Note: This story is best enjoyed after reading Pete’s Umbrella Incident/Backtracking & PAIN stories. Backtracking Chapter 7a and P.A.I.N. III Chapter 3a     You know how when you get off a plane through the JetWay thingy you can tell what the weather’s like where you just landed?  That’s what it was like here.  The heat of Tucson hit us like a brick!  It was just like Chicago in July… except the humidity was missing!  So this is what they mean when they say dry heat.  It sure was a big difference from the air conditioned comfort of the cabin.  We followed the passengers ahead of us, just like sheep.  Tim and I had our laptops in hand and we looked for and followed the signs to the luggage claim.   “Mike, I hope we can recognize Mr. Taylor.  Sometimes people send a picture that makes them look good and not one that shows what they really look like.”   “Keep your fingers crossed, here’s the door for theContinue reading »

  Chapter One: Don’t jump! You’ll squash my fort.   He was upside down again—the weird boy that no one spoke to.  No one knew why he did it, nor did they care to ask him.  Speaking to him, after all, was social suicide.  Not that Dustin cared about that anymore.  He had already committed it. Last night was the end-of-year party, down at The Old Mill by the lake, and Dustin was meant to bring the keg.  He had failed, but it was much worse than that.  He also lost the beer money.  It wasn’t his fault.  Kevin and his gang of merry miscreants jumped him.  There was nothing he could do.  Nothing except hide, of course. When he had arrived at the party empty-handed, he was practically excommunicated.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that summer vacation had started, and he’d be stuck at home with his freak brother and sick mother for the next few months.  He knew his sister wouldn’t be there.  She was too busyContinue reading »

by Lil’ Octopus   They were the same sounds Julian last heard when he was 14 years old that summer long ago that made him stop, remember, and hesitantly walk to the tall doors of the old church he used to attend every Sunday with his mother before she died, and then a few more times later with Mrs. Riley and her son, Taylor. Julian suddenly had the painful urge earlier in the day to board the train and take a solitary stroll through his old neighbourhood. He had passed his old house and Mrs. Riley’s, though he didn’t think she lived there anymore. Even though it was dark and getting late outside, Julian decided to make one last stop that evening before heading home. As he stood there, he found himself drawn to the tall and slender synagogue, the warm music emanating from it, the rich choir voices and crystal clear keys on the piano, and was washed over by the fond memories of a time so distant itContinue reading »

by Wolfie   Once upon a time, two boys were born in the same hospital, within just a few days. Their parents lived a very short distance from each other, just a few houses apart. They were even baptized in the same church, on the same day. Those boys could have been the best of friends growing up, but unfortunately things didn’t turn out quite that way. Why? Well, even though they were the same age and lived so close together, they never really spent any time together. First they went to different pre-schools, and when the time came to start elementary school, they were sent to different classes because, technically, they lived on different streets. They moved on to different high schools and made friends along the way, but their circles of friends just never mixed. Then, for a short couple of years, their paths did cross. Both boys were sent to church to prepare for their confirmation, so they had to go to class once a week. AndContinue reading »

Shelter By Comicality   -24-06-2012 The springs of the worn out mattress beneath me were mercilessly digging into the softest parts of my chest and stomach that morning. I don’t think that I slept a wink last night. Sure my eyes were closed, my breath was steady, my body was still… but I couldn’t really call it sleep. More like a slightly deeper than normal meditation. And what was I meditating on? I was meditating on how I could possibly get myself a better mattress. I could hear a baby crying in the background, and sat up to rub the sleep out of my eyes. The entire high school gymnasium was full, wall-to-wall, with emergency beds just like mine. Hell… some of them were even worse. I don’t know how many people were in this little safe house before I got there, but me and a truckload of other survivors were just brought in at about two o’clock this morning. You would think that traveling at night would keep usContinue reading »

Between Frost and Flames By Lil Octopus   -22-06-2012 First day at school when I actually did what the adults in my family have been bothering me about mercilessly with all of the nagging and ridiculing, I got punished for it. Well… I guess I did more than what they had wanted. They wanted me to socialize, for me to be more talkative and make friends. Like I really cared about what they wanted me to do; for me to be. I can’t honestly say I get my fair share of respect from them, as if I ever have. They never really try to see things from my perspective, and so the more they tell me to do things, the more determined I am to do just the opposite. Except for when my aunt is involved. Like right about… now… “Why are you late?! Where have you been?!” my aunt barked as she strode out of the kitchen, seething with fury. I stood there dumbly, taking off my shoes asContinue reading »

My First Day In Love By Make Whelan   -21-06-2012   June 19, 2012 To get to my first day in love, I have to set the scene properly.  First, I think I should introduce myself.  As it says above, I’m Mike Whelan.  I live here in town with my mom.  I’d love to be able to say that my dad is still with us, or that he died a hero’s death in Iraq, or something like that, but I can’t.  Dad never married Mom.  The son of a bitch refused to accept that he even was my dad.  Last Father’s Day I found a cracked coffee cup that was chipped around the rim.  Then I borrowed Mom’s red nail polish and wrote on the cup, “#1 Sperm Donor”.  Face it, that’s all he really was.  The jerk used my mom instead of his right hand and I was the outcome.  Then he threw her away like a soiled tissue. I suggested that Mom get a DNA test, then sheContinue reading »

