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That’s right, there is a parental advisory sleeve on Issue 69! That’s never happened before? Did too many of you joke that something “Dirty” had to be on the cover of the issue number that makes people snicker when whispered in small groups? I mean. look at poor, impressionable Matt. He looks shocked! Has Imagine become an adult-themed magazine?!? OMG! As always, to all the new people who are just finding their way in for the first time, often there are times to take us seriously and times when there is nothing serious about anything. To the rest, yes. We heard all the “69” jokes and the snickering, and the hushed comments. You should know by now to be careful what you ask for 😉 Now go click on it and see what you get!

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Back issues may be found by clicking the “All Releases” link at the top of the page. There’s so much more to see!

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