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Where some images for the recent issues of IM were served by an outside service, a transfer error has somehow corrupted one of the main archives. As this isn’t impossible to replace, it will take time to identify exactly how much material is missing. We’ll get this issue repaired as fast as humanly possible and ensure an issue of this nature can’t affect us again. Once again, thanks for your patience. You have no idea how much it has meant to us!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!” Issue 41 is now ready for your enjoyment and “fair warning”; it’s absolutely packed this month. Featuring some of the long-running stories that you have been looking forward to, yet another brand new GFD based story from an author we think you will fall in love with. Hope you are ready for another tale in darkness! There is also so much holiday based material, we’d need a second cover just to list them all! Welcome to all the new people who are just finding their way in for the first time. To the rest, welcome back!

Remember: if you previously posted work on Imagine Magazine and it is either missing or miscredited, please send an email to submissions@imagine-magazine.org and we’ll get right on correcting the issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to recover from our recent server crash.

Imagine Volume 33Cover image for Imagine: Volume 32.

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