The Story’s playlist:   My name is Christopher. I have been dead for a long time. I don’t know for how long. Time really doesn’t stand for anything anymore because there is no time here, wherever ‘here’ is. I should say that ‘here’ is not much different than ‘there.’ ‘There’ being where you are, I guess, in that place where the living are and where I am not. What’s strange is that ‘here’ is where I am and where you are, as well. It’s just that you can’t see me. That’s all. That hurts so very much, you know? It’s easy to forget someone when you can’t see, touch, or hear them anymore. So, I guess that’s what I am. I am one of the forgotten. I can see you, but I don’t know that I can touch you and you don’t seem to be able to sense me. There is like this veil that separates us so that I can’t reach out to you in any way. ItContinue reading »

The Auranades Episode 7 Wild Prolog After the school bell rings for the end of class, the students are soon filling the hallway with their laughter and chatter. Chad meanwhile exits his Bio class with a pass for a class tour to the new jungle exhibit that opened just outside of town. Since Ray hadn’t been to class due to prep games for the third football game coming up this week, he figures he will head straight over to the Libretta café. However, just as he turns the corner at the lockers, he bumps into someone, knocking her books from her hands. Chad reaches down to help her until he looks up to see it’s Ray’s girlfriend, the school reporter Rita Allen. “Sorry I ran into you like that,” Chad quips, “I was just looking for Ray so I could tell him about how you’re plotting some scheme against me.” Rita Allen glares at him before looking around to pick up the rest of her things. Chad then notices anotherContinue reading »

“The Elixir” “Danny? Are you sure you’re alright?” My mom asked me at the dinner table. “You’ve hardly touched your beef brisket tonight. I thought it was one of your favorites?” “Huh? Oh…” I mumbled in response. I looked down to notice my hand limply holding my fork, the prongs doing little more than pushing bits of uneaten food from one side of my plate to the other. “I’m sorry, Mom. I guess I’ve just got a lot on my mind at the moment.” I forced myself to take another bite or two, but I only did it for the sake of being polite. “Can I be excused? If you don’t mind…I think I’d rather lay down for a bit and warm up the rest of dinner later. Ok?” With a look of serious concern, she weakly said, “Ok, Honey. If you’re not hungry.” Then added, “Are you sure you’re not coming down with something? There’s a few nasty flu bugs going around town…” “I’m ok, Mom. Really. I’m notContinue reading »

Chapter 3 – Quartz, Onyx and Ruby “Wait!” He hopped to my side as I was heading home. “You can’t wander in the streets like that. You’ve got blood all over your clothes and on your face” As annoying as it was, he had a point. The punctures were still dripping blood and it was obvious that I wouldn’t even walk one kilometre before getting stopped by police and most likely arrested. But still… he’s the one who put me in this situation! And where the hell is he going with that? “Maybe you should have thought about it beforehand” I said harshly. “Look… I’m really sorry, ok? I mean it. I still think you’re an ass, but I didn’t want to harm you.” “Why, thanks!” I rolled my eyes and started walking again, but he hopped ahead of me and stopped me. “C’mon, just let me make it up to you. We’ll disinfect your cuts, and I’ll find you some clean clothes to wear instead of those bloody ones.Continue reading »

—— Saturday —— Yeah…so its been like a week and I didn’t put anything down. Didn’t have much to talk about really. Winter Break is kind of like a short summer and its funny, but, I often fall into a kind of routine when I’m on break. I feel better when I know what to expect, I guess. I’m not big on surprises. I actually am dreading the start of high school because of this. Its a new term and it scares me. I am kind of weird, I guess, for a teenager. I get up at 6:00 AM. Shower and brush my teeth. Feed Chester (our cat), empty the dishwasher and put away the dishes. Sometimes I’ll fix some oatmeal for myself or get the eggs out for Dad if he left a note that he’ll want to cook breakfast. I get up before my Dad does often just to see him off to work and help him with coffee and stuff. Mundane things comfort me, I guess. TheyContinue reading »

So maybe I should have expected the weird looks that I got from the other guys and girls at the party. I mean, I’m just some stranger that walked into their private party out of a cornfield and waded my way through the fog to randomly say hi out of nowhere. I get it. But despite my shaky legs and sudden drop in body temperature… I didn’t want to let them see me being nervous. Confidence. That’s the biggest part, right? So… yeah. I’m going to be confident. The music was still playing in the background, but everyone that caught sight of me fell silent. Then, one boy kind of snarley’d up his upper lip and asked, “Ummm… do we know you, kid?” “Oh.” I said, trying to keep my voice from trembling. “I don’t think so.” Some other boy grinned, “Who invited the fetus?” The main boy asked, “Yeah, what are you doing here, fetus?” Ok… so this isn’t going too well so far. But I just smiled andContinue reading »

