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Tell us a little about your new story “Technosapien”.   What is it about?”

Well, for the first time ever, I wanted to do a story that takes place in the distant, but foreseeable, future. Not really ‘fantasy’, but a story that has a basis in a reality that we might all be able to see within our lifetime. I love stories that are farfetched…but still ‘possible’, you know?

Anyway, this story takes place around the year 2035, and it’s about these huge tecnological advancements that are so far beyond what we have now that it has actually become a part of human evolution. People are being fused with machines, conscious artificial intelligence is now a reality, and the entire world has basically been divided into different levels of species, evolution, and belief systems concerning the survival of humanity itself.  It’s hard to explain without actually showing people the story and the ideas that I have planned for it…but it’s something that I’m definitely excited about.

There will be ‘Nature Born’ humans (Like Levi, the main character of the story) who are 100% human and prefer to stay that way. They were born without any technological advancements added, no upgrades…people just like you and me. A population that is in rapid decline as others go looking for the ‘wonders of technology’ to make them better, more attractive, and solve all of their imperfect human ‘defects’ and problems.

There will also be ‘Mechas’, who are highly advanced machines that have never been human, and have no access to human emotion whatsoever.  They look synthetic in every way, but in humanoid form. They think differently from regular human beings, and can simulate human emotion, but have never reallyproved that it’s a true consciousness, or just the execution of a well written program. The Mechas will be the most intelligent ‘beings’ on the planet Earth.

Then there will be ‘Cybrids’ (Like Deacon, the main love interest of the series), who are mostly human, but have been adapted or enhanced with mechanical parts. They were given microchip implants at birth, making their brains faster, more advanced, they hold more inforation, calculate much faster, live much longer, etc. They’re cyborgs. Half man, half machine, genetically and technologically ‘altered’ to be near perfect. Designed to be unnaturally beautiful as well. They DO experience human emotion, but not the same way as Nature Born humans do. They process thoughts and emotions so fast that they can really only relate to Mechas and other Cybrids. To them, humans are a bit too ‘slow’ to keep up. So there is a rift between them.

So the story revolves mostly around a world where these three stages of evolution are attempting to coexist. It’s also a romance where a human boy falls hopelessly in love with a Cybrid, and a Cybrid that is trying to learn how to love him back with the same intensity. Even though this ‘nature born’ boy is considered inferior by the majority of the world. It’s a journey back to the humanity he was born with, and further away from the machine that the rest of the species is transforming into.

I would really love to have a variety of splits in the beliefs and evolutionary levels of humanity in this story. Between the mechs, the cybrids, the nature born, and ‘hackers’ (Like the two young characters, ‘Crash’ and ‘Burn’, who have grown up in a world of high technology and have been submerged in it their whole lives. They know ways around it that most humans don’t. They will basically be seen as modern day ‘wizards’, not to mention troublemakers that make a hobby out of showing machine how ‘imperfect’ they really are.) Then of course there will be more separations with the religious right, the programmers, the scientific communities… basically everyone included in the whole transition where human kind has to decide if they wants to be FORCED into advancing technology and leave its humanity behind, or whether they’ll hold onto something that they deem important, and of real spirital and emotional value, but being left behind by machines that are evolving almost out of control at this point.

Hehehe, sounds ambitious, doesn’t it? LOL! Don’t worry, when people start reading the story and getting involved with the characters….it’ll make much more sense and become much more relatable to everyone reading. Or at least I HOPE it will. ::Fingers Crossed::

What has inspired this story?

Hehehe, one of the MAJOR things that inspired this story was a horde of technological problems that I’ve been having lately. (Most of the Summer, in fact) I’ve seriously been a victim of the whole ‘Assimilate or DIE’ mentality lately, and things that were once so easy for me to accomplish have suddenly been made EXTREMELY time consuming and difficult for little to no reason at all. So, I admit, a lot of it was born out of frustration, but as the story started to take shape, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Trust me, as much as people might think that I’m afraid of change or scared of technology, I’m really not. But it’s reaching a point where a process that I used on Monday to get things done…won’t work on Friday. Not because it was malfunctioning or anything, it’s just because people couldn’t stand keeping it ‘stable’ anymore. And that’s a concern that I don’t think most people really pay attention to anymore because they’ve gotten so used to it. It’s simply ‘the way things are’ and we all just work harder to adapt. But if you REALLY stop and think about it…it’s really a rather ‘psychotic’ pattern of thinking. I honestly look at how often things are torn down and rearranged online over and over again, and I’m completely baffled by it. I always think, “How do people live like this?”

Seriously. If any other part of our daily lives were run in the same fashion, we’d be considered clinically unstable psychopaths. If I took a certain street to work every day, and one day the city just decided to get rid of it, and build a better one that I couldn’t even use, or that was way out of the way from where I wanted to go…the LAST thing I’d want to hear would be, “But this new street is so much better. Faster speed limit, prettier lights, and the asphalt is covered in glitter now!” Greaaaat….but you know what? The street was fine just like it was before, and you just destroyed it. That unnecessary garbage just made it a total ‘chore’ to get back and forth to work now. Thanks. Enjoy your glitter.

