• William King replied to the topic So what is everybody reading? in the forum Story Discussion 2 years, 2 months ago

    Having just reached the end of book one in what is to be a trilogy, I must tell you that The Angel of Pie Jesu, by John T. S. Teller, is without doubt one of the best stories I have read this year, although something of a challenge to get through in places.

    Narrated from the perspective of all of the characters in the book, that in itself is unique. The theme of the book which recounts the sexual life of a 13 year old boy, without balking at the reality it describes, which embraces issues of abuse, deals with a man’s love for a boy and the boy’s love for one special man, is challenging, but I believe is handled well.

    The book is more than just about sex, and is not pornography, although some readers might find themselves shocked, even disturbed, by the graphic nature of the narrative in places. Nevertheless, such passages are in context and are just a small part of a novel which is so much more.

    I think you might well be missing out on one great book if you don’t read this, but read it through to the end before you make a judgement.

    It is one of those books that some people might seek to repress or ban. Isn’t that always the case when taboos get broken and someone writes about things people might prefer not to confront. One thing is certain, you can’t fail to be affected by it.