Mentoring Brandon

Brandon and I stepped in and turned on both shower heads. The water was warm, since our suite-mates had just completed their shower. We soaked up, washed each other, obviously playing a little, but knew we didn’t have much time to take it to completion. We finished, grabbed our towels off the
towel rack, dried each other off and went into our room. We threw on some clothes, called out for Tom and Dave who joined us, and headed for the cafeteria for a quick breakfast.

When we got there Jake and Jerry waved us over to their table. We ate, not talking a lot, but I saw something in Jakes eyes that led me to believe that he was a bit happier today then when I first met him the day before in Coach D’Agostino’s office. I smiled at him knowing that this was what he
needed and was glad that things were at least better for him now than back in Columbus.

As I headed for class I thought how happy I was and how content I was here at CBS. I knew that this school, well, Brandon in particular, was a big part of that feeling. However, I hoped that Jake would have the same feeling soon. I remembered how miserable I was coming here and I didn’t even have the situation that forced Jake to CBS. I had a feeling that we would be friends, but I also didn’t want what happened the day before between us to be something that happened all the time.

As I got to the US History classroom that was my first class of the week I noticed that Jake was at my heels. I made my way toward my seat as I saw him walk in. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t even asked what year Jake was and realized he too must be a junior transfer student, because US
History was only offered to juniors.

Jake walked toward Coach Gallo who not only was the team’s trainer, but taught US History as well. They talked for a short time and Jake turned looking for a place to sit. He noticed an open desk next to me and made his way toward it. I smiled as he came over.

“I didn’t even ask what year you were, Jake, “I said to him as he sat down. “Had no idea you were my age, jeez.”

“Well yea I didn’t know you were a junior either Bob. Thought you were a senior, as big as you are and all.”

I looked at him and wondered what he meant by that. Was he referring to my height or other things? Jake certainly didn’t look like a junior as he was very slight in build. I really thought he was a sophomore, if not a freshman when we first met. I knew by looking at him he wrestled at
ninety-eight pounds or maybe no more than the 105 weight class, so naturally thought he was about 14 or 15 years old. Mikey was taller and heavier than Jake and he was only 14.

Coach Gallo began class reviewing what we had gone over prior to vacation and then began to talk about the post-revolution development of the Constitutional Convention and the beginnings of our democracy. I liked Coach a lot, but US History was soooooooooo boring I could hardly concentrate. I knew I had to but my mind kept wondering to later in the afternoon when our wrestling team would all get to together, finally, to begin our season.

As class finished Jake and I left together. I was heading toward my Algebra II class and asked Jake what his next class was. He took out his schedule and handed it to me.

“Wow!” I exclaimed after taking a good look at it. “Well, Jake, just stay with me all day and all week,” I said to him as I realized he had the exact schedule I had. Then it hit me. With what Coach D had told me and asked me Jake was given my schedule so I could watch over him, at least that is
what I imagined.


“Yep, Jake, you have my schedule, exactly. So, my friend looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” I continued.

He smiled. He had changed since I first met him and as I thought was happier than when he first came to CBS. As we walked into Algebra, he again went up to the teacher and gave her his schedule and was told to sit in a seat 3 rows away. Unlike most teachers at CBS, Mrs. K had a specific
seating schedule. In a way I was glad that Jake was not near me as it would help him meet some new people.

I looked over occasionally and noticed Jake talking to some of the guys around him. That was something he needed I thought being new. Making friends was important, especially friends that didn’t know why he was at school and figured, like them, was just enrolled because of the academic

We didn’t have a class until after lunch and had about an hour before the cafeteria opened. We headed back to the dorm and as we got there Jake just followed me to my room, not even turning to go into his. I didn’t mind it since I would not see Brandon until lunch and then not until practice.

“Want to just hang till lunch here?” I asked Jake. He shook his head yes and as we got into the room I told him to have a seat on the couch. I went to the refrigerator to get something to drink, when I again realized we hadn’t gotten anything to put into it.