So that will definitely be a part of this story. Because that turn around time is getting faster and faster all the time. The same way people used to buy cell phones and use them until they broke or wanted something newer a few years later. Now people buy iphones like every 6 months. Soon to be every 3 months. How far into the future until you have to buy a new upgraded phone every 10 minutes just to stay current? Hehehe, it sounds ridiculous, I know…but I can tell you, just to keep my computer protected against viruses, I have to run a program almost every single night. Every time I click on it, it’s like “Live Update: 6 hours ago”. Sometimes it happens two or three times a night. It’s becoming a reality.

Besides, I’m a Taurus. Hehehe! I need my roots. I don’t need a brand new hammer every time I pound a nail through a block of wood. I bought a hammer back in 2003…and look, it does the same job now that it did back then. So leave it alone, already. You know?

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What made you think of “Technosapien” as a title?

It was just the combination of homosapiens and technology. They’re becoming more and more integrated. In a lot of ways it’s interesting to look at from a distance. People are even beginning to ‘think’ like computers now. And I can remember a time when that wasn’t the case. The separation was a bit more obvious.

When I hear “Technosapien” and look at the teaser-poster, I think: Terminator meets Surrogates.  Is that the right impression?

Hehehe, more like “Gone From Daylight” meets “Battlestar Galactica”. Outside of the romantic involvement, this story will definitely have a lot of action in it as well. LOTS of insane action once it builds up. Because, without giving too much away, all the levels of evolution in this story will eventually reach a boiling point. The Mechas don’t have human emotion. They’re intelligence is logic based and not govened by anything else. So at some point, the humans who refuse to give in and become more like them… they’re simply an unnecessary part of life. The human race becomes obsolete by not being dominated by the ‘progress’ that they’ve invented. And once both sides declare war on one another, the Cybrids will be forced to choose sides. Who are they more related to? The hopelessly inferior humans, or the cold emotionless machines? So….yeah. It’s a whole different set of questions that come up from the other stories I’ve done so far.

Are you basing any of this story’s characters on real people or events?

Not this time around. Naturally, their personalities will probably reflect people I know in real life and people I’ve grown up with, as all the other stories do. But as far as basing them on anyone specific, they’ll all be brand new.

Is this story going to be anything like your previous stories?  If not, what makes it different?

Definitely not. I’m trying out a new direction with the ‘love story’ aspect of it that I haven’t tried before. So I’m interested in seeing how it turns out. Mostly because the two main characters in this story have an evolutionary ‘gap’ between them that SHOULD make them completely incompatible…but it doesn’t. Instead, Levi is trying hard to be better and be ‘good enough’ for Deacon to love him. And Deacon is constantly trying to slow down and relax his rapidly calculating brain long enough to actually take time and explore this new feeling in his heart. He WANTS the love, but doesn’t know how to go about getting it. He’s been swept up in this intense techological riptide, and he can’t stop long enough to follow something that he really wants to connect to. So for this story, both boys really can’t find a way around the one thing keeping them apart, but the love remains regardless.

What do you feel will be the hardest part of this story to write?

Honestly, I think it’s the relationships between the main charaters that will prove most difficult. Because while I’ve had some minor conflicts between characters in the past stories, I haven’t really written one where they just generally don’t LIKE one another. I’m looking forward to have a really uneasy, almost hostile, relationship taking place between many of the characters in this story. I think it would be fun. 🙂

Will Technosapien be released on Kindle, first?

I’m thinking of having a Kindle exclusive at first, but I’m sure that I’ll end up putting the chapters on the site for free afterwards for this one. It’s really a story that I just want people to read and enjoy, so it’ll show up in both places eventually.

When will we be able to read Technosapien, or is it too soon to tell?

I’ve taken a ton of notes and made character profiles on it, so it’s ready for me to start writing at any time. But I’m actually finishing “Empty Corners” at the moment, and looking to have a Kindle release of the first book of “Boys Of Widow Lake” by Christmas of this year. So those are kind of taking priority. But I’m definitely working on getting a hefty part of it done by Summer 2012, if not the whole thing!

Will Technosapien be released in whole or by the chapter?

I’d like to be finished with a LOT of the story before I start releasing it, but it’ll probably be released in giant chapters over time. Much larger chapters than any of the other stories if all goes to plan.

Would erotic scenes in this story qualify as robot sex?

Hehehe, ummm…maybe! But not really. I’ll be treating the erotic scenes in this story in more of an emotional way, instead of a technological way…but believe me, those ‘enhanced’ abilities might make for an interesting time on a Saturday night! 😛
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