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What do I love most about the holiday season?

Lemons: I love the festivity and pretty lights/colors during the build-up to the actual holiday.

Anonymous 1: The decorations, time off work, presents, the get togethers from work parties to christmas day with friends & family. i love christmas.

Anonymous 2: SNOW..even though in Australia it doesn’t snow.
Fake snow!
….Christmas music and that feel good feeling..and the decorations all around my city and the love everyone gives each other ‘just because it’s Christmas.

Anonymous 3: Giving presents to loved ones.

Anonymous 4: Christmas dinner!

Anonymous 5: The horniness. 🙂 it seems like everybody’s mission is to fuk and get fukked as much as possible, totally brill.
Happy Mega Horny Xmas Guys. xx

Anonymous 6: The smell of pine trees and scotch tape

Anonymous 7: I get at least one day off.
What do I hate most about the holiday season?

Lemons: The holidays themselves. People seem to put too much effort into trying to make one day out of the year perfect, which always winds up a disaster anyway because everyone is stressed to the max. Me? No matter what time of year it is…if I’m at the store and I see something that I know someone would like, I buy it and give it to them. I don’t stuff it in a closet and wait until the end of the year to give it to them. I’d rather give gifts randomly throughout the year. It makes people happy, which in turn, makes me happy. With me, it’s always chistmas.
Anonymous 1: people complaining that the true meaning of christmas is lost. that may be true for some, but for most people it never was a religious holiday. through the ages there has been some sort of festival, holiday, etc in the winter months. usually in december to give people something to look forward during the long cold, dark winter. many of the christmas traditions were adopted from anicent pagan festivals.
enjoy christmas or any other celebration your way or totally ignore.
everyone should do it their way!
it’s always been happy christmas here, it’s not a new pc thing. having said that,
Happy Christmas

Anonymous 2: People hating the holiday season.

Anonymous 3: Religious nutjobs

Anonymous 4: Nothing really. Maybe having to spend so much money on it.

Anonymous 5: When it’s over, like come new years day night whoomph, that’s it, the worse two months of the year ahead. Gah.

Anonymous 6: If you work at a place that is open 24/7, then you are required to work during the holidays.

Anonymous 7: The crowds! I do most of my shopping online so I don’t have to deal with the throngs of people, or trying to find a parking space at the malls.

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