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Hearts Across Space

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Hearts Across Space is a story of life in the near and far future; or is it the present?


Since this is Science Fiction and none of the planets except Terra (Earth) and all the characters are fiction, none of this including the sex really happened (Oh what a dream that was). However, if you are under the legal age in your area or it is illegal to read fiction of a sexual nature that may or may not involve minors – Leave now or face a squad of Geminiian’s armed with growlers.


Far away in the far, far future on the planet Gemini in the Mattachinium Constellation an eighteen turning Archon awakes with a scream and a look of utter fear and terror his Bondling flying from their bed with a blinding headache. S’ean sits upright totally stunned, as there is a gaping blank spot is his mind where he normally feels Alexander.

Meanwhile, across the vast reaches of space on the Planet Terra, an Eighteen-year-old Terran Male wakes screaming from a nightmare feeling completely alone and chilled to the bone. What or is there a connection fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy ride as we probe deep into the vastness of minds and space?

Authors Note:

Some terms and phrases used in this story may seem familiar to the readers. Since I am an avid Sci-Fi reader, I may have inadvertently borrowed from some of the stories I have read. If this is the case, I apologize in advance and will remove or replace such words or phrases upon notification. As this is my first attempt of writing anything of this nature, let alone size please bear with my mistakes. I will gladly correct any glaring errors or omissions upon notification.

My Favourite SCI-FI Fantasy authors are in no particular order – David Weber, David Drake, Arthur C. Clarke, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon,  Crackerwriter, and Joshua Haines.

As this is, a completely new world created solely for this story there is a lot of information necessary for some chapters to make sense. However, to include all of this information in each chapter would make the chapters unwieldy and hard to read. For this reason, I am posting a Glossary of Geminiian Terms and a Cast of Characters. Additionally, a separate information section will be posted along with each chapter as needed. It is unnecessary to read the Errata sections; however, they will make the following chapter easier to understand.

Glossary of Geminian Terminology


  • Archon – Military/Government/PSI Leader of a District/Clan 14-22 Turnings, usually male although female Archon’s are not unknown
  • Archonate – Planetary Governing Council
  • Arconate – District/Provincial Governing Council


  • Bondling – Younger (usually) Companion of Archon – secretary, psi booster, physical emotional companion. Usually same sex as Archon but not necessarily.
  • Balnea – Bathroom based on early Roman Spas before the large Thermaes or Baths


  • Callisto, Tears of – See Tears of Callisto


  • Decad – A team of Ten Soldiers usually led by a Commissioned Officer, with a non commissioned officer and eight soldiers.


  • Ebru Labadon’s Castle – Geminian equivalent of Terran Hell
  • EGG’– (ERG) – Energy Crystal common to Gemini and its asteroids, quartz-like able to increase energy field fed to by geometric multiples. Able to be manipulated by magnetic or psychic fields. Able to boost psychic energies by immense multiple. Also known as Geminian Energy Crystal. The ‘EGG’ provides power for all aspects of Geminian vehicles including Spaceships both Mercantile and Military. The ‘EGG’ is able to protect itself with a force-field against manipulation by anyone not keyed into it’ matrix. Normally only planet born Geminians can manipulate The ‘EGG’


  • Gemini – Main planet of the Geminian Confederation
  • Growler – Phonically modulated laser weapon available as a hand held pistol style or shoulder held rifle style as well as a tripod mounted team version. Similar to a phaser yet much more powerful and versatile because of the multiple combined coherent light sources. Powered by an ‘EGG’ and fuel cell power pack
  • Gemini, Tears of   – See Tears of Gemini
  • Geminian Energy Crystal see ‘EGG’


  • Iridium – Metal native to The Geminiian Planetary System – It seems to be a mixture of Terran Silver and Terran Gold. With the malleability of both but not tarnish able and of the strength of a similar weight of stainless steel. The color is neither Silver nor Gold yet both. Imagine if you can a Gold Necklace with a translucent silver coating. This is a poor example but unless you see the metal it is all we have to go on.


  • Keeper of The Planet” – Similar to GAIA and Mother Earth – Yet has a Physical Presence when necessary. Keystone of Geminian meta physical beliefs.   Throughout Geminian history has been to known to single out individuals who have the planets best interests at heart. See Tears. Also known to function through Avatars. Not known for direct action usually suggest or guides through Avatars, Dreams, prophecies or suggestions.


