*** ~~~ Trevor ~~~ *** I woke up after another totally awesome sleep. That’s when it hit me — I had to go back today. The past couple of days gave me the chance to feel what it was like to be part of a real family, and I never wanted it to end.  Despite what Dad and Daddy, and even Grandpa had told me about being their son forever, I still had a pain in my heart at having to leave them.  Even if it was only going to be a couple days. I was about to get out of bed when I heard a knock on the door. I called out for whoever it was to come in and Daddy opened the door and entered. I was still in bed with the covers over the bottom part of me hiding my morning boner. I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed that he might see it. He came over and sat on the edge of theContinue reading »

Day 3   *** ~~~ Nick ~~~ ***   It took me about twenty minutes to calm Trevor down enough to fall back to sleep. He told me he didn’t remember what his nightmare was about and I’m glad I could be there for him, if for nothing else than to hold him as he calmed down. As I entered our bedroom, Bobby said something that was totally out out of character… “I really don’t like you babying him like you have been.” He said, with a hint of hostility I wasn’t accustomed to. “I don’t baby him. He’s sensitive, and I am just trying to be there for him.” I replied. Bobby actually laughed as he said, “Now that’s rich! Mr. Sensitive is trying to nurture his adopted son to be just like him!” “Where is this coming from Bobby? You’ve never spoken to me like this, and I don’t like it one bit!” I was getting angry. “Oh, come on, Nick. Since he arrived you’ve been coddling him.Continue reading »

I don’t know where to start. OK, let’s back up a few minutes. Danny appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Wait. It wasn’t really out of nowhere; it was from the basement door next to the doggie door at the front of the building on Nova Avenue, but he was supposed to be five blocks away at the Summit Avenue building. How did he get here? I was looking at my phone and waiting for him to text me. I looked up when I heard the door open, and before I could react, Chuck was barking and running towards me. Danny had a huge grin on his face and he told me to come with him. + + + Ed: Danny here. Sheesh! Jerry was frozen in place and I had to actually punch him in his arm to get him to respond! + + + “But… But how did you get here? You’re supposed to be at Mrs. Scott’s building!” “Jerry, if you come with me, I’ll explain it toContinue reading »

—— Saturday —— I got a new laptop for Christmas! I’m so excited! Its an Apple!! It has all kinds of stuff preloaded on it. I don’t know what Dad paid for it, but its got art programs and Safari and this cool word processor here called ‘Pages’. ITunes too, but I have to convert all my MP3 music. That’ll be a chore. Its my first one that isn’t a ‘hand me down’! I thought I’d practice and write stuff in here so I can get a head start on writing practice and figure out stuff! Its fucking powerful! Ooops….sorry. Wait…why am I apologizing to my computer screen? ROFL I also got that World of Warcraft game to play on my new Mac. I am only supposed to play it for 2 hours. Its too addicting for that! I was up till 1 am last night leveling my Warlock! I’m SOOOO worn out today, but it was so worth it! I’m up to Level 26 and I only started Wednesday!Continue reading »

This has probably been the longest day of school I’ve ever experienced. I swear, by the end of the day I was surprised I had not melted with my own chair! You can easily imagine the relief I felt when I heard the final bell free me from this prison. Plus, this was the weekend! And who says Friday says… fun at Michael’s place! I was waiting outside the gates, leaning casually on the school’s fence. Peeking at my watch, I knew Max had probably been held back by his teacher again. Maybe if he behaved a bit, we wouldn’t be as late as we usually are. I decided to make the most of the wait and let my eyes wander over the new faces crossing the gates. Among the dozens of teens, my eyes laid on a short, slender blonde girl I had never noticed before. Damn she was pretty. Not a single hair was out of place, her emerald eyes had this mesmerizing glow that would make youContinue reading »

  Prolog   Just after class, the students are walking about from here to there. Chad decides to stop by his locker in the hallway to put his books away. As he is doing so, Ray Torres spots him and walks over to him patting him on the shoulder. “Hey C.K. Guess what?” Ray starts with a smirk and his hands behind his back. “You’re staying well on top of your Bio classes without my help now?” Chad says with a grin. “Well there’s that, as I did learn from the best,” Ray shrugs before moving his hands from behind his back to reveal a fancy blue football shirt, “But you were actually supposed to guess that the coach just gave me my very own special T-shirt to wear for the rest of the season. I think it’s to help me keep in mind that good things are up for me if I keep it up on the field.” “How many times have I told you that?” Chad nods, “IContinue reading »

