This Halloween, Comicality plans to release his Savage Moon series on Kindle.  Little did he know that this is exactly what Orvus was hoping he would do.

News swept the Shack Out Back quite quickly when Comsie announced the arrival of his brand new Comsie-box for the TV.  However, there was one person who has been waiting all month for this opportunity to arise.  The Shack Tabloid’s latest sources reveal that Orvus-Undercover is planning a new mind-blowing scheme in his campaign to end Comsie TV.

Although the entire Shack Out Back community is on high alert, there’s no telling when Orvus will strike next.  If you have any clues, tips, or information regarding Orvus’s plans, what he’s been doing all month, or what we can expect in the following month, you are encouraged to help prevent any wrong-doings and contact the Shack Tabloid at: immediately.

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