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Jason takes the short walk to his house and enters.  His father is in the kitchen and he joins him.

“Hi, Dad, what are we making for supper tonight?”

“Hey Jason, how about hot dogs?”

“Better than a sharp stick in the eye… why not?  Do we have any potato chips?”

“I got some on the way home.  I have the water on to boil.  It should be ready in a few more minutes.  Would you get the mustard out while you’re over there?”

“Sure… here ya go.  I’ll be back in a flash; I have to wash up real quick.”

When Jason returns, his attitude seems a bit more serious.  His dad notices and asks, “Is this about Alex?”

“Yeah.  I read him a little while ago.  His dad beats him, but today Alex protected his 3-year-old brother, Luke, from his father.  The kid saw his dad knock Alex across the kitchen and he came to Alex’s aid.  Without even thinking, his dad swung at the kid and Alex mentally grabbed his dad’s arm and held it still and his dad couldn’t budge.”

“Does Alex know you read him?”

“Well, kinda.  I saw he was gay, so I let him know I was, too.  And I apologized for reading so much.”

“Jason, you know how to control your powers, so why did you read so deeply?”


“I’m waiting.”

“Well, he’s cute.”  And Jason hung his head, hoping he wasn’t blushing too much.

“Jason, we’ve talked about this.  If I call you a ‘kid’ you get upset with me, but what you did sure wasn’t acting like an adult.  You have to exert better control, son.”

“Yes sir.”

“OK.  The water’s boiling.  How many hot dogs for you?”


“Geeze!  You’re going to eat me out of house and home!”

“Haha!  Riiiiight.”

Within minutes they were eating and Jason continued with his rundown on Alex.

“Michelle was right.  Alex is psychokinetic and a levitator.  When he was on the bus, as it started rolling over, his self-protect mode kicked in and he levitated mid-vehicle and facing down so he could land on his hands and feet if he had to.  When the crash was over, he did a 180 and slowly lowered to the floor of the bus.  I guess he sensed he was out of danger then and he blacked out.”

“Did you tell him about P.A.I.N.?”

“Just the basics.  He knows I work for a female and that I was recruiting him for my team, and that we would be the only ones on the team, for now.  I gave him an idea of what we did and how we try to stay out of the spotlight.  I don’t think he believed me till I ‘force fed’ him my bio.  That seemed to get his attention.”

“How’d he take it?”

“Pretty well, actually.  Sure, he was a bit freaked out at first, but then I explained it to him and he seemed more excited about the experience than scared.”

“That was quick thinking about the homework.”

“Haha!  Alex disagrees with you; he called me an asshole.”

“Haha, I can imagine.  But it worked and you were able to talk with him.  You know he has powers, so he has potential.  What are your gut feelings about him?”

“Well, he’s been practicing his psychokinetic abilities, so that’s good.  And he only used the force required to protect his little brother, so that’s even better.  We talked for about an hour and I felt comfortable with him the entire time, so that was even more points in his column.  In general, I think he’ll be a good addition.”

“Did he accept your invitation?”

“I gave him till Friday night.  We’re going to a movie together.  We have the same lunch period, too, so I can see him again tomorrow and Friday at lunch.  Oh yeah, we traded cell numbers, too.”

“That sounds good.  Just don’t pressure him into joining.  Make sure it’s his decision all the way.”

“Thanks, Dad.  I’ll do it.  I really want to work with Alex.”


* * *

“Alex, you spoil me.”

“Haha. Thanks, Mom.  You’re worth it.” Alex turned to his brother, “Hey Sport!  How was your nap?”

“Hi Alex!  It was OK, I guess.  What are you doing?”

“Well, I peeled the potatoes and carrots and made the salad for dinner.  Then I put the roast in the oven and now I’m doing my homework.  Mom is going to make the rest of the meal.  Are you hungry?”

“Yep!  But I don’t like carrots.”

“I’ll tell you a secret.  If you mix them in with your potatoes, and use lots of gravy, they taste great!  You should try that.”


“Yes, Luke,” their mother assured him, “you know your brother wouldn’t lie to you.  Did you really put the roast in the oven, Alex?  Why didn’t you call me?  I could have done that.”

“You were up all night last night, so I figured I’d let you sleep.  Actually, I was afraid you’d call Jason and have him bring over extra credit work next time.  Hehe.”

“Oh did he show?  Did I miss him?  I wanted to thank him for helping out.”

