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January 1, 2018, by Comicality

Comicality: Before we begin, I want to personally welcome you to the fraternity of erotic fiction! Hehehe! That’s awesome! Seeing new voices express themselves is always a thrill for me and other readers alike. With this being your very first story, how would you describe your experience with writing it and planning it out?

MasterM: I can honestly say that planning wasn’t easy, it was fun but not easy. I had to think of ways of creating things to make the story “new” and finding a way to make it true to the original, as much as possible! I reviewed and reread the whole source material in order to coordinate everything just right. Believe it or not planning took 3-4 months because I was contemplating if I should even write this story or not. Writing was a tiny bit easier, but that was because of the previous effort given to the plans. Writing it was a cool experience. never thought I would even reach 12k words with this story alone. It felt like complete freedom, with no hidden catches, when you are just able to write stuff.

Comicality: What made you choose this particular story to do an alternate version of? Was there a certain connection that you felt to this storyline or the characters that inspired you to bring the other side of the story to life the way you did?

MasterM: Now that you mention it… the reasons are kinda complicated. The reason is that, “Class” is just so incredibly detailed. It has more details in the first 7 chapters compared to any of your other stories save for “NKIS”. So, when I re-read Class again I thought, “Hmmm… What if I write a chapter that would relate most of these details in a more intimate way?”. So I did, I gathered all these important details and placed them in one chapter. Another reason might be because “Class” was my favorite for the longest time until it was permanently de-throned by “On the Outside”, so there′s that.

Well I guess my connection would be with Tanner. He may have everything he will ever need, but he does not have ‘someone’… I guess you could say we were both sad b*st*rds LOL.

Comicality: Was there anything that you found challenging about the writing process?

MasterM: I guess what I found challenging about the writing process would be the “lack of experience”, I mean… I read your stories and your style always has that cool ‘in-depth’ elaboration when it comes to certain stuff. So, I always found myself worrying if I missed an opportunity to elaborate a certain scene or if I blabbed too much on one paragraph. I did try imitating you after all. Let’s not forget the sex parts too. When I said lack of experience, I meant it literally. I don’t know how to describe something I haven’t even ‘done’ hehehe. So this is my “first time” LOL. Nevertheless, I wanted it to be just more than sex so I tried to inject more emotions into it. Hope I succeeded.

Comicality: Really? It sounded pretty good to me! I noticed some real heat coming from the sex in this story! How do you think your first erotic scene turned out? We are our own worst critics after all.

MasterM: Well, rereading the scene… I always found it lacking you know? I I read your stories and I’m always surprised on how many details a writer could include when it comes to stuff like sex. I haven’t had one so how could I know? Hehehe. So yeah, I always thought of the scene as a bit too short, so short that it ends ummm “prematurely” LOL. I could always lengthen in but I think i would run out of any details to place, and places to detail. If you know what I mean.

Comicality: On an emotional level, would you say that you drew from personal experiences in your own life to write this story? Any in particular?

MasterM: Yes. I guess any gay/bi boy always knew what it felt like looking at other boys during their younger years. I should know because I went to an all-boy high school. Hehehe, at first it was such a confusing state for me to think like that until the confusion eventually turned into shame when I saw the gay boy in our level be mocked and teased. Peer pressure is such a powerful thing. This shame began in the 5th grade until I began feeling things for Glenn. At first the shame of being bi was all too high until I met him and basically turned the shame into a kind of “mellow” acceptance if that makes sense, hehehe.

Comicality: I really loved some of the choices you made in your writing. Seeing the other side of Derrick′s teasing in front of Tanner, bringing Jeff back into the picture to explain those initial first feelings of his, a slight peek at Tanner′s morning routine at home…brilliantly done. How did you pick and choose what parts of the series you wanted to expand on?

MasterM: At first I picked a lot of details in the next chapters in “Class” to include in my story. I wanted to add every last bit of detail like the Amara girl in chapter 2, Jackie the limo driver, and even Chris’ past interactions with Tanner, they seemed like good parts to include. i always thought that expanding every detail was important but I eventually figured that it would have been boring to do so. So I thought out every detail’s importance to the plot and included the things that you mentioned.

The story was about what Tanner’s life was like and how he thinks. This was about how he had no hope in his life because he was gay and how this amazing boy named Derrick changed his life. The story was about Tanner finally accepting his sexuality because he finally finds love. I thought about this important theme and eventually picked out the important details to incorporate into it. His Talk would Jeff basically gave him a tiny bit of hope that this will pass, his morning routine of having wet dreams about boys basically crushed that hope and eventually turned his shame into despair and feeling of being alone. These were important coz they established him as someone who is miserable despite having it all. The Derrick’s teasing part was important in itself too because it establishes that Tanner never really cares about what someone have or doesn’t have. That he cares about people like Derrick even though Derrick’s the school’s outcast. He then fell in love with Derrick because he accepted Tanner for who he was and not just some cutie from the rich end of town.

I could have included Jackie and her past interactions with Tanner but it would have strayed from Tanner and Derrick. I could’ve included Chris but he wasn’t important in those moments other than the influence of his teasing. I could’ve expanded more details but I remembered this was a short story and not a series. And, they would just not fit and will stick out like “a celery stick in a box of chocolates”. 🙂

Comicality: Now that you’ve officially broken your ‘author cherry’, do you think you’ll be compelled to write more in the future? Everyone has a million stories to tell, after all. I’m sure you’ve got more ideas in the back of your mind somewhere.

MasterM: Yes I certainly will write more! I always wanted to write stories! Well, I got more ideas being placed on the planning phase. I plan to write about Glenn one day too. He deserves the recognition hehehe.

Comicality: Well, when you do, we′d be happy to save you a space right here at Imagine! Thanks a ton, dude! And best of luck on your next big project! Fans will definitely be thirsty for more!

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  1. JeffsFort

    The funny thing about MasterM’s work is that I wouldn’t have guessed that he was new to writing. He does a very good job of fleshing out his situations which, makes his work draw in the reader. Thanks for doing the interview, it’s always nice to see what the journey of others is. It makes you feel where you are walking the same path as others and where you are kinda trail blazing.

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