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    A lot of people outside of USA don’t fully understand it myself being one but if some guys inside Pulse had been carrying a gun even if it was just management, security, staff etc. maybe many lives could have been […]

    • Johnny, I feel your frustration. Right now the Republicans take a vow to NEVER raise taxes. Maybe it would help if ALL parties would vow to NEVER accept donations from the NRA. Then common sense gun laws could be enacted to prevent these atrocities.

    • Having a gun doesn’t make someone bad. Who’s to say that as soon as you go home with someone they won’t have a gun right by the door? Introducing a gun into a club situation is no doubt a bad idea and I would question the intelligence of any person who does so (except for law enforcement of course)

      This shooting wasn’t that though this was somebody went to the club with the intention of shooting as many people as he could as fast as he could.