Bort in a Box image With Erick living in California and Comicality living in Illinois, poor old Bort has become the victim of an unending custody battle.

Despite all efforts to come to some kind of agreement, Bort Ick-Ality, son of Erick and Comicality, is still being tracked halfway across America twice per week or more.  What’s more is that, due to pricy travel expenses, Bort is now being shipped via courier in a medium-sized wooden crate, which Erick describes as “more economically sound.”  Comicality, however, refused to comment.

In an attempt to speak to Bort alone, Imagine Magazine’s TurtleBoy had himself boxed and shipped from California to Illinois 16 times both ways, until finally being placed next to Bort’s box.

“I dunno.  It’s all right, I guess.  I just wish they’d package me with more bubble wrap.  I always run out somewhere between Wyoming and Nebraska,” explains Bort, who was only given a ten foot by ten foot length to sit on.  In turn, I asked him how he felt about his two fathers living so far apart.

“I dun’ like it much, but it’s cool when Dadick or Dadicality travel back with me.  It’s more fun when we’re together,” explained Bort, while picking slivers out from his bottom.  “I just wish we could live in one place.”

After this interview with Bort, Imagine Magazine went to Family Services to see if there was anything they could do.  However, our attempts at arranging an interview were denied because, as it turns out, they’re all fans of Comicality’s GFD series.

Imagine Magazine’s efforts to bring this family together permanently, under the same roof, is still ongoing.

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