Volume Four cover image

The Shack Out Back community’s fourth Imagine release!

Download PDF: Volume 4

Table of Contents

  1. Create Your Next Story With Google Earth in The Workshop
  2. Family: Chapter Four: Calling the Folks in The Library
  3. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter Three: The Secret Is Out in The Library
  4. Singletrack Mind: Chapter Three in The Library
  5. PAIN: Chapter Three: Revelations in The Library
  6. Journal: Entry One in The Library
  7. Worth the Loss in The Library
  8. Football in The Library
  9. JayDee’s Photo Gallery in Community
  10. TurtleBoy’s Supreme Pumpkin Pie
  11. Great-Great Grandmother’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe in Community
  12. Thanksgiving in the United States of America
  13. Armistice Day in Community
  14. The Disappearance of Comsie Cality in Tabloid

Published November 1, 2011

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