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The latest Random Party Thursday at the Shack Out Back has forced all future Thursday parties to be held underground.  After a fleet of cyborgs was taken down by FBI super-ninjas, Dom went back to the future and brought back a small army of transforming robots, which inevitably led to an uncontrollable cesspool of sexing robots.

After the failure of our intended protectors, the Shack Out Back RVs were left behind and all party-goers were forced to seek refuge in the New Orleans sewer system.  Unfortunately, our blind travels soon led us to Mexico, in a small, unnamed town that we’ve decided to call Chicken Thursday.

With the fuzz hot on our tail, we soon voted to hold our parties in deeper, darker, awesomer strongholds across the land.  Each Thursday Party’s location will be referred to by super-secret names and impossibly complicated code that could never be cracked by even the most knowledgeable of cryptographers.

Also, if anyone sees UK Guy, please ask him for my Scooby Doos back.

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