“Ah, darn-it,” I shouted. “We still don’t have anything to drink. Want some water, Jake?” “No, Bob, thanks, not right now. But can we talk?” he responded.

“Sure Jake, whatever you want. We have about 45 minutes until lunch.” I looked over and Jake looked a bit serious so I knew he had something on his mind. I sat on the chair next to the couch and waited for him to begin.

“First of all thanks for not telling Jerry anything about me. I know that he came over here late last night as I heard him leave the room. Did he tell you anything?” he began.

“Well not sure what there was to tell, Jake,” I said to him not wanting to break a confidence that Jerry had placed in me.

Jake continued to tell me the same story that Jerry had told me earlier that morning. He said that when he got into bed he got hard again and that when he did, he usually had to play with himself and get off. He thought Jerry was asleep, but when Jerry said something to him he got really

“Well what happened?” I asked, playing naïve.

“Jerry just said it was cool and that he didn’t mind if I jacked off with him there. Actually,” he hesitated, like he didn’t really want to tell something on Jerry, but he continued. “Jerry joined me and he jacked off too. He said that he and his other roommate did it and that it was no big deal.”

“See, Jake, I told you things would be all-right.”

“Like with you and Brandon yesterday, it felt natural with him next to me in his bed. I never thought that guys would do that together. At home they never would I know.”

“Well Jake, I don’t know if you are right about that. I know that when I was living at home and would have a sleep-over, a lot of times my buddies and I would jack off together. But because of what happened with you, I can see why you might feel that way,” I tried to reassure him.

Jake smiled. I could tell he felt comfortable with me and that he had more to say. I just waited for him to continue.

“Bob, can I ask you something and you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” he stammered. I shook my head yes. “Have you, ah, ever jacked off another guy?”

I had a feeling where he was headed. I also knew how Jerry felt about it and figured I could open the path for Jerry as well as Jake. “Yes, Jake I have,” I admitted to him.

“Does it feel good? I mean having another guy jack you off?”

“Oh, yes, Jake it sure does. It’s a lot different than whey you do it yourself guy. Very hot and feels so good when you shoot off,” I told him not wanting to make him think it was wrong.

Jake smiled. “Do you and Brandon jack off each other?” he asked matter-of-factly.

This wasn’t something that I wanted to lie about but not really something I wanted to admit at this point. I looked at Jake. “You know, Jake, I think that is something that is private to be honest. But I will say that we have definitely thought about it, to be honest. We haven’t been roommates too long, though, but I do hear that it isn’t something that is unusual here at CBS,” trying to be honest yet not specific about what he asked.

“What?” he asked almost not believing what I said.

I reminded Jake that this was an all-boys school. All of us were about the same age, between 12 and 18 years old and that it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened more than any of us really knew. That at our ages our hormones took control of our lives and that guys usually just let things happen as
they might. As long as it was private, I was emphatic telling him, that it was no one else’s’ business what happened in our private rooms.

“Oh, I didn’t mean anything by my question, Bob, I really didn’t,” he added nervously. “I was just, well, wondering since your beds are together if
maybe you did.”

It hit me then what he saw the night before. I was sure he didn’t buy the fact that we put our beds together for more space in our room. I wouldn’t have bought that either, now that I thought about it.

“Ah, yea Jake I see what you mean.”

“Bob there is another problem too,” he continued. “You know, well, I’m small down here,” grabbing his crotch.

I smiled and laughed. “So what Jake? You’ll grow I bet anyway,” again trying to reassure him.

“Oh I doubt it, Bob. I think I’m as big there as I will get and well, you and Brandon, and Jerry for that fact are so much bigger. All guys are bigger than me for that fact from things I’ve seen.”

I moved over to Jake and sat next to him. “Don’t worry about that. It doesn’t make any difference from things I read Jake. You definitely get hard guy from what I’ve seen,” putting a big smile on my face reminding him that I saw him fully erect.

I saw Jake relax some as I sat next to him. His hand moved to my thigh as he rubbed it. I hoped this was just to thank me and not something I didn’t want to get into. I was relieved when he removed it, got up and asked if he could use the bathroom. I nodded as he moved toward it.

