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Welcome to IMAGINE Volume 2!

Over at the Shack Out Back there’s been conspiracies, malfunctions, and utter chaos. Amidst all of this, inspiration is building to a boil. In this issue, we get a sneak-peek at Comicality’s upcoming story: Technosapien. Contributing to this, we have several returning stories, plus a new one, and the launch of a brand new chapter writing contest!

Table of Contents

  1. Are You Seeing The Entire Picture? in Writer’s Workshop, by TurtleBoy
  2. JayDee’s Photo Journal in Community, by JayDee
  3. Family: Chapter 2: Making Contact in The Library, by ChuckB.
  4. Technosapien: Interview with Comicality in Community, by Comicality
  5. Singletrack Mind: Chapter 1, Part 2 in The Library, by JayDee
  6. The Shack’s Top 10 Authors of 2011 in Events, by Imagine Team
  7. GFD: Poster Contest Results in Events, by Imagine Team
  8. One More Time in The Library, by Lemons
  9. Story Chapter Contest: P.A.I.N. in Events, by Imagine Team
  10. The Umbrella Incident Chapter Contest Submission: The Umbrella Incident: Incarnation in The Library, by TurtleBoy
  11. The Umbrella Incident Chapte Contest Submission: The Umbrella Incident: Now What? in The Library, by Pete
  12. The Shack vs World: Intertwining Conspiracies Spread Throughout the Globe in Shack Tabloid, by TurtleBoy

Published September 2, 2011

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