Every family has its black sheep, and the Claus family was no exception. But families also stick together, no matter what color their members are. That is why Travis Claus, a first cousin of the big man himself, had a job in the family business, even though he didn’t like following rules. He was working in the transportation department, which was a fancy way of saying that he was taking care of the reindeer. But, like every other member of the Claus clan, he also had full access to the company’s computer network, including the lists of who was naughty and who was nice. One hot evening in July, after mucking out the stables, Travis was browsing the long lists of all the boys and girls that his cousin would be visiting during that magical night in December. He was paying special attention to the naughty boys and the naughty things they had done. Every now and then, he copied one of the entries into a text file. Eventually heContinue reading »

Jordan was watching the little rabbit hop across the snow-covered ground toward the fir tree in the dark corner of the fenced-in area. He had come here with his dad to get their family Christmas tree, and his old man would surely be mad because he had wandered off, but at this moment Jordan didn’t care; he was mesmerized by the cute little animal, just a few steps in front of him. The rabbit – or maybe it was a bunny, Jordan didn’t really know the difference – stopped and wiggled its nose, sniffing the air for a few seconds before hopping on, closer and closer to the tree. It sniffed again at a low hanging branch, its soft little nose barely touching the dark green needles. Suddenly the bunny-rabbit let out an eerie shriek and hopped backwards – or at least it tried to. Somehow its nose was stuck to the branch. Jordan supposed it must be because of the sticky sap, even though it was hard to believeContinue reading »

For most of the year, I am locked up in a dark attic. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds; I sleep in a comfortable bed made of cotton wool, inside a cardboard box. Sometimes there are mice scurrying around in the dark, but they usually leave me alone. Only occasionally do they steal a piece of my bedding for their own nests. But when the seasons turn, when the days grow shorter and the leaves outside start to change colors, I always grow anxious. I know that the dark days are coming again. Then I wait in fear for the trapdoor to the attic to creak open, and when I hear the heavy footsteps on the stairs, I know that my torment is about to begin anew, and that there is nothing I can do about it. It usually starts with a violent shaking of my box; they want to make sure that I didn’t somehow escape during the long months when they completely ignored me. Once theyContinue reading »

BBW – Big Bad Wolf News —From our partners at GBW – Großer Böser Wolf Nachrichten Halloween – on the other side of the Great Pond, it’s supposedly one of the biggest holidays of the year. That’s why I decided to see for myself what it was all about, and how scary it really was. Upon arriving at the airport, I was a little disappointed. There were no grinning pumpkins rolling around on the baggage carousel, and no skeletons were strung up next to the immigration and customs people. They didn’t even hand out any candy, which I had assumed to be a big part of this holiday. I really had been looking forward to the free candy! But I didn’t lose hope just yet; maybe I would find the real America outside of the airport. And I was right! I got my first real scare when I entered the local consumer paradise, Walmart. It wasn’t as if the store was decorated, or as if the employees were wearing particularlyContinue reading »

A new phenomenon is sweeping the nation – boy farms! Up and down the country, new boy farms are popping up, often managed by more or less ordinary people as a hobby. BBW News decided to get an inside look into one of those places, and Mr. Burt LeToy graciously offered to open his doors for us. When I arrived at the LeToy farm, I was a bit confused at first because I was expecting to see a – well, a farm. Instead Burt welcomed me into his modest suburban home and led me down a flight of stairs into his basement where he unlocked the three locks on a sturdy oaken door. I was surprised about this level of security, but Burt explained to me that he’d had some problems with a ‘bunch of dirty poachers’, as he called them, who apparently were hiding in some shack in the outback. The entry area of the basement was clean and painted in bright rainbow colors. I felt like I wasContinue reading »

There have been countless medical drama shows on TV, providing us with an insight into the busy world of hospital emergency rooms, where handsome young doctors save life after life while still finding time to flirt with the nurses. BBW News wanted to find out what is really going on in this country’s ERs, so I spend a whole weekend in a Detroit area hospital, observing the medical professionals at work. No TV show could have prepared me for the craziness I was about to witness! It all started harmlessly enough. A boy was brought in by his parents. He had a black eye and there was some blood on his face from a cut. From what I could overhear, he had been in a scuffle at school when he picked a fight with a bigger boy. He got a few stitches and a ninja turtle band aid, and he was out of the ER just a few minutes later. A routine case for the ER personal. I had alreadyContinue reading »

Location: A mining colony on the moon Time: The not too distant future   Part 2: Jordan didn’t tell anyone about his discovery. Somehow it didn’t feel right to share it just yet; it should belong just to himself for now. After putting away his equipment and recharging the oxygen supply of his pressure suit, he made his way over to the recreational area to have a drink and to think about the mysterious hatch some more. Nobody bothered him as he sat there with his beer. He was friendly enough with his coworkers, but everybody knew that Jordan was a lone wolf who preferred his own company. He didn’t have to worry too much about anyone else stumbling over the hatch or whatever it was. Every extraction worker had his own area to work in, and they were far enough apart to prevent discovery. Still the question remained – what should he do with it? Should he try to open it? But what if there was something dangerous inside?Continue reading »

