Triple M for July 4, 2016 So this movie had completely slipped under my radar until I went on vacation in June, and when I saw it, it was like, “OMIGOD, this movie is kickass!” Hehehe! “No One Lives” stars Luke Evans (“Dracula Untold”), and it starts out just being about a guy and a girl on a road trip, they’ve got the camper hitched to the back of the car, and they stop to get some rest and some food in a small town. Simple enough, right? However, when a group of murderous thieves meet up with them and decide to make them their next target, they run the couple off the road and take them hostage. However, what they DIDN’T know is just how much of a problem they just got themselves into. Yeah…that was a big mistake! I won’t tell you too much about who he is and what’s going on, because it’ll spoil some of the magic…but wow! Hehehe, when this guy comes after them, itContinue reading »

WdotW for July 4, 2016 You know, I’ve only seen 2 episodes of “Red Band Society”, and it’s a really cool drama…but it can be pretty depressing a times. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but it’s a powerful show. Griffin is a plus! Hehehe, even if he’s asleep! 😛 Pictures: Videos:  

I’m used to having my breath snatched away from me whenever I see Benji walk up and fiddle with the combination on the high school locker across the hall from mine. I’m used to the constant vibration of nervous jitters in my chest, stomach, and throat, whenever his pretty face comes into view. Even from a distance, way down at the other end of the hall. I’m even used to the jumble of sensual thoughts that I fight so valiantly to fend off while looking him over, head to toe. Not having a clue as to what an actual sexual experience might be like, and yet having the subtle promise of such a thing flood my senses with brief images and fevered flashes of sexual delights that my teenaged mind had mimicked from movies, television, and a few erotic stories online that I read under my covers in the dark of night. Filling me up with a variety of ideas that I hoped to experiment with someday in the nearContinue reading »

1- Tears of joy are actually the human body’s way of reducing emotional tension in an attempt to restore your emotional equilibrium. 2- The first YouTube video to ever hit a million views was a Nike commercial. 3- Your body physically experiences loneliness in the same way that it experiences ‘pain’. Therefore, there is a human need to avoid loneliness through social interaction (for MOST, not all) the same way that it avoids physical pain. 4- In order to keep those salads looking crisp, green, and fresh, at your average fast food restaurant…companies spray the salad with a chemical called Propylene Glycol. The same chemical that is used in anti-freeze and sexual lubricants! (Enjoy your healthy alternative, folks!) 5- Small and hairless penises were actually preferred and highly desirable in ancient Greece. Larger, hairy, ones weren’t fancied that much at all by most people. (See? It was sexy to be 12 years old back then! ::Giggles::) 6- As its properties attract and easily bind to the green dye in AmericanContinue reading »

  Prolog   As students are walking about the hallways, Chad, Vitani and Josh turn the corner while chatting with each other. They are looking at a poster in Vitani’s hand and discussing whether they should all go to the Midnight Masquerade coming up later this week. It’s being hosted by the Milano sisters in the spirit of Halloween, coming up later this month. However, Chad muses with a grin, “Hey I’m supposed to be a nerd, guys. I don’t do much partying.” Vitani smiles, “Oh? That’s not what I heard about you at last week’s football party with Ray Torres.” Josh adds, “Your friend even took you home after you passed out from like four beers, remember?” Chad turns to them, “I remember you daring me to try the beer. I also remember feeling like I was gonna puke and heading upstairs in one of the dorm rooms to lie down, but I don’t remember anything about Ray taking me back to my dorm room. Are you sure aboutContinue reading »

—— Sunday —— Mass was weird today. I felt…er…conspicuous. Like too many eyes were on me. It made me uncomfortable. I couldn’t really pay attention much because of it. I lost most of the Homily. Not that I listen that much anyway. Father Dillon drones on and on some Sundays. It’s all I can do to stay awake. He never actually says anything I haven’t heard before a thousand times. As I get older, some of those things he talks about just make me feel guilty. The sex stuff mostly. Catholic Boys aren’t supposed to masturbate or think about sex with other people or anything. You have to Confess that stuff because It’s all sinful. I don’t know. If God made us sexual beings then why is sex bad? I…guess….I just don’t believe that stuff now or just don’t understand. Priests need to get laid and then *they’d* understand I think. Did I just type that? LMAO! Oh well….there’s a million more years in Purgatory, I guess. Plus, I’m likeContinue reading »

