February 27 My gym class is interesting to say the least. Joe and I have come to some kind of non-verbal agreement. He looks at my ass if I’m not looking and I look at his when he’s not looking and yet we both know we are looking. Yeah, that’s probably the most screwed up paragraph ever written by man. Except, it seems to keep the peace between us. We exchange ‘Sups’ and a nod, very macho style and then shower across from one another. I catch glimpses of his junk from time to time, and I’m sure he does the same with me. There’s something comforting about that. We are both so vulnerable that we both just let it be. Gym etiquette for guys is kind of, what’s the new word that bitch taught us in English today? Oh yeah, ‘nuanced’. That’s it. That is ‘nuanced’ as all heck! In keeping with said etiquette, I generally keep my head down and on my own ‘business’ so as not toContinue reading »

I steered the car left to enter through the cemetery gates. My head was filled with distant memories, mixed emotions, and deep regrets. Many years had passed since the last time I’d driven up this long, narrow road. A road surrounded on either side by the gravestones of ones who’ve passed on from this world. Many of them long gone and forgotten, evident by the weathered and unkempt gravestones. Others, more modern, lighter in contrast and surrounded by flowers. Not uncommon for this time of the year. Christmas often reminded us of the loved ones we’ve lost. And that’s what had brought me here this evening. “Are you sure you’ll be OK, hon? I know this trip has been weighing so heavily on you over the last few days.” I nodded my head, still not lifting my gaze up from the steering wheel. “You don’t have to do this alone you know? Sam and I will be right here any time you need us.” After letting out another long sigh,Continue reading »

The Cove Listen to The Seashell soundtrack while you read: https://www.gayauthors.org/blogs/entry/16338-the-seashell-soundtrack/ My name is Alexis the son of Aristedies, my father, and Zephyra, my mother. We are visiting Chania on the Island of Crete, my family’s ancient home. We are visiting our ancient land from America where we moved when I was very young. I am mostly American although I can speak Greek very well and know the ways of Crete. My family here likes to tease me about my American accent in Greek. They tell me it has a ‘twang’. I laugh with them, though I do not really get the joke very well. I so very much love my family. They are everything to me, or, at least they were everything….until this day. I am only 18 years old, but I discovered something today which has made me older than anyone I know. Even my great-grandfather Odysseus named after the great hero of the Odyssey. He is 103 years of age. Today I went out to the sea side.Continue reading »

February 20   Oh lord was I nervous today! The first day back at classes always makes me feel uptight! Who are my new teachers? Where are my new classrooms? Will the subjects be too hard for me? Will I see Joe in one of them…~sigh~? That would be a nightmare…I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t had to share a class with him at all. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, but I’d prefer later. So, I rode in on my bike like normal and found that the rack I usually used last semester was still open. That was good. I wouldn’t forget where I parked. LOL! Then I saw him. Oh!…oh my… He being my little blonde angel from the mall! Oh lord! He is scrumptious when he walks. I had to avert my eyes so that I wouldn’t get too turned on. That would be great…walk into my first class with a full blown erection for everyone to stare at. Swell. He had this red striped shirtContinue reading »

Seed: Part 2 Prolog   Rita Allen clicks away at the computer in disbelief before she gasps, “No! T-This can’t be!” Using the hacking device she bought, she finally got access to the information on Rick Hayes’ flash drive in the form of a photo album called ‘Objective 1’. It had a picture of Chad as the cover photo, which piqued her curiosity even more. However when she double-clicks on the album, an unnerving picture of Rick’s head pops up on the computer screen that laughs evilly. His jaws open disproportionately. A blast of fire comes out that startles the school reporter before the screen simply goes black. “It was booby-trapped with a virus! I should’ve expected that from someone as twisted as Rick was!” She yanks the hacking device, with Rick’s flash drive in it, out of the USB port of the computer before she taps away desperately on her computer to get the screen back on. She had her stories and a plethora of important information for the schoolContinue reading »

Seed: Part 1 Prolog   It’s a crisp autumn weekend and the pep rally is underway for the semi-final game that marks the end of the first half of football season this year. Chad shows up at the football field and makes his way up to the bleachers through a moving crowd of other students finding their seats. He spots Vitani and Josh sitting in one row and heads over to sit next to them. He slides over and greets them. “Hey guys,” Chad says, “All of the kids in my class say SyndAcad pep rallies are ones to remember.” “Hey squirt!” Josh greets him, “And you heard right. I guess this is gonna be your first time at ours.” “I’m so glad you decided to come on out today, Chad,” Vitani smiles, “We were all just about to watch the Milano sisters and the rest of the cheerleading squad ruin the pep rally. It happens almost every year. Trust me, you won’t wanna miss it.” “C’mon, Vitani, I’m sureContinue reading »