  • Marshal – Equivalent to a Commodore in The Terran Navies yet with Planetary Administrative Powers similar to those of a Colonial Viceroy.
  • Matter Trans – device to transmit matter at the molecular lever, in standard use through out Geminiian space for transmission of necessary medical and survival materials. Weight and distance barriers. [Eyes Only – Top Secret – Members  of ‘PS’ wearing ‘Tears’ are rumored to be able to transmit selves through Matter Trans – Top Secret – Eyes Only]
  • Mic’ – minute in Geminiian terminology


  • Physico – A combination Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Chiropractor all rolled into one. Geminian’s believe in treating the body as a whole.
  • PS’ – Planetary Security a secretive semi-governmental agency whose majority are believers in ‘The Keeper” many members have ‘Tears’ total number of members is unknown.


  • Solarius – Sun of Gemini slightly younger  and larger than the Terran Sun  ‘Sol’ . Solarius has  a slightly different Kelvin Temperature also which leads to a slightly more purple cast to the sky.


  • Tear(s) of Callisto – Extremely Rare Naturally Occurring Tear Drop Shaped Crystal – Similar to ‘EGG’ but of the clearest and Deepest Sapphire Color with a fire unsurpassed by any other stone natural or artificial. Usually approximately 2 (inches) in length. Like The ‘EGG’ The Tears have the same force field properties only with The Tears the force field extends to protect its wearers. The Tears also act as Psychic Amplifiers of unknown power. The extent of the psychic amplification depends on the individual’s psychic abilities/power and whether they are Bonded or not.   Bonded pairs have a far higher boost capability, and are able to extend the force field to include people near them.
  • Tear(s) of Gemini – Similar to the Tears of Callisto but absolutely clear with the same fire and inner light. (Although the Tears of   Gemini and The Tears of Callisto may be found in nature it is an extremely rare occurrence, only a few of each have been found in the History of Gemini. However, the majority of the known Tears in existence have been given by “The Keeper of The Planet” what criteria is used is unknown. However, the wearers of either Tears’ have been among the Confederations Brightest and most Admirable. Excerpted from The Unexpurgated History of Gemini by Master’s J’ff and G’un )
  • Tear(s) of “The Keeper” – Rumoured to exist yet never seen – supposedly clear yet blue at the same time. Since they have never been reliably seen no further information is available.

Errata I

On the vaguely Earth-like Planet Gemini in the Mattachinium Constellation, a robust and highly advanced hominoid civilization goes about their daily lives blithely unknowing that life as they know it may soon be a thing of the past!

The Geminian’s are bipedal slightly taller and broader than the average Terran. There are slight physical differences in Geminian’s from the poles and equatorial regions. Unlike Terrans however, there are only slight differences in Skin colouring among Geminian’s.

The major cities of Gemini are scattered across the five continents and are of medium size compared to Terran Cities. The continents are: Primo, Secundo, Tertio, Cuattro and Quinto with most cities on Primo, Secundo and Tertio. The major spaceports are on Primo, Tertio and the Moon Lysander. The Primary Civilian/Military Spaceport located on Primo is Aero Postale/Aero Milita with its sister port on Lysander, Aero Postales/Aero Militas. The Civilian Port of Aero Postale handles mostly civilian traffic with slight merchant freight traffic. The primary Freight Port is Aero Mercanto on Tertio which handles over 80% of all inter and intra-system freight shipments. Mercanto also handles all the supply and personnel replenishments to the orbiting farms and factories as well as the mining platforms and Aero Militas.

The city of Postale/Milita located 20 milums SW of AP/AM (Aero Postale/Aero Milita) is the largest city of Primo and Provincial Government Headquarters. P/M is also the location of the Archonate. The Postale section of the townhouses the civilians as well as the civilian employees of the Archonate and the military. Postale is also home to the major mercantile families and their corresponding organizations located on Primo. The mercantile organizations want to representatives located near the major military and civilian government headquarters. Postale is also a bustling interstellar metropolis as the majority of the Outworlder Embassies are located there (No Terran Embassy)

Xenophobia which runs rampant in some of Gemini’s neighbours in space is virtually non-existent no one knows whether the reason is cultural or religious or really cares. S’ean keeps saying he will delve into the archives in Postale/Milita but never seems to have the time.

