1- ANY crime that you commit at sea, from actual murder, to illegally downloading movies, to cutting the tag off of a new mattress… officially makes you a ‘PIRATE’ in the eyes of the law. 2- Film director, James Cameron, never shows his actual face in the movies he makes, but there are a number of times when his voice can be heard off screen. For example, in the original “Terminator”, Cameron’s voice can be heard on Sarah Connor’s answering machine, as a guy backing out on their date at the last minute. And again as the motel guy who gives Sarah and Reese keys to the room. 3- Those who play video games on a regular basis are MUCH more likely to experience lucid dreams than your average non-gamer. 4- In Disney’s “The Lion King”, a joke is told that the main villain, Scar, would make a good throw rug. However, in the Disney movie, “Hercules”…it looks as if that’s exactly what happened! Scar has apparently been SKINNED, and actually appearsContinue reading »

  Have you ever had that best friend that you’d do almost anything for, but who frequently drives you completely insane? That’s Stephen’s best friend Marco Kimura: short, gay, half-Japanese, half-Italian. The boys have been partners in crime all through elementary and middle school. But now Marco has abruptly decided to go to the local private academy, and Stephen has no idea why. Just as Stephen contemplates high school without Marco, Marco plans one final heist: sneak into the high school prom, and declare his love on stage for Benji, the adorable British exchange student who’s heading back to the UK for the summer the following day (Benji is playing in his brother’s band). The heart of the book is the complicated relationship between Stephen and Marco. Stephen has always been the sidekick, backing up Marco’s missions and schemes. You see time and time again how much he cares for Marco, intercepting snow-cones thrown at Marco, fetching the Tylenol for Marco’s headaches, and trying to protect him from bullies. AtContinue reading »

  Nick: “I know this is going to sound strange, but would you mind being my girlfriend for the next five minutes?” Norah: I answer his question by putting my hands around his neck and pulling his face down to mine. Nick and Norah both have Ex issues. A chance encounter at a club where Nick is playing in punk rock band – The Fuck Offs  -leads to an all-night first date through the weird and wonderful nightlife of Manhattan (there’s a stop at a burlesque where nuns strip to songs from “The Sound of Music”). The story is told in alternating points of view (I’m guessing that Levithan wrote Nick while Cohn wrote Norah), and from that moment of the first impromptu kiss, this is a book that just brims with sexual energy. It boils down to two people who are really, instantly hot for each other who try not to blow it. The book was made into a movie. DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE. The movie just missesContinue reading »

  If you’ve never read a Terry Pratchett book, you need to rectify that mistake immediately. Terry Pratchett is a legend in the field of fantasy writing. He has written approximately 40 books set in the “Discworld” universe, but sadly died early this year due to Alzheimer’s. First thing to know: The Discworld novels are fantasy (as you’d expect in a world that is literally a disc, supported on four elephants, on top of a giant turtle floating through space). But not serious fantasy – fun fantasy, that pokes fun at all the clichés of the genre. Second thing to know: The Discworld novels feature a sprawling cast of recurring characters, but the central protagonists change from book to book; the central character of one book might turn up in a cameo appearance or a supporting role in another. So within the 40 odd books, there are informal sub-series focusing on particular groups like the wizards at the Unseen University, the Anhk-Morpork City Watch, or the witches led by GrannyContinue reading »

I’m not sure about you, but I love underwear. There’s something magical about it. It’s the most private piece of clothing there is. Honestly. You don’t get much more personal than clothing that touches your unseen regions at all times… unless you’re a commando person. Commando’s okay on occasion, but 99% of the time, if you’re not wearing underwear, I’m going to have a sad. What is it that I like about underwear? Well, everything, of course. Strangely enough, however, I’m not a fan of kinky underwear or lacy or skimpy or ‘sexy’ underwear. I very rarely find it sexy. I like your basic underpants. Briefs, trunks and boxer-briefs are the best. Bikini briefs and boxers tend to be circumstantial and depend heavily on the wearer and occasion. Now let’s talk about brand. It’s important. It’s the first thing you see when catching a glimpse of someone’s underpants because it’s always found on the waistband. Some of my favourite brands don’t always have to do with the brand itself. It’sContinue reading »