You know, for him to be the next in line for the title of ‘man of the house’, my brother Brett was certainly being a total bitch about the bite in his neck. Don’t get me wrong, it looked like it hurt…a LOT! But I can’t help but to feel that it serves him right. Sorry, but it’s true. After all the lunk-headed sexist bullshit he’s spewed out of his mouth within the walls of this household about bitches not being worth more than a few orgasms each and only being nice to them so he could get some pussy…I was GLAD that some girl came along and made a ‘pussy’ out of him for a change. Sure, his hyper level Testosterone would somehow meld with my dad’s and they’d find a way to mysteriously ‘bond’ over this whole sick ordeal…a bond that I was never invited to be a part of on a count that I was…different…but for now? I’m GLAD he’s hurting. I’m happy to hear his helplessContinue reading »

Driving home always forced me to turn my brain off. I could almost consider it a defense mechanism at this point. As I turned down those same familiar streets, getting close to the place that I occasionally referred to as home, I just knew that the best parts of my day were done and over with. Most people think of home as a place to go for comfort and tranquility. Essentially making it your own private escape from the rest of the world. For me it was the exact opposite. I didn’t find any comfort there at all. Prison walls might have been more to my liking, when I really sit down and think about it. As I pulled into the dirt driveway, leading up to the ‘peeling paint’ supports of the raggedy shelter on the side of the house, I turned off the clunky engine of my father’s truck…sitting there at the wheel for a minute or two. Just trying to collect myself before taking the key out ofContinue reading »

All guilt seems to melt away the moment he lowers those tender lips down on me. The sensation of lushly padded warmth and moisture softly wrapped around my hard inches makes me gasp, each and every time. I try to control that, hoping to hide just how much I enjoy having this neighborhood boy eagerly suck me off in the front seat of my father’s truck. But…if nothing else, he can feel my entire body responding to his touch upon initial contact. It wasn’t something that I could ever hope to control. The way he coils his tongue round my pulsing shaft, the way his delicate fingers stroke me in time with his rhythmic motion…it’s easy to forget that he’s nearly two and a half years younger than I am. Little Stephen from over on the next block. We’d both be so DEAD if we ever got caught doing this with each other. I’m reminded of his lingering immaturity as he stops the blowjob in mid suck to lift hisContinue reading »

When you’re a teenager…one of the most frustrating things about a situation like the one I’m in, sleeping in a room full of random people…is waking up with morning wood and not having a private way to ‘take care of it’ before getting out of bed. It was actually more like morning IRON today, as horny as I was. God, I missed the days of having my own room and a closed door to hide my sins from the rest of the world. I could have splashed the ceiling with the semen I had built up and ready to go when I opened my eyes. I couldn’t even get out from under my covers before my erection got soft enough to sufficiently tuck to the side. At this rate, I’m going to be back to having wet dreams again in a day or two, just like I had a few years ago when I first hit puberty. Involuntarily messing up my sheets with no access to washing my own laundry…nowContinue reading »

Day 2   *** ~~~ Roger ~~~ ***   It’s only been a day and I miss him so much! When I got up this morning and looked over at his bed and saw it empty, I felt like my whole world was crashing down on me. Why didn’t I tell him how I felt sooner? I could have shown him how much he meant to me! Now I may never get the chance to. Alex was being his usual self, acting like a total jerk. He actually said he hoped Trevor never came back. Said he thought Trevor was getting what he deserved being adopted by a couple of fags who would fuck him silly every night. Sometimes I wish he’d just fall down the stairs! Saturdays are my favorite day of the week here. We really don’t have anything scheduled for the day other than meals. I usually just sit around and watch TV or sit outside and think. Usually, I’m thinking about Trevor. I wonder how he’sContinue reading »

A tour bus pulls to a stop in front of the main building at the SyndAcad campus, where its doors slide open and a line of students soon file out and back onto the school grounds and wait, including Chad Blackman and Ray Torres. They gather into a small group as the Bio teacher, Mr. Bailey, disembarks and the bus drives away. He turns to the students and informs them that based on what they learned at the museum today, he wants to see their essays on the Endosymbiont Theory by the end of the week. After he leaves, the students disperse and go their separate ways. “So Ray,” Chad asks, as they head inside the main building, “After what we learned today at the tour to the museum, do you really believe that one could evolve into something so big from such a small place?” Ray shrugs, “Well, I went from being the boy who was strung half naked to a cross by the football team to being theContinue reading »

