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Welcome to the Shack Out Back’s first community magazine! Learn what has, is, and will be happening over at the Shack Out Back (gay-themed) community. Find tips to planning and writing your next story, and then read a couple that have been written by others.

  1. The Five Powers of Narration in Writer’s Workshop
  2. Fiction 101: Four Step Program in Writer’s Workshop
  3. Family: Chapter 1: Kid on the Street in The Library
  4. What About Bort? in Shack Tabloid
  5. Gone Are The Days of The Gauntlet in Shack Tabloid
  6. Now That’s LemonFresh! in Community
  7. Tasting Wine in Community
  8. Singletrack Mind: Part One in The Library
  9. The Shack’s Top Tens: The Boys in Events
  10. Writing Contest: The Umbrella Incident in Events
  11. I’m Not In Kansas Anymore! in Community

Published August 2, 2011

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