Moochi Gets Arrested image

In the late hours of Tuesday, September 27, Erick’s plain-as-day kitty was seen on the outskirts of L.A. sitting on top of a large, wooden box.  In what was originally thought to be a routine catch-and-grab, animal control employees discovered that Moochi had kidnapped two boys.

Moments after opening the box, Bort Ick-Ality was found buried beneath several sheets of flattened bubble wrap, sleeping next to Dima Borodin.  How dear old Moochi managed to drag the box so far has left officials stumped.  There were no track marks, skid marks, burn marks, or even paw prints to indicate any obvious means of travel.

Moochi is currently being detained at the L.A. City Pound until this case is solved.  Any information leading to the closing of this matter will be rewarded with bubble wrap and a wooden box, with quarter-inch slats.

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