An interview conducted by TurtleBoy and answered by LemonFresh.

TurtleBoy: Is there a reason why you chose LemonFresh as your Alias?

LemonFresh: It was a nickname my friend gave me ‘cause I’m a neat-freak at times.  He said he could imagine me carrying a bottle of Pinesol in my book bag, and it just sorta stuck.

TurtleBoy: What’s your favourite kind of music, and why?

LemonFresh: Anything that fits my mood, really, especially when I’m writing.  Like right now I’ve been blasting Li(f)e by Sage Francis.  It’s been my favorite album for the past week, but last week it was Linkin Park’s new album.  I’ve also recently been listening to City and Colour, so really, anything but bluegrass.  For some reason bluegrass makes me want to take a screwdriver to each one of my ears.

TurtleBoy: What do you do to relax?

LemonFresh: I sleep.  LOL  I have severe insomnia, so I usually try to sleep.  I also write to relax.  I also watch movies; I am a movie fanatic.  I don’t ever really watch TV any.

TurtleBoy: What is your favourite movie, and why?

LemonFresh: It would be a tossup between Gangs of New York and American History X ‘cause I love both Edward Norton and Daniel Day Lewis. If they ever did a movie together I would freak out!  I also really like anime movies, like I recently watched Steamboy and fell in love with it.

TurtleBoy: Does that mean you were really disappointed with The Last Airbender movie?

LemonFresh: Certain things about it disappointed me, but I’d like to see anyone else try whatShyamalan (Writer/Director M. Night Shyamalan) did.  I mean, my belief is that anime should not be made into live-action films ‘cause they’ll never be able to truly please the fanboys. And for some reason, Hollywood doesn’t take the story-telling aspects of them seriously enough.

TurtleBoy: Why did you start writing?

LemonFresh: I lost a bet.  LOL, just kidding.  Actually, I was reading what other people online had written and how much some of it had helped people, especially other Gay and Bi Teens, and I thought maybe something I have to say or contribute could help someone out someday.  I had never considered writing to really be an option for me ‘cause of my dyslexia.  I mean, a dyslexic writer? Kind of ironic.

TurtleBoy: Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block?  If so, what do you do to get rid of it?

LemonFresh: Constantly!  Not so much not knowing what I want to have happen next, but not knowing how best to express it.  The best way I can think of to get rid of it is, I think of the emotion I want to convey and I listen to music that better expresses it.  And usually, things and ideas will start to flow better.  That or stepping back from it helps sometimes, like taking a break from it for a couple hours will help.

TurtleBoy: When you write a story, do you prefer to plan everything out first or dive right in?

LemonFresh: A lot of my biggest ideas for my stories I got while listening to music.  I plan things out, but they never happen that way.  I like having a general plan, but I’m always switching things, adding things and changing things.  Derailed has actually tripled in size since I first started writing it.

TurtleBoy: Do you feel that making a plan, even if you don’t follow it, helps the writing process?

LemonFresh: Definitely!  I think jumping right in is like starting a journey with no destination in mind.  I tried it once and ended up being stuck by the second chapter.  I think having a plan helps me feel more at ease, knowing that I have a point to get to.

TurtleBoy: What do you think is the most important part of a story?

LemonFresh: Characters.  I’ve read so many stories online where not even three pages into it, the characters are in the bed with each other and I’m like, “Why do I care?”  I think if the personality is weak, then it’s hard for me to care about the story as well.

TurtleBoy: Do you create your characters before you start writing, or do you start with a name and let them evolve on their own?

LemonFresh: My characters are like real people to me, so I start with a general idea of who they are and let them change as the story goes.  Like Mark from Derailed, I started him off as a very calculating and cold person, but as the story is going on, I’m slowly bringing him out of his shell and showing a more human side of him, especially in Part 2. We’re going to really get to understand a lot more about him.  Each of my characters has their own story and as Derailed progresses, we’ll get to learn more and more about them.  So yeah, I think having that character change and evolve over time makes it more personal for the reader.

TurtleBoy: Where do you find you inspiration?

LemonFresh: Everywhere:  music, movies, people.  Like I mentioned earlier, I recently watched the movie Steamboy and the entire atmosphere of the movie inspired a new story I want to begin writing after I finished the new chapter of Derailed.  It’s going to be kind of a gay Steampunk novel; it’s going to be more suspenseful rather than an action novel like Derailed is.

TurtleBoy: What’s your favourite genre?

LemonFresh: Fantasy and SciFi.  I love stories that take me out of normality.  Like I’ve tried reading high school drama stories, but they usually end up depressing me ‘cause I slowly realise my high school life is nowhere near as exciting.  I’m like, “Dammit, where are all the hundreds of hot gay guys at my school?”

TurtleBoy: Does that mean you’re in high school?

LemonFresh: Yeah, I’m currently a sophomore.  That’s one of the reasons my chapters take like forever to get out.  I’m balancing schoolwork, karate class, writing and a semi-successful social life.

TurtleBoy: What is your favourite book or story?

LemonFresh: My favorite book would have to be… The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.   My favorite online story would be GFD by, of course, Comicality, although Agenda 21 is intriguing me more and more.

TurtleBoy: When searching for something to read, what attracts your attention?

LemonFresh: That’s a hard one; I don’t ever really search for something specific.  Usually I’ll read the first few pages and if I’m feeling the story, I’ll keep going with it.  Like in GFD, right from the get go you’re pulled in by Justin, not only as a character, but also by his position.  I mean, onlyCom would start a story off with a suicide attempt.  So a good opening is what catches my attention.

TurtleBoy: If you won a million dollars, what is the first thing you would buy?

LemonFresh: Hmm… A night alone with Cameron Bright.  LOL  Actually, I don’t know if I’d want a million dollars at once.  It seems like money just brings more problems.  A million dollars’ worth of issues doesn’t really thrill me.

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