The Geminiaan Confederation consists of the Geminiaan Planets, The Sphynxian Federation, The Fortian Patriarchy, The Lynxian Monarchy and The Centaurian Plutarchy. (The Centaurians are not full members of the Confederation they are non-voting members who have agreed to abide by most of the confederations rules but not all of them. They have signed several military treaties including a Mutual Defense Pact)

Chapter One: Gemini Reborn

On a large rural estate outside the bustling city of Callisto on the continent of Primo, a soon to be 17 turning male Geminian lies staring at his ceiling in his bedroom contemplating the major changes that are about to occur in his life. Sean lies quietly listening to the morning birds and animals while pondering his investiture ceremony as Heir to the Callisto Arconate which will codify what everyone has always known that Sean is destined for mighty things. After the ceremony, Sean’s life will no longer be his own to lead as it will now require him to attend Military Tactics and Command Classes, Military History and Combat Techniques, Military Technology and Military Protocol. His new non-military classes now include Public Governance, Public Speaking and Protocol. Besides his new Scholastic and Militaristic Classes, Sean will also have an increased Physical Education schedule. Many required Public, Political and Military Events will also enlarge Sean’s Social Life.

Today is Sean’s last day of sleeping in past the sun Solarius’s rising as he will get up much earlier to finish all that he must accomplish and still have time for himself. His days of meandering casually and aimlessly through his parents’ wooded estate are also growing to a close. Although he will still be able to take strolls through the woods in a few months, he will no longer be alone on his strolls. His bondling will accompany Sean and at times one or more of his teachers for oral give and take lessons as the Geminian’s learned ages ago that not all lessons belong in a classroom.

Once Sean has been invested one of his obligations and rewards is choosing his bondling who will be with him for the rest of his life. The reward function of a bondling is to serve as a lifelong companion to ease the loneliness of military and governmental command. With a bondling, Sean will always have someone to talk with and bounce ideas off of without the fear of his ideas and insecurities being found out. However, with the reward come responsibilities as Sean is entrusted with his bondling’s life and all that entails.

From The Bondling Training Manual by Master G’:

A Bondling’s purpose/intent in life is to serve as a personal secretary and physical companion while acting as an advisor and confidant. They choose most Bondlings for training when they are as young as five or six turnings. One trait sought highly is a strong empathic ability. One of the benefits of empathic and PSI ability of a Bondling is the fact that they can also act as a PSI Booster and Mental Healer. Some Bondlings have been known to accelerate physical healing with their mental skills. The bond between a bondling and his/her archon is like that of a lover because it entails a lot of the same closeness, intimacy and commitment without necessarily being sexual in nature and not geared towards creating a family. Archons are free to choose an intimate or sexual partner or lover outside of the bond of Archon and bondling. Many Archons’ do marry and raise a family but the majority does not particularly those who make the Military their life. However, due to the intense nature of the bonding and the fact the bond is 24/7 the majority of the bonds due become intimate and exclusive although this not encouraged until the bondling is at least sixteen turnings of age. Since most Bondings are same-sex Bondings this only causes a problem in society or the military when the Archon Archon (“Archon is Gender Neutral”) fails to provide an heir whether through natural childbirth, tubing or providing enough genetic material either sperm or ova to satisfy the requirements.

Sean finally drags himself out of bed and start the day looking forward to, but dreading the morrow at the same time. Sean decides today is a breeches and tunic day and picks out a midnight blue tunic with maroon trim and dark charcoal breeches with maroon accents. As the colours of his house are midnight blue and maroon, he feels like dressing like a scion of a house such as his. Sean walks into his Balnea looks into the mirror grimacing at the wild disarray his hair is in while making a mental note to get a trim this afternoon. He also decides his beard is a little too noticeable, so he grabs his sonic shaver and proceeds to remove the few whiskers that mar his perfect complexion. Sean then steps into his oversized shower and chooses a natural water shower rather than a Sonical ShowerSonical Shower (“Sonical Shower comprises sound waves and waveform blue\/green laser bursts “). Deciding to coddle himself Sean chooses a vortex shower and after choosing the temperature and water pressure from the control panel near the entrance he steps into the recessed floor in front of the eight strategically arrayed showerheads from which automatically burst water of the correct temperature and pressure in a soothing and caressing pattern. As soon as the water is perfect Sean applies his favourite scented cleanser with a L’oofal L’oofal (” Terran Loofah Pad with soft lamb’s wool like protrusions”). Sean, then steps on a pressure plate and a vortex of warm air rushes from the floor spinning the water around him like a living blanket, he steps on the plate again and the flow reverses now coming from the ceiling and automatically reverses every thirty seconds.

