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    Amar was not the only one awake before dawn. Nizar slipped through the tent flap to join him outside. The stars were fading in the lightening sky. The camp was still. Nizar noticed the bulge in his friends jeans. “You left him alone,” he said to Amar.

    Amar stopped looking at the stars and turned towards Nizar, his hand falling automatically to his bulging crotch. “Yes,” he replied wistfully. “I don’t know what I’ll do now.” He smiled as he said that.

    Nizar rubbed his arms with his hands, trying to warm his body against the chill. He had only a jumper and thin underpants on. “There was a poet we studied at school.” He was looking Amar in the eyes. “I always remember these lines: Don’t stroll idly through the bazaar of the perfume-markers: Stay in the shop of the sugar-seller.

    A broad grin was on Nazir’s face.

    Amar embraced his friend, he liked Nazir. He hugged him, exchanging some of his warmth. Nazir laughed when he felt the bulge of Amar’s crotch pressed against him. “I’m not going to take care of that thing for you.”

    Amar’s hand dropped down the side of Nazir and came around between them. He gave Nazir a gently squeeze on his junk. “No, I can see that,” he joked, “there’s nothing there. You must have enjoyed yourself last night with Anas.”

    “I always enjoy myself with Anas, he loves me.”

    Those words hit Amar stronger than the chilled air. ‘He loves me’ played in Amar’s head; and his thoughts turned to the boy in his bed.

    “I need to get back inside. It’s freezing!” Nazir exclaimed.

    “And put some clothes on,” Amar added.

    “With you walking around like that, definitely.”

    They walked back into the tent arms around each other.
    An extract from Refugee Part One – Exodus

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