I got up and started to make a list of things that we could get for our new kitchenette. I wasn’t going to let another day go by without filling it up, and I knew that the guys agreed with me. Making a shopping list made me smile some. How domesticated we were becoming in our new `apartment.’
“Wow!” Jake said as he came out of the bathroom. “You guys have a really cool bathroom. Never saw a bathroom with a urinal in it and your shower, big enough for two in there,” he said with a smile.

“Oh yea, that is unusual, isn’t it Jake. Well the shower is just the end of the old shower room that was there before they remodeled it. And yes, it is big enough for two, trust me we know.”

“You mean you guys shower together in there?” he asked, not believing what he had heard.

“Well we did this morning as we were running late, yes,” I confirmed.

He smiled, a little bit of a wicked smile from what I could see. “Ah, hey remember, it is from the old shower room. Not exactly like we didn’t shower together in there,” I said trying to ease his mind.

He then changed his look to one of a very serious nature. “One last question, Bob?”

“Go ahead, Jake, what is it?”

“Would you ever jack off with me?”

Taken aback I didn’t exactly know how to answer. He saw that and apologized for asking that. I told him not to worry, but that wasn’t something I thought I could answer at the moment. We had just gotten to know each other. I also told him that it wasn’t something that would be a good idea to let out. Even though it probably was happening a lot on campus, it still wasn’t something that one wanted to broadcast.

Jake agreed, and then looked at the clock. As he did, my eyes went to it when we both realized it was time to head for the cafeteria. I couldn’t wait, as I knew that Brandon would be there and that he would have a chair there for me if things were getting crowded as it usually did at lunch.

Jake and I headed for the cafeteria, went through the line and headed into the dining room. I saw Brandon and he waved and I started heading toward him. Sitting with him were the usual crowd — Dave, Tom, and Jerry. There was a seat next to Brandon open and one next to Jerry, so Jake and I headed toward the table.

Most of the guys in the lunch room watched as the `new kid’ came into the dining room. You could see a lot of questioning looks on their faces wondering why a new student was coming in mid-semester. It soon subsided as we sat down and everyone went back to their own discussions.

As I sat down I put my hand on Brandon’s leg and squeezed. He turned and smiled as I felt his on my leg. Since we couldn’t kiss in the open like we would have liked to do, this was the one way we could show affection toward each other.

We started talking about the upcoming practice as we all quickly ate our lunch. Classes would be starting soon and we all knew we had to get going. Dave and Tom were a bit bored listening to the four of us talk about wrestling, but they added a thing or two along the way. Jake told us about
his school in Columbus, not once indicating the problems that he had had while a student there. But we learned that he had wrestled varsity since a freshman because of his size, so he had a lot of competition in his career. Jerry looked at me and had a big grin on his face. I knew what he meant,
too, knowing that we needed a lightweight wrestler with experience. At least that is what I thought he meant but when he looked at Jake I wasn’t that sure.

As the time passed, we all realized we had to get moving to get to class. We took our trays to the cleaning area and all headed out the door. As we did, I took Brandon’s hand and squeezed it to say goodbye. We all knew we’d be together later, but that was another 3 hours before we had to get
to the locker room for practice.

Two more classes and Jake and I headed for the locker room. I was a bit apprehensive walking into the team room because of the tradition that had been broken by naming Brandon and me as captains prior to our first practice. Not only was this a new happening, I was new to the team, although most of the guys knew me from football. Those that didn’t were the ones that concerned me as far as how they would react.

Coach D was talking to a couple of the seniors in his office as we entered the team room. I introduced Jake to a few of the football players who also wrestled then we sat down in the front row. Brandon was in a group of guys that were talking and we had made a conscious effort to make sure we didn’t continually gravitate toward each other all the time after the talk we had with the Dean, Dave and Tom.

Andrew and Jimmy finished talking with the coach and headed out into the team room. They didn’t seem to be too happy as they walked past Brandon and sat in the back row of the chairs set up for our first meeting. Coach D came out of his office and the talking stopped and total silence set upon
the room.

