While I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Kevin Costner led “Yellowstone” series about the Dutton family owning one of the largest ranches in the entire country…I’m sad to say that I haven’t been able to watch a single episode of it yet. It’s weird…I never thought I’d live to see the day when there was simply TOO much to watch on TV! Hehehe!

This original show has now spawned two spinoff stories of its very own. Taking places as prequels to the original series. The first being, “1923” (Starring Harrison Ford), and the second being, “1883” (Starring Sam Elliott)…which are all some real heavy hitters for one wild Western timeline! Hehehe! But that last one has an added bonus for us fans of cute boys and everything they do. And that is Alexander Bilbrey!

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This fresh faced high schooler has just begun his journey on the new story as it began just before Christmas, and if you’re a fan of the show, then you might enjoy seeing how everything adds up and comes together as, I assume, they’ll be coming together to connect some time in the future. And that might be interesting to see, as I can’t remember ever hearing of a series doing that before.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Alex began expressing himself and displaying his acting skills by creating a series of Youtube videos and short films some years ago, and soon made the decision to pursue acting professionally. A decision that seems to be a fortunate one, his career growing into something that he can definitely be proud of. I mean…going from Youtube shorts to a popular TV series with Sam Elliott is pretty damn special, don’t you think? 🙂

When asked about his budding career, Alex simply says, “I knew it would be cool, but I didn’t know that it would be that amazing.” And it’s good to hear that he’s enjoying the work, as I’m sure that it can be taxing at times. Especially with school, homework, friends and family, and other activities all vying for attention at the same time. But he appears to be pulling it off like a charm, regardless…and he is now one of the youngest new stars in the Dallas area!

Since his first accomplishment, Alexander has had parts in films such as “12 Angry Orphans”, “Rise”, “Iron Orchard”, and “Urban Spaghetti”! Hehehe, where the heck has he been? I’ve obviously not been paying close enough attention to my up and coming cuties these days!

And now, with his new work on “1883”, he’s finding ways to rise up even faster than ever before. With filming now moving to a ranch near Borger, which is not only more convenient when it comes to Alex commuting back and forth to work, but it provides him with extra time to spend with his friends and family between calls to the set. And it’s always a heartwarming feeling to see a youngster being able to both follow his passion while still getting enough space to just be himself and discover his own identity every now and then.

Unfortunate, but true…this business will ruin you if you let it.

Acting with his parents full support and encouragement, Alexander has also taken on a variety of other activities as well. I, honestly, can’t ever remember having this much energy, myself. But Alex is an avid baseball player, and he’s also in a band (although the name of the band has yet to be released), AND…he’s also a well trained hand-to-hand combatant on top of it all! He’s taken up boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling! So if you had any thoughts of approaching him in a dark alley…ummm, I’d suggest against that particular course of action. He might just snap your shit up something awful! Hehehe!

Damn…now that I think about it…that’s actually kinda sexy! Go get ‘em, Alex!

Keep your eyes open for more of Alexander in the future, ladies and gentlemen! With his guaranteed success in the new series, and upcoming roles in “Old Man Jackson” and “Showdown On The Brazos”, Alexander Bilbrey is certain to pop up again some time soon! And when he does, I’ll be right here looking forward to it…and probably praying for a shirtless scene! Hehehe! What? He deserves one! Geez! Best of luck, dude! And keep on climbing until you reach the top!

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