedroom window and across the street, a smile permanently stained across his face.  The sight before his eyes was too much.  A Brit, his youngest child, and Brady’s Mark, all bundled from head-to-toe bearing shovels in hand and bewilderment in mind.  Brady could see it in their eyes.  There was nothing that could prepare them for this.  Not even the countless stories and warnings that Brady had been strategically threatening them with.  OfContinue reading »

On Wednesday, April 25, our bestest Bwctwriter, Matt, bought himself a new car!  A few of you may be thinking that Matt just bought a new car, but that was like six years ago, so he sold that one because it’s now an antique.  He got $26 for it! Now, Matt’s new car is the awesomest ever!  It’s black and eco-friendly and comes with its own windshield wipers.  In fact, it’s so awesome and black and eco-friendly that the Caped Crusader borrows it on weekends.  He’s saving 35% of his annual rocket fuel costs! You may be asking yourself, “why am I even reading this?!” Or better yet, “what does Matt get out of this deal?!”  Well, the Imagine Team can’t reveal all the dirty details, but what we will say is that Matticakes just bought himself an orange cape.  We managed to sneak the following photo before Matt hurt us: As you can see, Matt is nowhere to be seen, and Mr. Caped Crusader’s looking awfully flush.  Well, asContinue reading »