  Chapter 5 – Antics and Two Cents “STOP!” The voice echoed loudly in the hallway as the crowd gathered in a circle around us, “What is going on here?!” I crawled to the wall and leant against it, my hand trying helplessly to nurse the contusion on my stomach. Before Max had time to react, Nathan pushed him off to the ground. He stood up and took a few steps back. “Sir, look at him! He wanted to kiss me and when I refused, he pinned me down and straddled me!” he exclaimed innocently. The students burst out in laughter, but the teacher wasn’t taken in by the lie. “That’s what happened, really? Can you explain your bruises to me? Please tell me how he ended up with those… stains?” “He… he doesn’t seem to have a gift at kissing, sir,” he continued, flashing me a complicit gaze. He wasn’t buying it any more than the crowd was, but it must have been an entertaining show for they keptContinue reading »

Episode 8 Raze Prolog At the Libretta café, as students are coming in and out during lunch period, Chad, Vitani and Josh are at their usual table discussing Thanksgiving Day, which is coming up this week on Thursday. They all wonder what they are thankful for this year. Chad muses, “With Rita Allen in the way of me ever working things out with Ray, I just wonder how thankful I can be about these kinds of things.” Vitani adds, “And now that I’ve found out not only who Brett really was but that Vanessa dumped Josh when he got caught up in that whole mess thanks to me. Again, I just wanted to say I’m really sorry about that.” Josh admits, “The relationship has a problem if my girlfriends are gonna have a problem with you.” Chad smiles and says, “Maybe you can be thankful you have each other.” Vitani and Josh smile fondly at the comment. Vitani nods and adds, “Maybe we all should be thankful we’ve stopped allContinue reading »

It’s hard to come up with things to say to him. Hard to make idle small talk when Dallas’ very presence makes me scrutinize and feel self conscious about every word that comes out of my mouth. I’m not really used to being shy. Bashfulness has never really been an emotion that I’ve learned to embrace. You want something? You ask for it. You go AFTER it. How else do you expect to make any progress in life, right? The worst thing anybody can say to you is ‘no’…and even then, keep pushing until they either give in to your demands, or walk away angry because you made such a fucking *PEST* out of yourself! Either way, I get my answer right away and I either get what I want or I get the opportunity to move on and get it elsewhere instead of wasting my time. I don’t like feeling as though I have to appeal to someone else in order to get them to play ball. Either giveContinue reading »

“Uhhhh…I can’t say that I’ve got a game strategy for this one, bro! Open to suggestions if you’ve got ’em!” Frye shouted as the three of us tried to concentrate on the immediate threats in front of us as well as the imminent threat coming up behind us! “We need a turn off! NOW!” I shouted. “The Chi isn’t built like that, Logan! We get our exits when we get ’em!” Sanchez hollered back. The giant truck behind us was steadily picking up speed, some of the cars in it’s path being rammed and turned backwards from the impact! Countless people getting hurt in the process. Looking in my rearview mirror, I saw the truck’s grill barreling down on us, and looked forward just in time to violently swerve to the left around a car that had suddenly flipped over on its side! Sanchez and Frye did their best to keep up, but everything was happening so fast that it was hard for us to concentrate. Looking ahead, I caughtContinue reading »

I rubbed my elbow some more as I moved around the basement. Dangit!!! I think I hit my funny bone or something when I fell, because my arm and my fingers feel all tingly and weird now. Plus, I got my good party shirt all dirty. I specifically picked this one out to look cool tonight, and that jerk made me ruin it by chasing me down here in this dusty farmer house trap thingy. Big butthole! This basement was super dirty and dark, but I didn’t even want to complain in the back of my mind. If nothing else, it was providing me some decent shelter from the awful bullies outside. I guess I should be grateful. Even if I was a little bit grumpy about it all. Why did Jason have to wreck everything? Was he really that insecure and jealous that people actually LIKED me and wanted to talk to me instead of him? I’ll bet he was. I’ll just bet he gets his stomach all tiedContinue reading »

I can feel his eyes on me again. I don’t know why…but he just stares at me sometimes. Jayce, I mean. He never used to do that. Not until a couple of weeks ago, that is. The 8th grade is difficult enough to handle without having some other boy literally gawking at you for 85% of your class period. I don’t know why he’s become so interested in me all of a sudden. It doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like we’re friends or anything. Sure, we know each other well enough to recognize one another’s faces in the school hallways. I mean…if he snatched some lady’s purse on the street, and the cops asked me to pick him out of a criminal line up, I could do so with no problem. But outside of that? Jayce and I were just ‘classmates’. A connection that was more attributed to chance scheduling than any kind of common interest. Then we were paired up to do a class project together. It wasContinue reading »

