Saturday finally arrived and Uncle Pete took us shopping.  Within five hours we were set for the rest of this year and well into next.  Tim and I wear the same sizes, so we really got twice as much when you think about it.  We each got several pairs of jeans, a couple pairs of trousers, three pairs of shorts, three sets of gym clothes, you know, T-shirts, shorts, sweat shirts and sweat pants.  We also got a couple pairs of shoes and a pair of cross-trainers.  Next we got four or five shirts, a bunch of boxers and boxer briefs, and a pot full of T-shirts for everyday wear.  Finally, we each got a pair of dress shoes.  We thought that was all, when Uncle Pete stopped into another place and got us some winter jackets, hats and gloves.  He wanted to get us some boots, but the looks on our faces let him know that was a bad idea.  The car was stuffed by the time we finished.  When we got home it took us four trips to empty it.  Naturally, we thanked Uncle Pete.

The rest of the afternoon was spent putting the clothes away and doing laundry.  I was used to it because of the schedule that Mom was always working, but Tim needed a little help figuring it all out.  The weather was still really warm for early October, so we had burgers on the grill for supper.  If we wanted anything, Uncle Pete had us get it for ourselves.  “You guys have to learn how to take care of yourselves.  I’m not going to be your cook or your maid.”

“But what if we burn ourselves?” Tim asked.

“You’ll learn not to do it again.”

With those few words, he started us on our way to self-sufficiency.

Sunday was an easy day.  We watched the football games through the day, ate pizza for supper, and watched TV into the night.  Finally, it was time for bed.  We said goodnight to Uncle Pete before showering and hitting the sack.

* * *The Monday morning Uncle Pete was already gone by the time we got up.  He left a note saying he had an early meeting and would be home about 6:00 PM (as usual).  After having cereal for breakfast, we headed to school.  It was only four blocks away, so, thank goodness, we didn’t have to take a bus.

The day was unusually warm again.  I grew up in Raccoon City, but it’s only a couple hours away from Lombard, so our weather is usually the same.  I can’t remember having so much warm weather in October.  The temperature didn’t seem to be holding autumn back a bit though.  The leaves were changing and, finally, falling to the ground.

Tim and I were enjoying the walk and talking about the classes we had coming up.  We found the time over the weekend to do our English Comp homework for first period, so that made the walk a bit easier.  I kinda like English Composition; Mom was a journalist, I guess I got it from her.

It’s also nice living with Tim.  We’ve been friends forever and it would have sucked if Uncle Pete hadn’t been able to become his guardian.  Tim lost everybody in his family and would have gone to an orphanage if not for Uncle Pete.  We’ve talked about it every night before we drifted off to sleep; that’s the main reason we wake up hugging in the morning, I think.  All things considered, we’re the luckiest Raccoon City survivors we know.

In the last week we saw several kids who we thought were from RCHS, but they couldn’t have been… other than the German Club members and the two teachers who were our chaperones, all the others were dead now.  Then we saw her.  Tim pointed her out to me.

“Mike, that woman over at the teachers’ lounge door… isn’t she your mom’s friend Jill?”

I looked and then did a double-take; if it wasn’t, she could have been Jill’s twin.

“Whoa!  She looks just like her!” I said.  I took her picture with my phone, but before we could walk over, ‘Jill’ walked into the teachers’ lounge and we knew better than to follow.

One of the guys in our English Comp class, Jerry LeBlanc, saw us staring.  “What are you looking at her for?  You go for older girls?” he asked, jokingly.

“Nah,” Tim said, “she looks like a friend of Mike’s mom.  But we didn’t know others from Raccoon City made it out alive.”

“Really?” Jerry asked.  “What was her name?”

“Jill something.  I didn’t know her last name,” I told him.

“Nope, her name is Ms Hart… her first name is Jacqui, I think.  She’s the new French teacher.  She started this semester.  I have her for French in third period.”

“Nah, that couldn’t be her then… but she does look just like her,” Tim admitted.  And that was that.

The day went by in a flash.  Even History wasn’t as dry as it normally is, but the highlight of the day was Gym.  The guys were catching on to me and Tim being the best dodge ball players in the class, so they had us choose sides against each other.  We figured it would come to this eventually, so we just nodded at each other and the game began.  Within 10 minutes it was down to only me and Tim still standing.  We each had a ball and spent the next 25 minutes throwing the ball at each other and each time it arrived, the target player would use his ball to block the attack, knocking it back to the originator.  Then the target player would throw his ball at the new target player.  Tim and I have been doing this for years and we haven’t been eliminated for thirty-seven games when going against each other.  For some reason, the game is always called a tie, hehe.

We have Gym last period, and since the weather was still so nice, we just stuffed our clothes into our backpacks with our books and headed home wearing our gym clothes.