While Sean is enjoying his refreshing shower in a far off and sparsely occupied section of space a derelict hulk drifts aimlessly through space, silently coasting nowhere. The Sphynxian Freighter “Luna Mares” registers no life signs and leaks no atmospheric gases from the gaping holes throughout her hull, as she is far from her normal lanes, she may never be found.

After several minutes of such an invigorating shower, Sean steps on the plate again the water stops while the warm air rapidly pulses back and forth from the floor and then the ceiling artfully stripping the water sensually from his perfectly sculpted body. Sean then steps up into the balnea and grabs what we would call a towel towel (” Unlike a Terran Towel a Geminian Towel is actually alive it is a genetically enhanced plant\/animal that thrives on the moisture and dead skin cells from a Geminian body.”) from the ‘sunlit’ rack and dries himself. He then heads back into his room and dresses and revels in the feel of the comfortable garments against his clean skin. Sean’s clothing is made from a fiber similar to microfiber yet has a softer silkier feel and the underside has a lamb’s wool fleece like texture. After dressing and heading toward the kitchen Sean grabs a piece of fruit and a protein drink and heads toward his favourite trail on the estate to mentally prepare him for the ceremony that evening. After checking his wristcomm and discovering no urgent messages, he asks the estate controller to send him an audio alert in time for lunch. While strolling through the estate totally oblivious to the serene beauty around him and the security team shadowing him, he mentally goes through the sequence of events for tonight. Although he is the reason for the ceremony, his part actually takes up only a minuscule portion of the ceremony. Sean’s part comprises his oath as Archon Heir Designate the placing of the Heir Designate Sash and his swearing an oath to the Confederation. Sean will make a short speech stressing personal honour and commitment to Geminian Society and his responsibilities while acknowledging the fact that investiture is not complete until his Bonding and a different ceremony in Postale/Militia after he has Bonded.

From the Mercanto Gazette buried on page 37, under the unassuming title of “Freighters in Transit,” is a list of freighters with their due dates and approximate arrival times. There were two freighters overdue, one three hours and the second three days there was no additional information provided.

Meanwhile, at the main Bondling Collegium on the outskirts of P/M Alexii lays tossing and turning wondering whether he will ever Bond? His mind is in a turmoil trying to figure out several things like why his body keeps acting so strange and why he keeps seeing the same person in his dreams over and over again. A person he has never met and has seen only once. In fact, his dreams have been bothering him so much he has been daydreaming in class and has been sent to see the Proctor frequently. Alexii has even gone to the Med Center to see what was wrong with him, but the Physicos’ would only tell him, he was a growing “boy” and prescribe a long soak in the “Calderium””Calderium” (“Bath Tub based on the Roman Caldarium’s”) before bed. Alexii even made an appointment with the Empath/Psi/Physico Ambrosius who calmed Alexii slightly by informing him that what he was experiencing was normal for someone with as strong an empathic gift as his.

When Alexii questioned Ambrosius about the person in his dreams, he was told that it was because for some reason a Physic Bond had formed between them. When Alexii asked what to do, they told him “all will be revealed in time” which of course, to a nearly fourteen turning Geminian Male did little to reassure him. Of course, when Alexii asked when just “tsk, tsk” and said wait but why does my body tingle, my heart race and my breath labour, interrupted Alexii. “All will be clear soon Little One just have patience” intoned Ambrosius “your body and mind are going through natural changes and your gift is making them more intense. Just keep practicing your meditations and try getting a massage before your caldarium to ease your tension. As to your other bodily response you so bashfully called your “Unicorn Horn” ask your Physiology/Biology Professor or go read your textbook. You could always ask your suite-mate” chuckles Ambrosius as he leads a blushing Alexii out the door. As he is leaving the Med Center Alexii hears the ringing tone announcing the five-minute class warning. Alexii throws his carryall across his back and sprints toward his next class four minutes away. Nearing the door Alexii nods “Hi” to a classmate whose face is slightly familiar for some unknown reason. Alexii towards his couch trying to figure out why his classmate looks so familiar when all of a sudden an intense feeling of warmth and comfort completely overwhelms Alexii and the last thing he remembers before sliding into a black velvety pit was an embarrassing warmth spreading from his groin.