Let me tell you about what I did last summer: absolutely nothing! Seriously, I didn’t do anything. I was bored out of my mind, day after day. To make things worse, the weather was terrible. So one day, while I was doing nothing, I decided to spend some quality time with Toto in my comfortable shack out back in the yard. Toto was my anatomically correct rubber blow-up sheep. He was always up for some fun, even at times like this when a storm was brewing outside. I had just gotten in position behind Toto when I looked out of the window and realized that this wasn’t just an ordinary thunderstorm. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the funnel cloud, but staring at it didn’t make it go away. There had never been a tornado in this area, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. The last thing I remember thinking before my shack was hit by the full force of the storm isContinue reading »

The wolf stood quietly in the corner, observing the crowd, scanning it, watching it closely. It had taken his eyes a while to adjust to the semidarkness, but now he could make out all that was going on around him. All kinds of animals had come together peacefully tonight to celebrate. Wild animals from the forests and deserts, domesticated animals from the farms and ranches, even some pampered pets. There were so many animals packed in a fairly small and enclosed space that the wolf felt slightly claustrophobic. But he was fighting down the feeling, building up the courage to leave his dark corner and join the others. And as his anxiety went down, his excitement went way up. Eventually the wolf started to move towards the hot mass of bodies. Many of them were rubbing and grinding against each other, slowly dancing to the soft music that was playing. A tiger noticed the wolf and motioned for him to come closer, encouraging him to become a part of theContinue reading »

by Wolfie   Once upon a time, two boys were born in the same hospital, within just a few days. Their parents lived a very short distance from each other, just a few houses apart. They were even baptized in the same church, on the same day. Those boys could have been the best of friends growing up, but unfortunately things didn’t turn out quite that way. Why? Well, even though they were the same age and lived so close together, they never really spent any time together. First they went to different pre-schools, and when the time came to start elementary school, they were sent to different classes because, technically, they lived on different streets. They moved on to different high schools and made friends along the way, but their circles of friends just never mixed. Then, for a short couple of years, their paths did cross. Both boys were sent to church to prepare for their confirmation, so they had to go to class once a week. AndContinue reading »

  Halloween – the perfect excuse to put on a silly costume, get drunk and make a fool of yourself in public. Or to go out into town and watch all the drunken fools in silly costumes. Either way, it would be a fun night. I was sitting at Fat Tuesday’s with a couple of friends, slurping a tasty Screaming Coyote daiquiri. The place was packed with young people from the nearby college, many of them in costumes, most of them at least a little buzzed already. That year’s favorite costume appeared to be the horny priest, judging from all the guys in robes and roman collars and with big fake bulges. Though there were quite a few pimps with fancy feathered hats strutting up and down the street as well. While I was trying to decide if I should have another Screaming Coyote or switch to a Sex On The Beach, a couple of girls came over to our table. “Excuse me, are you gay?” one of them askedContinue reading »

Location: A mining colony on the moon Time: The not too distant future   The alarm ripped him out of his pleasant dreams. The blasted thing was far too loud and shrill, but it did its job to wake him up in time to get ready for his shift. Jordan climbed out of bed, yawned, and looked around to find his work clothes. Try as he might, he couldn’t come up with a matching pair of socks. Mankind had managed to build a mining facility on the moon, but it had never solved the mystery of socks vanishing in the laundry. Oh well, nobody would notice whether his socks matched inside his work boots anyway. Jordan quickly finished dressing, grabbed his µPod, and made his way to the mess hall to get some breakfast. He picked his usual table in the corner, eating alone while watching the latest news from Earth. ‘More hostilities on the German-Chinese border’ ‘An attempted filibuster by the 3 Republicans in the US senate had beenContinue reading »

Gather round, young ones, and let me tell you of the olden days! When the internet was still young and many people had to listen to the lovely sounds of dial up modems, a small community was founded in a dark corner of the web. It was just a little shack out back, but it was growing fast. Bright rainbow colored light drove out the darkness, the walls were plastered with pictures of shirtless eye candy, and all kinds of creatures gathered to join the community. There were ducks and dragons and wolves, there were boys and men from every corner of the world, and there were even some of those mythical creatures called ‘girls’. Of course there was always some bickering going on among the Shackers, as they came to call themselves, just like in any other family. For that’s what they were, a family. And the glue that held the family together, the main reason why all those different people had come together, was a guy with theContinue reading »

I like wearing t-shirts with messages. Messages that have a meaning to me. That’s why I have several t-shirts with gay slogans on them. My favorite one says ‘2QT2BSTR8’ in large print on the front. I like how it makes people look, and then keep looking until they have figured it out. You can see it on their face when they finally get the message. Most of them will smile, only rarely will they frown. Some just shrug because they don’t get it. One time I was walking down the street and a guy who was sitting on the patio of a restaurant looked up and noticed me. After a short moment he grinned and said loudly: “Too cute to be straight. Yes you are!” I wonder if the guy he was eating with was his boyfriend. Then there was that time at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We were sitting in the front row, waiting for a show to start. The woman on stage, getting ready for her performance, lookedContinue reading »