He welcomed all of us to our first team practice. He told every one of the practice schedule and the expectations that he had for the next few weeks. He was very excited about the upcoming season because of the past years record and the fact that the team had 3 new transfer students who would
help make the team even better. He then introduced Jake and Corey West, a guy that I had never seen before. Then he asked me to come to the front of the room and waved Brandon to step up.

We stood there as he told the team that he had made the decision to name us captains for the season. Andrew and Jimmy looked down toward the ground apparently not very pleased with the announcement. I knew then why they had been in the coach’s office, as he told them about it before he made the announcement to the team. Most of the guys started to clap and congratulate us which did help ease the situation.

My eyes went to Jake sitting next to Jerry, but I saw Jake looking at Corey who was a few seats from him. The look in his eyes reminded me of the first time I saw Brandon walk onto the football practice field 4-months earlier. That time I first saw Brandon was etched in my memory and this, being the first practice for a new season and seeing how Jake was looking at Corey, just brought that back to me as I smiled to myself.

The meeting was short. Coach D made the locker assignments and we all headed into the locker room. As we opened our lockers there were the practice singlets that the school provided. I used to practice just in my gym clothes back in Chicago, but this, being a private school, certainly did things up right. Brandon’s locker and mine were next to each other and in the same section were Jake, Jerry, Andrew and Corey.

I elbowed Brandon and pointed to Corey. He and Jake were next to each other beginning to clear their locker and changing into their singlet. Corey looked like he was probably going to be in the 112 lb weight class but when he took off his shirt I could see he was very well toned and muscular. Like Jake he was new and appeared to be a little nervous. I didn’t know much about him and asked Brandon what he knew. He just said that Corey attended CBS, but was a local and lived at home. I realized then why I had never really seen him around the dorms.

As we got onto the practice mats, Coach D had Brandon and me stand facing the group for calisthenics and warm-up exercises. I was very self-conscious being a `newbie’ and put in this position, but at the same time knew that I had a job to do. Following the coach’s direction we
completed our stretching and teamed up with our practice partners. Like back in Chicago, our partners were in the same basic weight-classes. Brandon and Andrew were both competing for the 145 pound weight class, but I knew that Brandon had really no competition in that area. My partner was Daniel, also a junior and a football player. I was comfortable with him because if it wasn’t him, it would have been Jimmy, the other guy that anticipated, I thought, being selected as the team captain along with Andrew.

I looked over and there was one group of 3 wrestlers who all were in the lower weight classes. Of course Jake was one of them as was Corey. I didn’t know the third yet, but figured that between the 3 of them they would make up the lower weight classes during our meets. Jerry was next to me with his partner, another guy I didn’t recognize, but then being new I didn’t know all the guys on the team unless they were also football players. I knew I would get to know them soon and after the switch during the second semester and all of us lived in the same dorm I’d get to know them better.

Practice was fun! It was great to get back on the mats. Although football was my first love, I really enjoyed wrestling and to be honest was very good at it. Daniel was good too, although didn’t have the experience that I had. He had potential and I thought that he would come along well during
the season. I knew I’d help him learn some new moves, both on the mat and take-down moves.

Practice lasted about an hour and a half. Coach D asked for Brandon and me to stay before we headed for the showers and also had Andrew and Jimmy hold back. He brought us together. He explained to all of us his decision concerning the announcement of the captains. He explained to me that both Andrew and Jimmy were anticipating the possibility that they would get these positions, both being seniors. He also explained that what he wanted was consistency, being able to have captains take more than one-year leadership of the team. Although this was not what had happened in the
past, he wanted this because he really felt that it would help in continuing to be a conference championship caliber squad.

Andrew and Jimmy both congratulated us individually, away from the team. They did say that they were disappointed, but realized that this was the best for the squad. They offered their assistance and they headed toward the locker room. Coach then gave Brandon and me the weight room schedule for the rest of the school term up until Winter break. We would only have to supervise the lifting program three days a week, which made us both sigh in relief. I thought it would be a six day program, but coach just laughed saying he didn’t want over muscular wrestlers. He slapped us both on the back and we headed toward our lockers.

