I was one of those unfortunate children who had a father who hated his guts. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I finally learned part of the reason why. When my parents were trying to conceive my brother, it took them a long time. They we’re beginning to wonder if one of them was unable.   But, trying and trying and trying again, eventually led to my brother coming into existence. Whatever happened during that period must have kicked Mom’s hormones up or something. Because eleven months later I came to be. My father, being the ignorant wretch that he is, thought my mother must be cheating on him because they had so much trouble the first time and I couldn’t possibly be his. She told me that the first few years of my life he wouldn’t even pick me up. Mom wouldn’t lie about that stuff. She was bawling her eyes out just telling me about it. She kept apologizing, despite my efforts to tell herContinue reading »

Trace didn’t follow Blake up to his room. He wanted to give him ample time to expunge whatever he might be holding inside his soul. While Trace can understand Blake’s reason for keeping things bottled up, he wishes that their son would have trusted them with this issue. It’s hard for him to watch him going down this path. Trace went into the office and checked his email and facebook. After giving Blake some time to himself, he went to his son’s room.   He knocked on the door and waited for a second for Blake to respond. When he didn’t say anything, Trace walked in anyway. When he looked at the bed, he found himself stricken with sadness. Blake was rolled up into a ball, his face was wet, and two tears were sliding down his cheeks. “Blake, you’re making me sad, buddy.” The teenager didn’t say anything. Trace reached down and gave his son a hug, hoping that maybe it would calm him a little bit. Maybe, theyContinue reading »