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Over at the Shack Out Back there’s been conspiracies, malfunction, and utter chaos. Amidst all of this, inspiration is building to a boil. In this issue, we get a sneak-peek at Comicality’s upcoming story: Technosapien. Contributing to this, we have several returning stories, plus a new one, and the launch of a brand new chapter writing contest!

Download PDF: Volume 2

Table of Contents

  1. Are You Seeing The Entire Picture? in Writer’s Workshop
  2. JayDee’s Photo Journal in Community
  3. Family: Chapter 2: Making Contact in The Library
  4. Technosapien: Interview with Comicality in Community
  5. Singletrack Mind: Chapter 1, Part 2 in The Library
  6. The Shack’s Top 10 Authors of 2011 in Events
  7. GFD: Poster Contest Results in Events
  8. One More Time in The Library
  9. Story Chapter Contest: P.A.I.N. in Events
  10. The Umbrella Incident Chapter Contest Submission: The Umbrella Incident: Incarnation in The Library
  11. The Umbrella Incident Chapter Contest Submission: The Umbrella Incident: Now What? in The Library
  12. The Shack vs World: Intertwining Conspiracies Spread Throughout the Globe in Shack Tabloid

Whether you’re an experienced writer or this is your very first shot it, Imagine Magazine is ALWAYS looking for more submissions! So if you want to jump in and show us what ya got, feel free!

Submissions welcome for:

~ Short Stories

~ Monthly Series

~ Book And Movie Reviews

~ Poetry

~ Artwork

~ Articles (Primarily Surrounding LGBT Youth)

Or anything else creative that you might want to share! We’re also looking for editors to help out if you guys have the skills and the free time! So, if you’re interested in joining the party, drop me a line at Comicality@webtv.net and we’ll set you up with a spot in the next issue!

Thanks in advance! And we’ll see you again next month!

– Comsie

Published September 2, 2011

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