My First Day at Faraway Island By Mint   -20-06-2012             “Mango juice, please.” I put down the menu and let my eyes wander all over the vicinity. It was a beautiful small beach with few local tourists, whom I can see scattered along the shore and in the sea. The evening was windy, which made it perfect for some kids to fly their kites. In the midst of their high-pitched, excited voices, I feel very relaxed as the kites allow me to follow the flow of the situation instead of trying to find a hold on it.  It has been a long time since I had a vacation, and Ben had been pushing me to take one. Perhaps because he saw me starting to crumble inside from the workload and the bad break-up with Jonathan. Anyway, I looked around online for a quiet spot to refresh my worn-out soul, and this place came up, from a stranger I met in a forum, nevertheless. But she gave me some picturesContinue reading »

-19-06-2012 On my First Day in a new website for gay teens, I had this encounter: Hey Hey I have never been to this site.  What if this is some perv? I am not used to being here, but I guess I have to act like I am an old hand. Are you new here? Yeah it’s my first time But I am going to keep quiet. I am kinda shy Yeah, I think that is why all of us come here Oh shit!  Why did I say it that way; what if he thinks I am a perv or something? I just don’t have any friends I can talk to about well you know about IT About being gay? Uh, yeah Are you sure you are?  Or are you just curious? I don’t know; what about you? Well I have been with some girls but well I can’t stop thinking about guys Yeah me too Well, I haven’t really been with any girls. Guys are all I think aboutContinue reading »

A Very Brady Christmas By TurtleBoy -released 24-12-2012 Bookmarks One    Two    Three     Four      Five     Six     Seven     Eight Snow had fallen to the ground, leaving a thick coat of fresh, wet snow as far as the eye could see.  The sun had just barely kissed the morning’s sky, and people were already out on their driveways struggling to remove enough snow to open their garage and, hopefully, get their cars out and onto the street.  Whether or not they could actually drive all the way to work and back, however, was another story. Brady Jeston stared out of his bedroom window and across the street, a smile permanently stained across his face.  The sight before his eyes was too much.  A Brit, his youngest child, and Brady’s Mark, all bundled from head-to-toe bearing shovels in hand and bewilderment in mind.  Brady could see it in their eyes.  There was nothing that could prepare them for this.  Not even the countless stories and warnings that Brady had been strategically threatening them with.  OfContinue reading »

Singletrack Christmas By JayDee -released 24-12-2012 Dave was pocketing his phone when I got to his locker, a worried frown on his face. "Something wrong?" I asked. Dumb question; I could count on one hand the number of times I'd seen him frowning in the entire six months we'd been friends. He gave me a distracted look and sighed. We started walking towards the cafeteria, dodging some of the drooping Christmas decorations the elementary school kids had put up weeks ago. "Dad was supposed to be driving us for the food bank collection this afternoon, but now he can't. And Mom says she's too busy. Crap. I'll have to let the coach know. Unless Andy's dad can do it. Or yours," he looked at me hopefully. "Nope. I know Dad's got a meeting and then he's going straight to the airport." My sister was coming east to spend part of the holidays with us. So much for being merry. At least Mom wasn't coming too. Dave had spotted Andy atContinue reading »

Opportunities Lost By Mike -released 24-12-2012 This short story is based on one particular Christmas back in my childhood. Though some details here and there have been tweaked a little, it is mostly factual.   “Not even a couple? Come on, it’s Christmas!” “Not until after lunch, we’re already running late as it is. If you had gotten up a little earlier with your sister, as I’d asked, then my answer would have been yes,” my mother said, standing over me as I’d crouched down to examine my still wrapped Christmas presents. Presents I wouldn’t be allowed to open until much later today because we had to go out to our stinking family get-together. Ever since my big brother moved out of the house after getting his ‘high school sweetheart’ knocked up, our Christmas family get-togethers had become too large for them to take place at home, so the ‘rents would book a large group reservation at some fancy restaurant in the city for us instead. Which sucked, because insteadContinue reading »

A Christmas Story By Ricky Writer & Remijay -released 24-12-2012 Sitting here on this bench watching as all of my friends and schoolmates change out of their clothes is the most erotic thing a boy like me can ever be witness to. However, what I didn’t intend to witness was my best friend walking in from the shower, dripping wet with only a towel to cover himself up. I know I shouldn’t be gawking, or even looking at them, but you can only refrain from doing it for so long before you catch yourself doing it again. Hi, my name is Ryan Trans; I’m a senior in high school, and about to graduate, thank God. I so want to be out of this school, this town, and away from these people. This town is so small that everyone knows everyone else, but the most sickening part is that if you get in trouble you can’t lie about anything. I’m so tired of being around the same people every day, theContinue reading »

Christmas By Echo23 -released 24-12-2012 It was the most romantic moment of my life. Joey and I were sitting on a bench in the middle of the park, two days before Christmas, our gifts to each other sitting on the bench beside us. Joey’s green eyes were closed as his lips met mine, a light snow falling gently into his dark brown hair. He kept his gloved hand on my cheek, both to pull me closer and to keep me warm. His other hand was fingering my scarf, drawing me in even further. “Tristan!” a voice hissed into my ear. I jumped. The scene faded. Joey was still sitting on the bench, the snow falling gently into his dark brown hair. But it wasn’t me he was kissing. It was Alyssa Thomas, a girl so sweet and friendly I almost couldn’t resent her for getting to kiss Joey when I couldn’t. Almost. “Tristan, quit staring, it’s embarrassing.” That would be Jessica, my best friend and perpetual pain in my ass.Continue reading »