Do you remember your first crush? That feeling you had, with the constant thoughts of that special person. What about how the crush progressed? Do you remember how, at first, it was just a thought? Like a tiny, little “Hey, he’s cute!” But then, for whatever reason, that thought doesn’t leave your mind. You think to yourself… “Wait a minute. He’s cute!” And before you knew what was happening, he was all that you could think about? Do you remember purposely trying to bump into him? But not actually into him. You weren’t ready to actually talk to him yet. You just wanted to, say, cross paths. Perhaps see him in the halls at school, or walk past his house 17 times in one hour, all based on the hope that you’d see him just once, and not have his parents call the cops on you for stalking. By the time you actually get to talk to him, he has already consumed your entire world. He’s in your dreams, he’sContinue reading »

Spark : A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius” by Kristine Barnett Breakthrough : How one teen innovator is changing the world” by Jack Andraka with Matthew Lysiak At the heart of these books are two quite extraordinary teenagers. Jacob Barnett is an autistic teenager with a quite astonishing gift for maths. Jack Andraka developed a potential diagnosis tool for pancreatic cancer that could potentially be world-changing. Oh and by the way, he’s gay. Now reading what they’ve accomplished before they’ve even finished high school would be enough by itself to make just about anyone feel like they haven’t done much their lives. But in both cases, the kids had quite a journey to get where they are now. Jacob Barnett started as an apparently normal, giggling baby, who in his toddler years withdrew into a completely uncommunicative state, obsessed with shadows and patterns, and all but oblivious to the world around him. The majority of “Spark” documents his mother’s frankly heroic efforts to try and get through to him, andContinue reading »

Cirrus’s Book Club Introduction: We’ve got “Sealed with a Kiss” and “Wet Dream of the Week” and “Movie Monday” and “Jimmy’s Jukebox”… …but I think there’s still a gap in the market for another weekly article. Ladies and gentleman… Cirrus’ Book Club! I’m going to be reviewing books I like that I think would be of interest to the Shack audience. So expect books about gay people, books about teenagers, books about gay teenagers, and books that I decided to review just because I think they’re interesting and worth your time. But wait! That’s not all! I know for all the aspiring internet authors out there, it can be a challenge getting feedback. You work on your creation, you release it into the wild… and tumbleweeds. Did they like it? Did they hate it? Gimme some kind of reaction here folks! Comsie was doing reviews for a while… and they were detailed and thoughtful and thorough. But as you may have noticed, Comsie is hella busy between answering emails (soContinue reading »

1- There are an estimated 200 MILLION insects for every single human being on the planet! 2- The Star Wars droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, briefly show up as hieroglyphs on a tomb wall in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”. 3- Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. 4-  Hot water actually freezes faster than cold water. 5- Watching videos or looking at certain pictures of pornography can actually alter your sexual tastes, and cause many to lose interest in their current real life sexual partners. 6- “Gone From Daylight’s” original title was “Midnight’s Child”, and I thought of it while at home, sick, with the chicken pox and an extremely high fever! 7- The neurotic compulsion to correct every mistake that you read is called Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome. 8- Ironically, the very first patent for the fire hydrant was lost in 1836…due to a FIRE! 9- Don’t want get that ‘lighter fluid’ taste from the charcoal at your next barbecue? Try burning potato chips instead! It’ll work, and you won’t get that chemicalContinue reading »

I was at first not sure if I wanted to read this story by Comicality. I read through the first few pages and was instantly disappointed as the story was filled with sexual descriptions beginning on the first page. Having read several of this author’s works, I could not believe the text that was on the page. I kept telling myself that this could not be the work of Comicality as he does not write smut. Where was the emotion and character development that I had come to love. Oh my goodness, Comicality, what have you done! Well then true to form, the sneaker bugger came right up behind me and jerked the carpet out from under me, landing me flat on my backside. The characters flew off the page and the emotional roller coaster engaged full speed and the ride was on non-stop. That is one of the things that separates a good writer from a great one, how much the reader develops an emotional attachment to the charactersContinue reading »

While “Light Reaches Earth” was a good story and was told well. The message that the author is trying to get across to the reader seems to overpower the story line in places. The characters are strong and come across as likeable, but the development seems rushed. The reader is just starting to get a good feel of the people and places the story is talking about when it ends. If you are an avid Sci-Fi reader then this story will leave you wanting, at least it did me. A good quick read, but certainly not one of this author’s best works. With full development this could have quickly become a #1, but all in all, not a bad one-shot into the Sci-Fi genre.

