“Our Boy Bank!”

So, over time the way we make covers has changed and we don’t have an over abundance of pre-selected, pre-fabricated, pre-made covers. But now and then we do make a cover to get an idea out of our head before it is forgotten and pre-make a cover or two. Possibly for a specific date, possibly just to add to the stockpile. Either way, we still have a boy bank, even if it is lacking in the boy currency department where it once thrived!

Completed Covers (Final Designs)

Location: /Users/fortpro/Documents/Online Work/Imagine Magazine/Volume XX/Cover/

Volume 88 – September Volume 89 – October Volume 90 – November Volume 91 – December


Volume 92 – December Volume 93 – January Volume 94 – February Volume 92 – January


Unassigned Covers (Completed Designs)

Location: /pCloud Drive/IM Shared/Imagine Files – Waiting

Cooper Chester – Pre-Made #01 Old Photo #02 #03 Torn Paper Cover #04


#05 Close-FullWidth #06 #07 O.o <grin> – #08


Green Suit – Myke D. #09 #10 Blue Mask – Myke D. #11 Beach Jumper – Myke D. #12


#13 Wood Wall Back #14 #15 #16


“Potential Images” have been moved to Discord

Because this was turning into a full-time job to manage thumbnails and stuff. If you would like access to them, you can join our private Discord Server. A lot of the planning for covers and stuff happens in there.

Just click here:  https://discord.gg/wuUqmrNHyA