The Portals By Binneyan Smith Chapter 8 Older Jerry’s words still echoed in my head… “We have to talk to you about time travel and what it’s doing to you.” “Wh-What it’s doing to us?” Danny asked. He looked as nervous as I felt. “What is it doing to us?” I asked. “Calm down!” Older Danny said. “Nothing bad has happened yet, we just have to let you know what the rules are. If you’re afraid now, that’s probably good. It’s gonna help you to stay on top of things.” Older Danny walked over to the sink and looked around, as if he had misplaced something. “Oh yeah,” he said, “You guys don’t drink coffee yet, so you don’t have a coffee pot. I guess we can have Cokes.” Then he opened the fridge and took out four cans. Carrying them over to the table, he placed them in the center. Grabbing one, he sat down. Older Jerry did likewise, so Danny and I did the same. Once we wereContinue reading »

“Ungh…ungh…mmmm…yeah…mmm…ungh…” For someone who was so hesitant in the beginning, so unbelievably nervous and emotionally repressed about wanting to fuck me… this guy certainly took a great deal of enjoyment out of penetrating me once I talked him into it. Gus was a year older than I was. Seventeen, going on ‘porn star’. I had seen him around Hillside High before. He was pretty much a reject in this place. Quiet, withdrawn, socially awkward… hardly the kind of guy that was up for being Homecoming King at any point during the year. I mean… he was a nerd. It’s ok to be a nerd, but he was the creepy kind of nerd. Not the cool, acceptable, geeks with a comic book, Star Wars, video game, list of fetishes and obsessions. He was more like the ‘most likely to become a serial killer after graduation’ type. Just saying. You can’t spend that much time in a corner by yourself without having a few crazy ideas popping into your head about fuckingContinue reading »

—— Thursday —— My Dad and I needed a break after yesterday so we went to the Round Table Pizza at the mall. We had pizza and he had a beer. Not piss warm though. He wouldn’t get me any though. 🙁 LOL We walked around the mall and did a little window shopping. Dad must have a shoe fetish because he has to look at each men’s shoe store to check for deals. It doesn’t take long, there are only 3 men’s shoe stores in the whole mall where there are about 20 women’s shoe stores! I call Sexual Discrimination!! He also had to go into the attached Sears store to look at the Craftsman tools. To my sorrow, he was scoping out new lawnmowers. Guess who gets to use it if he buys it. Oh joy. Just what I always wanted. :/ I liked the ones you could ride around in but my Dad said they would be impractical for our small lawns. Shoot! I thought I almostContinue reading »

By Binneyan Smith Chapter 7 After our trip to Paris, we realized that we don’t have to be late ever again! For instance, on August 15th we travelled a few hours back in time so we could deliver the contract to François Chevalier before 18:00 Paris time. Then we travelled back to 07:00 on the same day so we could get some rest and still make it home on time, so the ‘rents wouldn’t freak. Well, that was just the start of it. As far as time travel goes, we remembered what Older Jerry and Danny told us the first time we met them – we can’t travel back to before we were born, and we can’t travel forward to any time that we hadn’t lived through… which is moving forward every moment. We didn’t understand why, but we took Older Jerry and Danny at their word. After all, they are us. It took us a few days to realize the potential of time travelling within our 16-year lifetimes. AsContinue reading »

Chapter 4 – Sweet Reality I never wanted to leave his embrace, but I didn’t have a choice. It was almost midnight, and as flexible as Rosa was, she was still in charge of me and couldn’t let me stay out any later. Fortunately for me, Nate was a bit more responsible than I was, and when the driver arrived at his door, he literally dragged the sad and pouting boy from the bed. “Your coach awaits you, sir,” he told me amusedly. “But I don’t want to go!” I pouted, looking for comfort in his eyes. “It’s not as if you have a choice, sweetheart,” he said as I finished getting dressed. He leant in, gave me a peck on the cheek and turned me toward the door. “Go, now,” he added, giving me a slap on the ass. Being a teen sucks! I wish I had my own flat and that I didn’t have to comply with these stupid rules… Wearing my best pout, I used my puppyContinue reading »

~~~~ —— Wednesday, January 17, 5 Years ago. —— Mama went into the hospital today. I’m really worried. She came down with something last night and it went straight to her lungs. Now she has double new moaning. I don’t know how to say it right. This morning she was turning blue so Daddy called an ambulance. I’m in my bed now. I’m trying not to be scared and cry, but it’s hard not to. I want to be strong for my Daddy and for my Mama but…. ….I don’t wanna lose my Mama! God….please don’t let my Mama die……PLEEASE! Can’t stop crying. :*( Ooops. Dad must have heard me crying. He came in to check on me. Oh no! NO! No Mama!! Mamaaaa! He came in to tell me…she’s gone. Not my Mama! Why? WHY? ~~~~ January 17, Present Day Oh God…why did you betray me too? Why? Mama. My Dad just had to come in and hold me and get me to calm down. I woke up callingContinue reading »