#1- Studies show that people read 25% slower on computer screens than they do text on actual paper. #2- “Facetiously” is one of the only words in the English language that contains all 5 common vowels (And the letter “Y”) in alphabetical order. #3- You can actually see your own nose at all times, all day, every day. But by a very young age, your brain has trained itself to block it out. (Hehehe, you’re looking at it right now, aren’t ya?) #4- Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, was an extra in the movie “Edward Scissorhands”. #5- If you were to eat an entire polar bear liver, chances are you’ll die from it. Human beings can’t handle that much vitamin A. #6- Your fingers don’t actually have any muscles in them. The muscles that move the fingers are all located in the palm and forearm. #7- Honey is one of the only foods that doesn’t spoil. Like…ever. You could feasibly eat 3000 year old honey from ancient Egypt and be justContinue reading »

Provocative and touching on the taboo, this story is an attention grabber and a good read for a fan of the horror genre. Using a sensual styling to his writing and clearly displaying the internal emotional conflict from the beginning. Comicality puts it out there that just maybe there is something or someone that would have you gladly buying your own ticket straight to hell and have you looking forward to the ride. This is not a story for the very young or the squeamish as it touches on a taboo subject with sexual content. The sexual scenes in the beginning while tastefully written seem to drag on a bit long and could have been shortened while maintaining the concept of a powerful force that can drive you to do things unthinkable. With a carefully crafted twist on the Mermaid Mythos, the author quickly drags the reader into the story world with very life-like characters and a truly real life scenario depicting Scott’s sickness and the results of the treatment.Continue reading »

  #1- When Stephen King was asked what the first movie was that ever truly scared him as a child …he replied, “Bambi”. #2- The movie “Final Destination” was actually based on a previously rejected episode of the “X-Files” TV show. #3- Due to budget issues, the producers couldn’t pay extra money to use fake human skeletons in the movie “Poltergeist”. The skeletons you see in the pool….are REAL human skeletons! #4- The first choice for the role of Hannibal Lechter in “Silence of the Lambs” was Jack Nicholson. And the first choice for Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining” was actor, Robert DeNiro. #5- Before the Melissa Matheson rewrite, the family favorite “E.T.” was originally written to be a HORROR movie! >:O #6- On a high school field trip, just as a dare, Jeffrey Dahmer was once able to talk his way into a private tour of the White House. #7- No American has officially died of ‘old age’ since 1951, when the government eliminated that classification on allContinue reading »

  #1- Superman was actually the first official ‘comic book‘ ever printed. Before then, they were all merely short, solitary, strips in the newspaper.   #2- The very first Captain America comic book cover has a dashing picture of him bursting into 3rd Reich Germany and physically punching Adolf Hitler in the mouth! (As was parodied in the recent Marvel movie). Hitler actually responded in anger to this cover in real life, even calling Captain America a ‘Jew’.   #3- The creator of the Wonder Woman character (And her magic lasso that made you tell the truth)… was also the inventor of the lie detector.   #4- Stan Lee is known for making a cameo appearance in many of the Marvel made blockbusters of the past 10 to 15 years. But does he appear in ALL of them? The answer is no. Stan Lee intentionally avoids being seen in movies based on some of the darker, more violent, Marvel characters. So if you’re looking for him to pop up inContinue reading »

There is a plethora of good story telling packed into its forty pages of text. The author uses good descriptors and writes the story in such a way that it seems as though the reader is watching a movie being played out instead of it being read. With statements such as “It’s like a big glittering Vegas marquee with the words ‘I’m Totally GAY’ sprawled across it, surrounded by digitized dancing men in sailor uniforms and thong underwear, singing show tunes while their families look on in shame,” the story is packed with easy visualizations. The character dialog is smooth flowing and even though going back and forth between different characters with environmental descriptors being placed in-between, the dialog is easy to follow. The story details the emotions that are well known to most that have had similar situations in their lives while dealing with homosexuality, and continuing to try to fit in with society’s definitions of normal behavior.  The author clearly depicts the emotions that one would go throughContinue reading »

Let me tell you about what I did last summer: absolutely nothing! Seriously, I didn’t do anything. I was bored out of my mind, day after day. To make things worse, the weather was terrible. So one day, while I was doing nothing, I decided to spend some quality time with Toto in my comfortable shack out back in the yard. Toto was my anatomically correct rubber blow-up sheep. He was always up for some fun, even at times like this when a storm was brewing outside. I had just gotten in position behind Toto when I looked out of the window and realized that this wasn’t just an ordinary thunderstorm. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the funnel cloud, but staring at it didn’t make it go away. There had never been a tornado in this area, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. The last thing I remember thinking before my shack was hit by the full force of the storm isContinue reading »