If you have not explored the communities Imagine Magazine was born from, you may not know that there are quite a few ways to communicate with others about just about anything. If so, you are definitely missing out. Be you a Shacker, Gay Authors Patron, or part of the Fort Family; there are links that will allow you to interact with others, communicate with your favorite content providers or, read thousands upon thousands of titles from some of the biggest names on the internet as well as some of today’s up and coming authors that will most likely be tomorrow’s legends. (Did I oversell that at all? Hehehe…)

Live Chat on Discord – “The Hot Tub”


For years, Comicality’s family of readers and authors gathered on an IRC text chat server (#comicality) to get to know each other and have fun. Authors and readers from all over would make a night of it and no other chat rivaled the camaraderie found in this virtual playground. Well, after many many many many…you get the picture… years, the chat has moved to an updated service and hopes to see you all there. You may even get lucky and catch the creator “Comicality” himself. Be prepared to have fun and to meet some really great people!

The Comicality Library


Starting with the official Comicality’s Shack Out Back forum which is a text-based bulletin board that allows all who wish to participate a way to post comments and ask/answer questions based on/for events in the Shack. It also is a really cool place to keep an eye out for first releases or questions that are posted right here on Imagine Magazine.

Gay Authors Community


Founded back in 2002, Gay Authors provided hosting for some of the biggest names out there. It is the community that has always hosted the original Comicality’s Shack Out Back website which is directly responsible for the creation of Imagine Magazine. Today, it’s story hosting service is home to well over a thousand authors in an environment where feedback is made easy and is encouraged. Looking for reading material? Make sure you bookmark this link.

Fort Family Community


Founded by authors who were backed by a man with a low tolerance for advertisements on free sites, the Fort Family took a different approach to the problem of authors who weren’t getting enough exposure. After retiring their community forum, they have redesigned and added several sites that are all networked, giving readers a one-stop experience to be notified of new chapters and news from all participating sites while providing hosting that is easy for their authors to manage. The list of sites keeps growing and as an added bonus, news from the Shack and Imagine Magazine are carried over using our Shack Mirror Site, building a bridge and making several large families even closer neighbors. Check ’em out and be sure to tell them that Imagine Magazine sent you 🙂