When we got there, Jerry was waiting for us. We took off our singlet and headed for the showers with him. When we got there, most of the team had finished cleaning up and were all changing to go do dinner. However Andrew, Jimmy, Jake and Corey were still showering as we entered.

I couldn’t help but notice that Jake was turned toward the wall. Both Brandon and I realized why he was, and I guess that Jerry did as well, being his roommate. Corey was there talking with Andrew just letting the warm water flow over his head. I couldn’t help but notice although Corey was just a bit taller and more filled out than Jake, he was by no means as small as Jake. He wasn’t hard, but his cock lay nicely over his balls. Soft, he was as big as Jake was when he had an erection. I realize then that height and weight certainly didn’t have anything to do with cock size.

As we showered I did notice Jake looking over at all of us. From his reaction I had a feeling that he had gotten excited and that the fact that he was self-conscious about the size of his penis wasn’t the only reason he turned from the group. I looked at Brandon and saw that he had the same idea, sort of smiling that cute smirk that he has when he has this nasty thought in his brain.

The six of us left the shower to the drying room as Jake continued to just relax under the flow of the water. I saw Jerry smile and knew he had the same opinion that both Brandon and I had. The other guys were oblivious to that fact, except one — Corey. He kept looking back into the showers looking at Jake. After seeing how they were with each other on the mats I had the feeling that Corey was interested in Jake more than just as a wrestling partner.

Finally we all left and got dressed. Five-minutes later Jake came over to the lockers, towel wrapped around his waist and started to get dressed. As he removed his towel and grabbed his underwear, I could see Corey trying to look over at him. You didn’t have to be a genius to know why either.
Granted in a locker room most guys look at others it seemed just the natural way of things. As my eyes left Corey they peered upon Jerry. I saw something there too, and it wasn’t curiosity. It was the same look I gave many of the guys when they would check out Brandon during football.My mind remembered things that his brother, Jeff, had said on our bus ride. I started to wonder about Jerry and his feeling toward his new roommate.

“Hey, don’t take so long,” I heard Brandon tell me. I realized he was aware of the fact that I had stopped getting dressed and had something on my mind.

“Oh, yea, sorry,” I answered him. “Be ready in a minute.”

I finished dressing and as I did so did all the rest. The seven of us headed out of the locker room. Andrew and Jimmy headed in one direction as the rest of us headed toward the cafeteria.

As we ate we didn’t talk too much. I think all of us were hungry and tired after practice and just wanted to get back to our rooms. Also, Brandon and I had to get back because we had promised Dave and Tom that we would go with them and pick up things from the store. After all, what good was it to have a refrigerator in the room if it didn’t have anything in it?

We all finished and headed back to the dorm. We asked Corey how he was getting home, since he lived in town. He said he only lived 3-blocks from campus and would just get going.

“Ah, need someone to go with you?” Jake asked. He then turned to Jerry and asked if maybe the two of them could walk Corey home. Jerry actually agreed, which surprised me and from the look on Brandon’s face it surprised him as well.

As we came up to our dorm, Brandon and I headed into the main entrance as the others headed down the block. As we got to the room, Dave and Tom were already there, dressed this time, waiting for us. We headed out, down the block and to the closest grocery store near campus. I had my list I had made the night before and Dave and Tom both had made a list as well.

“Where’s yours?” I kidded Brandon.

“Well if you don’t know what I like by now, Bob, something is wrong.” We all laughed.

“Yea, sausage,” Dave said, laughing loudly. Typical teen talk but also something we all knew we enjoyed, if you understood the meaning.

We reviewed each others list and not surprisingly many of the things we put on them were the same. We shopped and actually had 2 carts of things when we got to the check out counter. Luckily there were four of us so we were able to carry all the couple blocks back to the apartment. We put all the
food away and then all got undressed and talked for a long time. We decided that we would check out the possibility of getting a television set, as none of us really wanted to go down to the common area to watch anything.