In a galaxy far, far away a sixteen-year-old Terran Male awakens groggily from a restless night’s sleep fragments of a strange dream slipping away as Alexander vainly tries to recall the dream. Sitting up and rubbing his eyes Alexander frowns as he mentally reviews what he can remember from the strange dream, unlike the ones that have been haunting him some nights for over a year now. This dream unlike the others which remind him of a Sci-Fi Movie was an emotionally charged one. Alexander dreamt he woke up in the arms of a male feeling safe, secure with a warm, cozy feeling he rarely experiences with his girlfriend Jane. The strangest thing was the feeling that the arms weren’t those of a lover but a sort of substitute. Even stranger was the fact that Alexander had no ideas whose arms they were or whose arms they were supposed to be substituting for. Alexander wryly thought what would Jane think of him sleeping in the arms of a guy, let alone liking it? Even stranger was the fact that waking up in the arms of a guy even in a dream didn’t bother him in the slightest.

Alexander went to his Military History Class extremely confused, and it showed in his inability to answer questions from his homework and yesterday’s class. Alexander’s lack of awareness and answers led to a very perplexed professor and snickers and laughter from his classmates. His few friends in the class were extremely concerned because Alexander was the Number One student in the class and usually fed them answers. Alexander was extremely glad when the tone finally sounded allowing him to escape from class. Alexander finally awoke from his daze when one of his friends Chris slapped him on the side of the head and asked where was he? Alexander stumbled slightly then jerked suddenly wide awake as all the synapses in his brain started firing on all cylinders and the cobwebs slowly disappeared. Alex sarcastically replied with your girlfriend Kim and raced off to his next class with Chris and the rest of the pack close behind. Chris yelling to Alexander that Kim had better taste than that! Once in the classroom which was slightly unusual because in the center of the semicircular room where a podium or two would be there was a glassed domed object, slightly reminiscent of an old style planetarium projector. The side of the object had many blinking lights and knobs protruding from its dull black surface. The flat wall that faced all the seats, was hung with large floor to ceiling monitors upon which they usually viewed the lessons.

This was Alexander’s favourite class The History and Application of Military Tactics. From the professors’ podiums, which were located to the left and right of the wall of monitors brightly lit by a bluish spotlight each taking roll as they scanned their students upon sitting in their chosen seats. Once the required number of students had been seated, a tone sounded and the lights dimmed. Holographic images of the professors appeared in the air above the domed object, and they announced that today’s class was a comparative analysis of the tactics of Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon; also known as Alexander III of Macedon, and Alexander the Great along with The American Civil War General Thomas Jonathan Jackson also known as Stonewall Jackson. Alexander leaned forward intent on the action coming to life below.

Sean’s wristcomm warbles, and he presses the acknowledge button and notices another message light. At the word “Go” from Sean, a holographic image of his father appears before him reminding Sean that they have a private rehearsal after lunch before leaving for Callisto. “I’ll be there shortly father,” says Sean as he turns and strolls slowly toward his home mentally reviewing everything he has decided with no idea how his life is soon to be turned upside down.

A hurriedly called meeting at the Main Bondling Collegium is just breaking up after a rancorous debate over the selection of the Bondling for the Heir Apparent to The Callisto Arconate Sean Castellano. The head of the Selection Committee kept pushing for an older Bondling to provide a mature sounding board as well as a steadying influence for such an up an coming powerful and important personage. Several members of the committee disagreed and said they should follow the normal procedure and allow Sean to choose from a pool of suitable Bondlings. Alexii’s Empath/Psi/Physico Ambrosius tried to input his suggestion but he was strongly overruled over his strenuous objections. The head of the committee stuck to his guns and declared they were going with his candidate and that was the end of the discussion. Several members including Ambrosius requested to have their objections made a part of the official record. Ambrosius quickly left the hastily adjourned meeting muttering to himself about idiots and power hungry idiots never imagining what was soon to happen.