  Huff… huff… huff… According to my watch, I had only been running for about six and a half minutes before my legs began to feel weak and my heavy breathing was making me more dizzy than fueling my muscles to keep going. I hadn’t gotten as far as I had hoped with my first sprint. I could still faintly see the shadow of Valley Oaks behind me, a few lit windows shining hazy beams of light out into the fog. I think I was far enough down the road where no one could look out the area and see my escape, but I made sure to keep my eyes open for any traffic headed in either direction. The last thing I needed was some dang goofy teacher driving by and catching me on the side of the road. Before leaving, I had polished up my sneakers really good! And I even brought plastic bags to wrap around my feet once I got out of sight so I could keepContinue reading »

“Hi. I’m Preston. Preston Miles.” It feels silly sometimes, saying that to myself in the mirror over and over again. But the book I’ve been reading said it would help to practice. Picking it up to look at the bookmarked page again, I attempted to make sure that I was doing it right. It says that I need to stand up straight. Look people in the eye when I talk. And I should smile. Smiling is the easy part, I think. I focused my eyes on my own reflection, and let out a short breath as I brought my pearly white teeth into view. Ok… so it says I should speak clearly and with confidence. Project loud enough to be heard. I forget that part sometimes. I’ll talk louder from now on. Or… at least when I remember. So… right. Clearly… loudly… and with confidence. “Hi…” No wait. More enthusiasm than that. “HI! I’m Preston! Preston Miles!” Cool, right? That sounds cooler. “Hi! I’m Preston!” Wait a minute, my darnContinue reading »

Over the next few weeks we were busy with school and deliveries, so much so that our parents started to worry about us. “You guys never talk about your friends any more. What’s up with that?” Danny’s mom asked us one Saturday. “And what about the Cubs? You used to talk about them non-stop. Is something wrong?” I froze. I had no answer. Fortunately, Danny thinks a bit faster than I do. “No, Mom, we’ve just been working harder on our studies. Jerry and I are trying for a company scholarship. If we can get a few ‘A’s we might get a full ride at IIT.” “Is that true, Danny? You want to go to the Illinois Institute of Technology? That’s my alma mater!” “Yeah, Mom. I know. That’s why we’re taking AP Chemistry this year and AP Physics next year,” Danny said. + + + ED: It was true that we were taking AP Chemistry, but only because our guidance counselor talked us into it last August when weContinue reading »

Was it my muscles that were trembling with this much activity? Or was it the pounding vibration of my over-excited heart that was doing that, shaking like an out of control jackhammer in my chest, rattling my bones until I could hardly get enough breath in my lungs to stay conscious? I was soooooo ready to fall apart right in front of him, but I was too scared to hesitate as Alex spun me around in the center of the dark room. Wow. I can remember the unrestricted shiver that ran through me as I heard the classroom door close behind us. It was like stepping off of a steep cliff and suddenly being launched into rapid freefall without end. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I doubt I ever will again. I was literally panting for breath, giggling nervously as Alex’s hand swiftly pulled me close and clung to me by wrapping his arms around my waist. There was just enough of the military lights outside the windowContinue reading »

Episode 6 Flaunt Prolog At the Libretta café, students are in and out of the bookshop café during the lunch period. Chad is at their usual table with a huge chemistry book as he is trying to grasp the concept of chemical equilibrium. However, he can’t quite get the point of it all at the moment. “Ugh. I don’t get this at all,” Chad muses, as he leans forward over the book on the table. “Well I know if anyone understands Chem, it’s you, C.K.,” Ray Torres says, appearing at the table. He takes a seat on the opposite side, “so I know it must be something else here you can’t understand.” “Oh hey, Ray,” Chad replies as he sits up, “I guess sometimes things can seem so simple but turn out to be a lot more complicated. Besides, it’s hardly ever one-plus-one for me these days.” “I get the feeling we aren’t exactly talking about chemistry,” Ray says with a curious grin. “Maybe it’s what kind of chemistry we’reContinue reading »

“Ok, Ma’am??? I need you to calm down, alright?” I urgently shouted into the phone as I heard her losing her control again and getting hysterical on me. “I need you to speak clearly and give us an address. We’ll send someone out to you as SOON as we possibly can, alright!” She cried, “I don’t… I don’t have any way out of here. I don’t understand what’s happening…” “I understand that you’re scared. But we can’t help you if you we can’t find you. I need to know where you are.” I said, hoping that the calmness of my voice would somehow get her to stop shaking long enough to give me a location. After a few more sniffles and tears, she finally got up the nerve to say, “I’m at 957 West Belmont! Top floor!” Excellent! “Ok… Mary, was it?” “Yes…” She whined, helplessly. “Do you have a safe place to hide out for a little bit? We’re doing all we can here at the station, but IContinue reading »

