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Jeff’s Checklist: Don’t forget to add or Email – “Notes” **Where They Come From

Shelter (By Comicality) “Last V69” **Comicality: Email
Duncan: Out Of Exile (By Juju) “Last V69” **Comicality: Email
The Bully and the Bullied (By Sean E.) “Ch15 was last Posted in V62” **Comicality: Email
The Adventures Of Kyle Duron (By Tycho Celchu) “Last V69” **Comicality: Email
River Acheron Article “Last V68” **Comicality: Email

Letters To The Editor: Written by Jeff at the time of posting

Myke’s Checklist: Don’t forget to add or Email – “Notes” **Where They Come From

Kiss or Miss (By Black Paper) “Ch13 was last Posted in V62” **TSL: Website
Hearts Across Space (By The Story Lover) “Ch11 was last Posted in V54” **TSL: Website
Golden Bridge Chronicle (By Beldro Mercier) “Ch10 was last Posted in V52” **TSL: Website
Mom’s Corner “Last V68” **TSL: Website (After Notified of its Location)

Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected (By Lindon Weztser) “Ch28 was last Posted V67” **Corner Café: Website
Memories Part 1: The Gathering (By ACFan) “C13 Last V70” **Corner Café: Website

Project New Horizon (By Darkhuntsman) “Ch2 Last V70” **Corner Cafe: Website

The Legends of Blood – Volume 1 (By Myke D) “Ch12 Last V70” **My Site
The Touch (By Myke D) “C3 Last V70” **My Site
Sentenced to Life (By Jeff P. aka JeffsFort) “Ch 4 Last V70” **My Site

Purple Rain (By Hai Tran) “Ch9 was last Posted Volume 65” **BloodBank
Unscripted (By Erick) “Last V70” **BloodBank

Rotten Apples (By Black Paper) “Ch9 Last V70” **

Brandon Smiling (By MrM) “Last V69” **Comicality: Email

Snowflake (By Mom) “Last V69” **Comicality: Email

In Chandler’s Hands (MrM) “Last V69” **Comicality: Email


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