Triple M for June 27, 2016 This week’s 3M actually turned out to be both really beautiful and extremely creepy! That’s kinda hard to pull off in the same movie! Now, on the flipside of our WDotW youngster, Jaeden, who’s SURE to win an Oscar at some point, we have young Jacob Tremblay, who’s sure to be Jaeden’s competition at some point! Hehehe! But make no mistake, this movie was made to be a horror flick! It just happened to have a deeper meaning and some other emotional elements to it that I wasn’t expecting at all. And it made for a really…’beautiful’ movie. I can’t say anything more about that, but I liked it a lot. That’s why it’s on my 150+ fave underground movie list! Hehehe! Trailers can all be found HERE if you’re interested in seeing more Comsie faves! Anyway, the basic story is…a young couple had a son, and they lost him to a tragic accident. So they decide to adopt a boy to help themContinue reading »

No gay content in this novel – but it features teenage (and almost teenage) boys, plus it’s good. Fair warning: keep the tissues handy. This book is incredibly sad. Narrated by 12 year old Jack, it tells the story of 14 year old Joseph, who comes to stay on Jack’s dairy farm as a foster child. Emotionally and physically damaged by a stay in a juvenile prison, Joseph wants nothing more than to see the daughter he’s never met. It’s clear from the very first chapter that Joseph has suffered, but just how much isn’t revealed until halfway through the book, when the full story of how Joseph ended up in Stone Mountain is revealed. It’s not all unrelenting gloom; Jack’s parents are amazingly sympathetic and empathetic, and as the book progresses, you can see Joseph begin to imagine a future he never considered possible. The story is set in winter in Maine, and frankly you can feel cold just reading it at times… It’s a fast read, and toldContinue reading »

  I was lying on my bed, my red and swollen eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. The night had fallen already, but my guilt made a point of preventing me from sleeping. Every time I closed my eyes, flashes of what happened would invade my vision. The feelings would overwhelm me and tears would flow again. My tears-soaked pillow was the concrete proof that no matter how much I ran, how much I wished, everything happened. I can’t remember when I found sleep that night, but the town was slowly coming to life when it happened. When I woke up, the sun was already high in the sky and the birds had stopped chirping long ago. I was still exhausted from the emotional drain I went through the day before. So exhausted that it was a real struggle to keep my eyes open; and leaving the comfort of my bed was a terrible ordeal. I still can’t believe what happened… What a bunch of assholes! I hope… I hopeContinue reading »

Whenever you write a story, whether it takes you to the house of the boy next door or to the distant ends of the known universe…whether it took place in the last few weeks, or during the turn of the last century…you are essentially creating a fictional mythology with everything you write. You’ve become the sole author of a world that you control, guiding the destinies of everyone who inhabits that world. You are the hands of fate. If you want to make it rain, make it rain. If you want your favorite character to break his leg, he breaks his leg. And if you decide to kill someone off to benefit your mysterious master plan…well, we all know how THAT turns out, don’t we? Hehehe! You, and you alone, can build and manipulate the events that you’ve put into motion in any way that you see fit. There’s a lot of fun to be had doing that. And if you want to expand on that idea, you can (feasibly)Continue reading »

WdotW for June 27, 2016 Awwww…this just seems like the Summer that he’s gonna vanish on us and come back so hot that we’re like, “WTF HAPPENED???” I’m not saying that’s bad thing! 😛 Pictures: Videos:  

Triple M for June 16, 2016 I’ve never wanted to cook random stuff so bad in my entire life! Just…one meal after another! God, I’m salivating just thinking about this movie! Hehehe! There are a few reasons that I wanted to give this highly underrated movie some attention this week! One, because I’ve been teaching myself to cook a lot more these days, and this movie…omigod! It’s like you can TASTE it through the screen! At one point, Jon Favreau makes a grilled cheese sandwich, and I’m like, “That looks like the GREATEST grilled cheese sandwich…ever!” >:O But also because this is a movie about having a real PASSION for life in general! About finding something that really means something to you and indulging in it to the point where you strive to be the best you can be, 100% of the time. Let me tell you, there’s no better feeling than that! 🙂 Also, it’s Father’s Day this Sunday! And if you want a movie to give you thatContinue reading »