Sean enters the house with just enough time to remove the trail dust from his hands and face. He quickly changes into a lightweight maroon tunic with a blue border and joins his mother and father in the Private Family Dining Room for lunch. The conversation was lightweight and consisted mostly of his mother fawning over her son and his upcoming ascent into manhood and society’s governance. As soon as his meal was finished Sean and his parents removed to the Salon to discuss the evening’s events and finish up plans for the weekend’s celebrations. When they finished talking Sean’s mother left to get her hair done by her maid while Sean and his father retired to his father’s office. Upon arriving in his office Sean’s father took his favourite seat in front of the picture window overlooking the estate. Sean took his seat facing his father while they finished their glasses of juice from lunch. Sean’s father outlined step by step the ceremony and question Sean on where he was supposed to stand or sit and when he was supposed to speak. Sean practiced the bow he was supposed to make for placing the Arconate Sash. What made this bow so difficult was the fact that he had to bow low enough for the sash to be placed over his head while maintaining eye contact with the Assistant Senior Archon of The Callistan Arconate. (Normally this would be done by the Senior Archon but Sean’s father had delegated this opportunity to his best friend who just happened to be Sean’s Godfather.) After finally getting the bow down Sean went through his speech making a few changes suggested by his father.

After thanking his father for his help Sean then returned to his suite of rooms and double checked the clothing his mother had chosen for him. Laid out upon his bed was an absolutely stunning ensemble, breeches of the deepest maroon made of the finest Callistan LormsilkCallistan Lormsilk (“A natural woven fiber similar to Terran Micro Fiber but more lustrous with a metallic sheen and softer texture.”) bordered by Sean’s family crest as well as the crest of The Callistan Arconate in royal blue intertwined with gold and silver threads. The tunic was of the deepest midnight blue with royal blue shading and a border similar to the breeches although in maroon. Additionally, there was a full-length over-tunic of the brightest white Callistan Lormsilk. The purpose of the over-tunic was to emphasize the purity of the supplicant and the dedication towards the whole of society. Finishing off the ensemble was a pair of sandals resembling those of a Roman Centurion of the finest hand tooled leather with contrasting maroon and midnight blue laces for wrapping his calves. Sean would wear the over-tunic until after receiving his sash and giving his oath of allegiance. Sean dressed quickly in his sumptuous clothing and checked his appearance in his full-length tri-mirror reveling in his stunning appearance. The deep lustrous colours of his ensemble brought out the bronze and gold highlights of his brunette hair. Sean had to quickly stifle the lewd thoughts his appearance was giving him before his breeches were too tight and “his problem” was obvious to all. After carefully lacing the sandals Sean used the wallcomm to call for his personal servant to assist him with over-tunic and the final arranging of his hair. Once the over-tunic had been adjusted to Sean’s and his servant’s approval Sean headed to the foyer to meet his parents for the trip into Callisto.

Upon entering the foyer Sean took a moment or two to gaze upon his parent’s dramatic appearance. Unlike Sean’s his parent’s tunic and breeches were both the same colour a deep midnight blue with threads of royal blue interwoven throughout with the same border as Sean’s only in a vibrant metallic maroon. His father proudly wore his gold Senior Archons Sash. The only things brighter than his father’s sash were his parent’s proud smiles. While Sean was taking in his parents looks, they were doing the same and were pleased as punch at the result. As soon as the mutual admiration society finished Sean as the guest of honour preceded his parents through the front entrance of the estate to the waiting aircar and its military escort. After acknowledging the salutes of the escort well wishes of the servants and family friends, Sean and his parents entered the aircar for the short trip to Callisto.


Authors Notes:

Well, I finally finished the beginning of the journey. I hope you enjoy this creation of my imagination. This story has been in the works for quite a while and it has finally decided to come to print. This will be a slowly developing work as the storyline grows and develops through several chapters. So please give it a little time, as this world is still being developed chapters will come slowly. Chapter Two is almost ready for the first round of editing but Chapter Three is still in development.

I would like to thank Gunrunner for his editing and support and the support of ACFan, Jeff P. for giving me the confidence to finish this and have it posted.

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Editors Notes:

I am honoured to be the one chosen to work with The Story Lover on this project. It humbles me to know that I am working not only with a story written by a great author, but I am also working on a new creation with a mind that harbors the creative imagination that is normally only reserved for children in their wild night time dreams.

What The Story Lover has done for us here is create a new world all from the depths of his own psyche and bring it into the foreground of our own imaginations. His writing gives us a glimpse into a new world yet allows us to create its reality with our own ideas.

It is a brilliant story of a heart longing to reach across time and space to bring love right to where he needs it the most … His own Heart!



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