The mid-afternoon humidity stole thirteen year-old Lance’s breath as he and three others climbed down the steep embankment toward Splunge Creek. He looked over to his best friend Phil and noticed that he had finally taken his steamy glasses off. The July sun was bad, but it was getting worse farther down they went. Below was a wilderness shrouded by tall trees and broken only by an overgrown footpath that ended at the creek. The other two boys led the way down past huge rocks, looking like they would fall any minute, showing this was not their first descent. “This is how you get in the club,” Ron shouted over his shoulder, smiling wistfully. “Boy, I wish he would zip it,” whispered Phil. “He’s been talking all the way down.” Lance nodded and looked ahead at Dan, the other one. “For all the talking Ron is doing, Dan sure is quiet.” Lance was usually a level-headed, laid-back boy, but ever since school ended for the summer, he had been tauntedContinue reading »

Me’n’Reggie were leaning on the railing watchin’ old man Macky try and stay on the bronco when the new kid came up. We’d seen him around town a couple o’ times – hard t’ miss his bright red hair – but hadn’t talked to him yet, and he weren’t around when school was in, so we didn’t know him. He looked the same age as us, or thereabouts, but was obviously a town kid – skinny and sorta pale, wearin’ trousers and a shirt, instead of overalls’n’skin like me and most farm boys did. “Hey,” he said. “Hey,” Reggie said back. I didn’t say nothin’, ‘cuz I don’t, mostly. He watched Macky fall off the bronco and we all hooted and clapped. While the handlers wrangled the next buck into the starting pen, he said something that sounded like this – “Tay’re storting up a dahnce in a copla minutes.” Reggie and I both gave him a look when we heard his accent, but all Reggie said was, “Yeah?” “Yeah,”Continue reading »

I’m not sure what it was that woke me up. The pipes in this dingy basement make funny noises sometimes. I’ve gotten used to them at this point. I know what they sound like. But it doesn’t make it any easier to sleep. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t jump at every noise regardless. There was only one tiny window in that basement, but the glass had been painted over. I could never tell what time of day it was. Or if it was daytime at all. I suppose I could have broken it open, but I was terrified that the noise would bring ‘them’ back. How long had I been down here? Three weeks? More? The battery in my cell phone died the morning after I came down here to hide. I’ve been a bit lost ever since. I was still clutching a rifle in my arms. Always close by. Always ready. I had never fired a gun in my life before. Never even held one, to be honest.Continue reading »

It’s not like this was my first time in the backseat of a taxi before. It’s not like I hadn’t seen the same environment of local neighborhood shops and suburban houses scroll by the typical bus window a million times either. But as I stared out of the side window to avoid an awkward conversation with the driver, I couldn’t help but notice that the entire world around me looked different somehow. Lifeless. More lifeless than I had ever seen it before in my life. It wasn’t just the lack of people walking the streets, or the darkened windows of stores that were usually open at this time of night and much much later. It was the unfathomable cloud of utter silence that hung over the town as a whole. No homeless. No college frat boys. No traffic. In fact, the very act of seeing the cab driver stop at a red light seemed pointless. Even if he had disregarded the law and rolled right through the intersection, I doubtContinue reading »

“I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of this, Mom! You’re not being fair!” I said, more persistent than ever to get her to let me go out tonight. “Walker, you are THIRTEEN years old! I’m not about to let you go roaming the streets at night, running off to some party with high school kids that are all older than you. What am I, crazy?” “Who’s ‘roaming the streets’? I’m going to my friend, Eddie’s, house, just like I always do…and we’re both going to stay downstairs the whole night and play video games. It’s not even Eddie’s party! It’s his big brother’s party! They probably won’t even want us kids anywhere around them.” I said it in an attempt to get her to relax her stance on the subject, but in reality, I was SO hoping that wasn’t going to be the case. Eddie’s brother, Michael, was 16…and so was his best friend, Jason. Jason, Jason…sweet, unnaturally beautiful, Jason. I knew he’d be there.Continue reading »

After eating, the boys shook out the tablecloth, folded it, and put it back in Marty’s backpack before moving into the shade of an elm. They sat down and leaned against the trunk of the tree. Within moments, they were holding hands. Jon put his head on Marty’s shoulder and closed his eyes. ‘Don’t fall asleep on me, Jon. Save your nap for church.’ ‘Haha! Not a chance, not with Dad sitting next to me.’ All the while, not a word was said out loud. ‘Jon, how far do you think our thoughts can be transmitted?’ ‘Let’s test it and see.’ Jon got up and looked around. They were in a large clearing… almost three football fields in length. ‘Let’s go to opposite sides of the clearing and see if we can still communicate.’ ‘Sounds like a plan.’ The two boys got up and mentally chatted as they walked in opposite directions. ‘I wonder if our thoughts will fade away, or abruptly stop.’ ‘Maybe we’ll have a range of miles.’Continue reading »