1. POTUS Reveals Obama Used Death Star to Blow Up Princess Leia’s Home Planet! in Volume 35 by
  2. BBW: The Story of a Guy Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was! in Volume 26 by
  3. Big Bad Wolf News presents – A report about a not-so-typical weekend in a hospital emergency room! in Volume 25 by
  4. BBW Insider – Boy Farms Exclusive in Volume 25 by
  5. TurtleBoy Industries Forced to Release Boys From Factory in Volume 24 by
  6. Johnny Wins Lottery, Discovered Days Later Leaving a Boy Brothel in Brazil in Volume 23 by
  7. Comicality In Hospital After, Literally, Writing His Fingers To The Bone in Volume 23 by
  8. Vampire Warehouse Under Attack by Pharmaceutical-Pushing Werewolves in Volume 20 by
  9. Digital Bob gives birth to two-headed demon child. Is this a sign that the end is nigh? in Volume 18 by
  10. Long lost Shacker, Wolfie, returns from intergalactic space mission after 6 years of travel in Volume 18 by
  11. Jake Johnson Blows Raspberries at TurtleBoy’s Face in Volume 17 by
  12. Speak Week January in Volume 17 by
  13. The Erickoey Virus: Bombardment of the Erickoey in Volume 16 by
  14. The Orvus Ultimatum: The Immortals' Feast in Volume 16 by
  15. The Erickoey Virus: Expect the Unexpected in Volume 15 by
  16. The Orvus Ultimatum: The Hunger in Volume 15 by
  17. The Erickoey Virus: Escape From LA in Volume 14 by
  18. The Orvus Ultimatum: Journey to Irk Island in Volume 13 by