When we arrived, we fired up our laptops and checked to see if any new information had come in about the others who were on our trip to Munich.  One more kid checked in and we wrote back, filling him in on what we knew.  So far we had contacted 10 kids, but still, 10 kids had notresponded.  It’s been over a week since we sent out our first email, so we sent out another one, this time just to the missing kids.  I don’t know what we can do if the other kids are in a bad way, but I still want to know that they’re alive.

Having sent the emails, I told Tim I was going to take a shower and headed to the bathroom.  Right after I brushed my teeth, I realized I didn’t bring my underwear in with me, so I went back to our room to get it.  When I opened the door, I wished I had just taken my shower.  Tim was lying back, with his laptop on his chest.  I caught him in mid-stroke on his dick.  Then I looked at the screen on his laptop and saw what he was jacking to… naked guys our age!

Tim freaked!  I thought he was going to have a heart attack right then and there.  He grabbed his T-shirt from the floor and covered his crotch.

“So this is when you beat off,” I said, smiling.

Then he saw me staring at his laptop and he really fell apart.

“Mike!  I thought you were taking a shower!  I-I didn’t expect you… Oh God!  I’m fucked!  Please, Mike, don’t say anything.  I can explain!”

“Oh can you?  Here you are, beating off to pics of naked guys… and… and you didn’t have the courtesy to ask me if I wanted to join you?”

Time seemed to stand still while Tim thought about what I just said.  Finally, he said, “You mean…”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.  I was kind of wondering when you ‘took care of business’, so to speak.  Now I know.”  I had my towel around my waist and pulled it loose, letting it fall to the floor.  He watched as I started to grow.  I walked closer and pulled his T-shirt away from his crotch – without much effort, I might add.  When I had easy access to Tim, I wrapped my fingers around his dick and bent over to give him a kiss.  Tim was still scared shitless, I could tell by the way he was shaking.  Nevertheless, I felt him grip my cock before we broke our kiss.

“Tim, I was afraid to tell you, too.  I thought you’d hate me.  I was willing to keep my secret rather than lose your friendship.  You mean too much to me to lose you.”

“Oh geeze, Mike, how long have you known that you like guys?”

“A couple of years now.  When everyone else started talking about girls, I did too, so they wouldn’t find out about me.  What about you… when did you figure it out?”

“About the same as you.  You never said anything and I was afraid to volunteer the information.  One thing I did notice though.  You never called anyone a ‘faggot’ or said anything about stuff being ‘gay’, like the other guys did.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Heck, I knew I was gay and I also knew I wasn’t stupid.”

“So now what?”

“Well, we have some time before Uncle Pete gets home…”

* * *Twenty minutes later they entered the shower together and started lathering each other up.

“Dude!  I still can’t believe I shot off twice!  I guess I never had the right incentive before.  Hehe.”

“Haha.  No kidding!  I think I know how we’re gonna spend our afternoons now.”

After showering (and one more nut apiece) we dried off and went back to the room and got dressed.

We were in the kitchen getting supper ready when Uncle Pete called us from the train.  Mike answered the phone and put him on the speaker.

“Hey guys, I’m going to stop and pick up a meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy from Boston Market.  The meal comes with two more sides.  Which ones should I get?”

Mike picked corn and I chose green beans.  “I should be there in 20 minutes.  Do we need anything?”

We couldn’t think of anything, so Uncle Pete hung up and we got to work on the salads.  When he arrived, we went out to meet him and brought in the bags.  Tonight was going to be a paper plate night, so we put serving spoons in the side dishes, set the salad bowls out and Uncle Pete sliced the meatloaf.  Once we were seated and passed the food around the table, we settled in and told Uncle Pete about our day.  He seemed especially interested about us seeing the teacher who reminded us of Mom’s friend Jill.  I even showed him the picture that I took.  We told him it was probably just a coincidence; a lot of people look like others.  Uncle Pete agreed, but he still asked me to send it to his phone.

After dinner, Tim and I cleaned up the kitchen and did the few dishes that we had.  Once that was done, we started our home work.  It’s nice having a live-in study buddy.  It really makes homework go by fast.  While we were doing our homework, Uncle Pete said he had to meet a business associate about some work stuff and that he’d be back in a couple of hours.

* * *When Pete left the house, he drove towards Chicago. About half way there he pulled into a gas station.  He popped open his briefcase and took out a cell phone.  This wasn’t his regular phone, but a burn phone. Once he powered it up he sent a single text:

meet me at the other place-30min

When he powered down the phone and put it back into his briefcase, he got back on the road and continued driving into the city.

* * *While Uncle Pete was gone, the boys finished their homework and then started comparing favorite web sites.  Not surprisingly, they both had bookmarked, as well as,,,, and  Then they showed each other their favorite picture and video sites.  Before they knew it, they got their fourth nut of the day.  They cleaned up and got ready for bed.  When Uncle Pete got home they wished him a good night and went to bed.

For the first time, they locked their door…

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