As we sat there Brandon lay his head in my lap as I stroked his hair. Dave had his arm around Tom and his other hand in Tom’s crotch. I could tell where that was leading and whispered to Brandon that it was time to go to bed. He didn’t hesitate at all, jumping up and heading for our room. We
all said our good nights as each couple headed for their room.

Brandon and I got into our room and I pulled him close. “I love you,” I whispered into his ear. He smiled and kissed me. We got undressed and I left, heading for the bathroom. As I got in there, Dave was taking a pee.
I went to the urinal and did the same, neither of us saying anything.

As he finished, he turned to me. “So who is this Corey?”

“Oh, part of the wrestling team, Dave. He doesn’t live on campus, though.”

“Be careful, Bob,” he continued. “I think I know him, or at least his sister.”

“His sister?” I asked.

“Yea she’s a senior at the high school, and as a matter of fact you met her today I think,” he added.


“When we checked out at the store earlier. It was the girl that was flirting with Brandon.”

“Well I’m not worried about that, Dave, but why should I be careful? You really think that Brandon would go for her?”

“No, not at all Bob,” he continued. “But buddy, she’ll give it a try from the way she was looking him up and down. Just let him know.”

I told him I’d let Brandon know and then went back to the bedroom. I told Brandon of the conversation and he just grabbed me and kissed me as he began to go down to his knees. As he went down he grabbed the underwear I had on and slowly removed it until my cock was right at his face. He leaned in, kissed the head then wrapped his mouth on it. In one swift motion Brandon drove his mouth down to the base taking all of me deep down his throat. I could feel his nose in my pubic hair as his hands went to my balls, rolling and massaging them very gently.

As I was backed against the bed I fell back, laying there with my legs spread and Brandon’s mouth working me slowly. His hand went from my balls back to my ass as he began to rub up and down the crack. My dick started to jump in his mouth as I felt his hand moving over my anus. This was new
to me, as Brandon normally didn’t do this to me when he was sucking me, but I wasn’t going to complain.

Brandon knew ever centimeter of my penis. He worked it over and over trying to give me the pleasure that he so wanted me to experience. He was gentle and passionate all at the same time. I felt myself building up to an orgasm and certainly didn’t want that to happen, just yet. I stroked
the back of his head with both hands, running my fingers through his hair, encouraging him to both continue and to slow down. We knew each other well enough by now that he recognized my signals and slowed down, looking up into my eyes.

“I want you Brandon, it’s been too long,” I whispered.

With that, Brandon took his tongue, very slowly licked up the shaft and flicked the underside of my dick and got off of it. He crawled up on top of me as our bodies lay together; our rock hard penis’s pressed together between us. He kissed my ear then moved his mouth to mine. Our tongues
entered each others mouth as we lay there kissing for a long time. I move up more onto our bed when suddenly, the two twin beds spread apart, both of us falling to the floor.

We both fell with a thud onto the carpeted floor and began to laugh. I rolled over, getting on top of Brandon as we continued to kiss. I move my knees between his legs as he spread them for me. I scooted down his chest, to his naval and then to his groin, as my tongue licked every inch of him
on the way. I took his beautiful penis into my mouth and began to give him the pleasure that he had just given me. I licked his balls and felt his body shiver and tighten. I knew what this did to him and I felt so good being able to make my lover feel so good.

I finally stood up, giving Brandon my hand and helping him to his feet. “You know we really need to bolt these things together,” I teased him. His reaction was just to smile and kiss me, again.

We pushed the beds together and lay there, just holding each other. We hadn’t really been this close since we got back to school. I was so looking forward to getting back to school and being able to be alone like this, but the events of the last couple days prevented us from having that `alone time’ we both wanted. This was it, however as Brandon turned, cradling up to me with is ass against my hard cock.

I knew what Brandon wanted and I have to say I certainly wasn’t going to disappoint him. I leaned over him reaching for our nightstand. We had bought some lubricant in Chicago and I was able to reach it. As I did, Brandon turned and kissed me again and smiled. I knew he wanted what I did. I brought the lube over him and opened the top. I put some on his ass, spreading a good amount between the cheeks and on his anus. Then, I poured some over my penis, making it slick, and then closed the bottle, tossed it behind me onto the bed.