WDotW For June 6, 2016 Hehehe, you’d think that NOT being able to speak Swedish would somehow turn me away from watching his videos at length! But NOPE! It’s like being in a trance! I think I actually learned some Swedish just from watching his videos! Leszek, this is your territory! You and Vincent might be able to translate some. But if not…I can just look at him and smile and be just as happy. Sighhhhhh…boy cuties… 😛 Pictures: Videos: LOL! I’m TELLING you…there should just be a cable TV channel with 24 hour programming of cute teen boys trying to figure out advanced yoga poses and giggling when they fail! Hehehe, I could watch that all day! 😛 Don’t worry, the internet didn’t create this! Testosterone did! This is one of those rites of passage that every boy goes through with his friends at one time or another. Somewhere on Earth, there is a CAVE PAINTING with one teen boy telling another, “I dare you to poke the angryContinue reading »

  The weekend went too fast! We spent Saturday in Phoenix and Sunday we went back and checked out eight of the 16 buildings there. We were surprised when one of the buildings took us to Guadalajara, Mexico through the rear door, and Regina, Saskatchewan through the front! This was the first time we found ourselves outside of the United States! What an experience! I’m not sure about Danny, but I was glad when we got back to Chicago. + + + ED: Danny here. Jerry is soooo weird! In Guadalajara he was like, “We gotta go back, Dan! We don’t have our passports!” And I’m like, “Who’s gonna stop us?” And when we got to Regina, the dude almost shit a brick! Fortunately, Regina was freezing and, since we left our jackets back in the breakroom in Chicago, as soon as the cold air hit us, we decided to turn around and go back. + + + When Monday came around, reality sank in. School. Dan and I spentContinue reading »

    *** ~~~ Trevor ~~~ *** I woke up after another totally awesome sleep. That’s when it hit me — I had to go back today. The past couple of days gave me the chance to feel what it was like to be part of a real family, and I never wanted it to end.  Despite what Dad and Daddy, and even Grandpa had told me about being their son forever, I still had a pain in my heart at having to leave them.  Even if it was only going to be a couple days. I was about to get out of bed when I heard a knock on the door. I called out for whoever it was to come in and Daddy opened the door and entered. I was still in bed with the covers over the bottom part of me hiding my morning boner. I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed that he might see it. He came over and sat on the edge of theContinue reading »

WdotW for May 9, 2016 Why do people treat teenagers like they’re so stupid? I don’t get it. “Ugh! He’s like 13!” So? It’s not like he’s a TWO year old! WTF? I’m so sorry that Jacob gets so much hatred thrown his way, and that people in their friggin’ 20’s act like teenagers are all stupid pieces of trash that they can make fun of every chance they get. Guess what, 20 year olds? Guys my age? We look at you the same way. So don’t get cocky. You don’t have life figured out either. Hang in there, JS! ((hugz))   Pictures: Videos:   What Happened? As some folks asked what it was about or what I was referring to for this week’s WDotW. I believe it was just last week that Jacob released his very first pop single for people to download, and the overwhelming hatred that swept across the internet is just an atrocity as far as I’m concerned. That’s just ridiculous.Continue reading »

May 9, 2016 This week’s 3M shines a light on that little voice in your head! Maybe it’s a good thing! STOP! Before some of you scroll down and just SKIP this one, I want to say that I really ENJOYED this movie! Despite the title, it’s not going to be one of those super corny and weird religious flicks that shoves Christianity so far down your throat that it makes you SICK! (I’m looking at YOU…90% of Christian propaganda flicks who can’t just tell a god story without aggressively attacking other people!) That said, this is a really cool drama about someone who was really down on their luck and hit rock bottom. A man who couldn’t work anymore, and who couldn’t get a job, became homeless for a while, and didn’t know where to turn for help. Then, out of nowhere, he begins to hear (what he believes to be) a foreign voice in his head. A voice that he believes to be the voice of GodContinue reading »