Chapter 7 – Revelations *** ~~~ Trevor ~~~ *** “I’m gonna tell everyone you two are a pair of fags!” Alex spat. “If my leg weren’t all fucked up, I’d pound you both into bloody pulps! Fucking pansy assed faggots!” Roger and I didn’t know what to do at that point. We were both scared and Roger squeezed my hand so tight I lost feeling for a second. For a few minutes, all I could do was stare at him as he seemed to tower over us. “You guys… I swear, it makes me sick to watch you! Why don’t you both just go hide, so us normal people won’t get infected by your sickness!” Alex continued. Eventually, something Roger had told me earlier broke through the fear. “You’re just jealous, Alex. I’m not sure you want to go telling everyone something that’s really none of their business… or yours for that matter!” I told him rather smugly. “Why the fuck would I be jealous? Besides, it is their business.Continue reading »

I’m used to having my breath snatched away from me whenever I see Benji walk up and fiddle with the combination on the high school locker across the hall from mine. I’m used to the constant vibration of nervous jitters in my chest, stomach, and throat, whenever his pretty face comes into view. Even from a distance, way down at the other end of the hall. I’m even used to the jumble of sensual thoughts that I fight so valiantly to fend off while looking him over, head to toe. Not having a clue as to what an actual sexual experience might be like, and yet having the subtle promise of such a thing flood my senses with brief images and fevered flashes of sexual delights that my teenaged mind had mimicked from movies, television, and a few erotic stories online that I read under my covers in the dark of night. Filling me up with a variety of ideas that I hoped to experiment with someday in the nearContinue reading »

  Prolog   As students are walking about the hallways, Chad, Vitani and Josh turn the corner while chatting with each other. They are looking at a poster in Vitani’s hand and discussing whether they should all go to the Midnight Masquerade coming up later this week. It’s being hosted by the Milano sisters in the spirit of Halloween, coming up later this month. However, Chad muses with a grin, “Hey I’m supposed to be a nerd, guys. I don’t do much partying.” Vitani smiles, “Oh? That’s not what I heard about you at last week’s football party with Ray Torres.” Josh adds, “Your friend even took you home after you passed out from like four beers, remember?” Chad turns to them, “I remember you daring me to try the beer. I also remember feeling like I was gonna puke and heading upstairs in one of the dorm rooms to lie down, but I don’t remember anything about Ray taking me back to my dorm room. Are you sure aboutContinue reading »

—— Sunday —— Mass was weird today. I felt…er…conspicuous. Like too many eyes were on me. It made me uncomfortable. I couldn’t really pay attention much because of it. I lost most of the Homily. Not that I listen that much anyway. Father Dillon drones on and on some Sundays. It’s all I can do to stay awake. He never actually says anything I haven’t heard before a thousand times. As I get older, some of those things he talks about just make me feel guilty. The sex stuff mostly. Catholic Boys aren’t supposed to masturbate or think about sex with other people or anything. You have to Confess that stuff because It’s all sinful. I don’t know. If God made us sexual beings then why is sex bad? I…guess….I just don’t believe that stuff now or just don’t understand. Priests need to get laid and then *they’d* understand I think. Did I just type that? LMAO! Oh well….there’s a million more years in Purgatory, I guess. Plus, I’m likeContinue reading »

  I was lying on my bed, my red and swollen eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. The night had fallen already, but my guilt made a point of preventing me from sleeping. Every time I closed my eyes, flashes of what happened would invade my vision. The feelings would overwhelm me and tears would flow again. My tears-soaked pillow was the concrete proof that no matter how much I ran, how much I wished, everything happened. I can’t remember when I found sleep that night, but the town was slowly coming to life when it happened. When I woke up, the sun was already high in the sky and the birds had stopped chirping long ago. I was still exhausted from the emotional drain I went through the day before. So exhausted that it was a real struggle to keep my eyes open; and leaving the comfort of my bed was a terrible ordeal. I still can’t believe what happened… What a bunch of assholes! I hope… I hopeContinue reading »

  The weekend went too fast! We spent Saturday in Phoenix and Sunday we went back and checked out eight of the 16 buildings there. We were surprised when one of the buildings took us to Guadalajara, Mexico through the rear door, and Regina, Saskatchewan through the front! This was the first time we found ourselves outside of the United States! What an experience! I’m not sure about Danny, but I was glad when we got back to Chicago. + + + ED: Danny here. Jerry is soooo weird! In Guadalajara he was like, “We gotta go back, Dan! We don’t have our passports!” And I’m like, “Who’s gonna stop us?” And when we got to Regina, the dude almost shit a brick! Fortunately, Regina was freezing and, since we left our jackets back in the breakroom in Chicago, as soon as the cold air hit us, we decided to turn around and go back. + + + When Monday came around, reality sank in. School. Dan and I spentContinue reading »