For a little more than a week, Shack Out Back Leader, Comicality was absent from all online life.  Consequently, the Shack Forums suffered immensely.  But what exactly was the reason for this disappearance?  The Shack Tabloid did some digging and discovered something so dark and obscure that we almost decided not to share.  Fortunately, we’re a lot dumber than we look.

In the early evening of Saturday, October 15, 2011, Comicality was spotted entering an old, abandoned scrapyard.  He was alone, dressed completely in black, and holding a large newspaper out in front of his face as he walked.  If it wasn’t for Comsie’s large, purple cape, we would not have recognized him.

Hiding inside an old, broken down school bus, we cautiously watched and waited for nearly an hour before something completely unexpected happened.  Bort appeared from behind a pile of squashed cars, and he was not alone.   His wrists were tied behind his back, and he was being guided by a dark, shadowy figure who was pushing him toward his father, Comicality.

At first we thought it was a kidnapping, but shortly after Comsie stormed off Bort was untied and gave his kidnapper a high-five, which was quickly followed by a hug.

Throughout the next few days, one team followed Comicality and the other team followed Bort.  Comicality appeared to be trying to build funds for a ransom, whereas Bort did nothing but party with his shadowy partner-in-crime.  But what happened next came as a surprise to us all.

For only a moment, this so-called kidnapper let his guard down, which is when we discovered his identity!  The dark, shadowy figure was none other than Orvus, the conspiring, techno-killing super-agent!  Unfortunately, it was then that we were discovered and our hidden camera was destroyed.

Is this another scheme to cripple Comicality’s story-telling?  Is Bort working with Orvus because of his constant travels in a box with very little bubble wrap?  Or is it a ploy to distract us from a larger, more destructive plan?

The Shack Tabloid’s investigation continues in issue five.

If you have seen anything regarding this matter, please send us the juicy details!

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