Volume 5 cover image

The Shack Out Back Community’s fifth release. Now celebrating the holiday season!

Download PDF: Volume 5

  1. The Comsie Scandal in Tabloid by
  2. The Orvus Ultimatum: Birth of Treachery in Tabloid by
  3. Yes, Virginia in Community by
  4. Christmas Q & A in Community by
  5. The Boys of Widow Lake: An Interview With Comicality in Community by
  6. JayDee’s Great-great Grandmother’s Mincemeat in Community by
  7. Oatmeal Scones in Community by
  8. JayDee’s Country Scones in Community by
  9. What Do You See In Christmas? in Community by
  10. Journal: Entry Two in Library by Kay S.
  11. PAIN: Chapter Four: Realization in Library by
  12. Singletrack Mind: Chapter Four in Library by
  13. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 4: The Allies in Library by
  14. Family: Chapter 5: Something’s Brewing in Library by
  15. 10 Things You Can Do to Write a Better Story in Workshop by

Published December 1, 2011