I put the head of my cock at his hole. The lube, and for that the pre-cum that I was definitely oozing by this time helped letting me enter Brandon with ease. As I slowly pushed into him I could feel him clamp down on me. This made me even harder as the pressure made the blood flow in the veins
of my penis even more. I was throbbing just inside of him and I could hear very soft moans from my lover.

I probably could have thrust hard and fast into him and made us both have an orgasm rather quickly, but this was not what I wanted. I wanted this to last a long time and just entered Brandon very slowly. My arm wrapped around him and pulled him closer to me, actually helping me go deeper inside him. I found his penis with my hand as I grabbed him in my hand. My hand had some of the lube on it and I could feel as I moved in and out of him his cock actually thrusting into my hand.

After a few minutes I stopped thrusting letting my manhood just rest inside Brandon. I kissed his ears and his neck as I still heard the soft murmur of his voice. It was not a moan, more of a purr of contentment. I knew that this wouldn’t last to long but wanted to make this coupling last as long as possible. I so wanted to do what we had in times previously — just stay inside him as long as I could, all night if possible. But I also knew that wouldn’t happen as both Brandon and I hadn’t had an orgasm since the night before.

I felt Brandon begin to move back into me. I felt his hard cock throbbing in my hand as he felt me swelling inside of him. I began to move more now, thrusting faster and faster as we both began to breathe heavier. With each passing moment we both came closer and closer to the explosion we both were working toward. I could feel the orgasm building in my loins as could Bran. Our bodies were one and we both were enjoying our time together.

Suddenly I felt Brandon’s penis buck hard in my hand and felt that familiar flow of his seed over my hand. That sent me over the edge as I pushed in hard into my lover. As I felt myself deep I tightened my entire body as began to explode inside him, sending my juices into his intestines with
great pressure. At our age, having only one orgasm in a 24-hour period not only made it so much more intense, but also the volume was always extensive. I continued to stroke him as I felt volley after volley of my own sperm shooting deep inside him.

After what seemed like we would never stop, both of us began to subside our orgasmic flow. I stayed inside of Brandon and continued to hold his boyhood as long as I could. We both began to soften and as I did I could feel my dick begin to slide out of him. As I exited my lover I lay back, pulling him with me as I kept my arm around him. As was normal for the both of us, we lay there and eventually falling asleep.

I don’t know what Brandon was dreaming about or thinking, but for me, I was reliving the past 4-months. I have said this before, but I couldn’t believe the luck and the joy that I had experienced over that time. Brandon meant everything to me. We were one and I knew that this was the real thing, love and support for each other and that we would be there for each other for a long time to come.

It wasn’t long before the alarm sounded and we both started to wake up. As was also normal, both of us had enormous erections, as most teens do upon waking. I gave Brandon a kiss and got out of bed helping him up as well. As I pulled him up we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed.
We headed out of our room into the bathroom hoping not to find our suite-mates in there again. As we got to the bathroom door Dave and Tom came out, saying good morning and sort of smiling seeing our morning condition.

We went into the bathroom, did what we had to and turned on the showers. Even though we had emptied our bladders, our erections certainly didn’t go down. We washed each other, played with each other, but not to the point of orgasm. We both knew that we didn’t have to do that every time, but still enjoyed being able to show our affection toward one another.

We got dressed and headed for breakfast. The four of us left our room as Jake and Jerry also were heading to the cafeteria at the same time. This was a good friendship that we all had with each other and the times we spent together were special, but the both Brandon and I knew that we preferred being alone together whenever possible.

As we entered the cafeteria, Corey was sitting at a table all alone, saving seats for us. He waved us over and we all sat together, Jake sitting next to Corey. That look I saw in Jake’s eyes at practice the precious afternoon was not there in Corey’s eyes. I knew that look and was wondering if this might be the beginning of another relationship like Brandon and I had. Little did I know that there was another relationship beginning to blossom.

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