“He’ll be back Friday night.  We’re going to a movie, but we haven’t decided which one yet.  He’s a good guy, Mom; you’ll like him.”

“For all the help he’s been, I already do.  Did you set the timer for the meat?”

“Sure did.  It’ll be ready in about an hour, so I’m getting a head start on my homework while we wait.”

“I wish I had homework like Alex does.”

“Haha.  You’ll change your mind when that happens, Luke.  I’ll tell you what, Sport, why don’t you get a coloring book and your crayons and you can pretend that it’s homework.  Does that work for you?”

“YES!”  And Luke runs off to get his ‘homework’.

“Did Jason stay long?”

“About an hour, then he went home to have supper with his dad.”

“What’s Jason’s last name?”


‘How did I know that?’ Alex wonders, ‘We never talked about that.’

“That sounds German.  Does he have any brothers or sisters?”

“No, his mom died shortly after he was a year old and his dad never remarried.”

‘Holy shit!  How do I know that?!?’

“Aw, that’s too bad.  Does he live nearby?”

“Yeah, over on Pine Street.  834, I think.”

‘What the fuck?!?’

“Mom, I have some reading to do.  I better do it up in my room where it’s quieter.”

“OK, Alex, I’ll keep Luke here with me.”

“Thanks, Mom.”  And he went to his room with his book, but when he got there, he closed the door and took out his phone.  He found Jason’s number and sent him a text.

Alex: how do i know ur bio?

A moment later he received his reply.

Jason: thats part of what i uplded to u

Alex: thx for da warning!

Jason: oops sry. u know EVERYTHING about me

Alex: why

Jason: cuz i know EVERYTHING about U

Alex: omg! i know how big ur dick is!!!

Jason: haha why did u look for that?

Alex: nm >:)

Alex: wait! So u know how big MY dick is 2?

Jason: umm… yes 🙂

Alex: fuck me!

Jason: if u insist

The boys text goodbye and Alex starts his reading assignment.  A short while later, Alex hears his mother’s phone ring and he hears her talking, but with his door closed, it’s too muffled to decipher.  He goes back to his reading assignment…


* * *

Mark has a class in an hour, but he doesn’t have time to go home, eat and come back in that time, so he calls Lily.

“Hello, Mark.  Will you make it in time for supper tonight?”

“Nah, that’s why I’m calling.  I’m at the dojo already and I don’t have time for a round trip.  Would you fix a plate and leave it in the fridge for me?  I should be home around midnight.”

“Aww… that’s too bad.  I was hoping we could have the whole family at the table for a change.  Maybe next time.  I’ll fix a plate for you.  I picked up a pumpkin pie today, so I’ll wrap a slice for you, too.  You’ve been so busy lately.  I miss you and you’re not even out of town. *sigh*”

“Thanks, honey, I miss you too.  It’s just that I had to take on a couple extra classes here at the dojo to help with the bills.  Speaking of that, how is Alex?  I was a bit short with him before I left this afternoon.”

“He’s upstairs doing his homework.  Once he woke up this morning, it was like nothing had happened.  Dr. Fowler and the hospital staff are amazed that he wasn’t injured, especially since he was drenched in blood.  He said to watch him for the next week, so I already called the school office and let them know.”

“You’re letting him go to school?”

“Alex is insisting on it, Mark.  He said nothing is more boring than daytime TV.  I have to agree with him on that one.  Oh yeah, he met a new friend.  A boy named Jason from his school works at the hospital part time and they met earlier today.  Jason even came over this afternoon with Alex’s homework assignments.”

“Haha!  If that was me instead of Alex, I would have been pissed.”

“You men!  Alex was pissed.  I thought it was wonderful that someone thought to do it.”

“That’s just one more difference between women and men.  Lily, I have to get going.  I have a class soon and have to prepare for it, and tonight I have another MMA match.  I should win this one.  Sensei Lee and I have been talking about several things that I can do to stay at the top of my game.  Like I said, I’ll be home around midnight.  I love you.”

“I love you more.”

And they hung up.

Mark’s concentration was doing much better since his talk with his sensei.  The class was his regular Wednesday night class and the class members were all intermediate level students, so other than giving them pointers occasionally, it was mostly a practice of their skills.  The dojo always had intermediate or higher level students for the evening classes so the instructors could calm down after the more trying entry level students.

The class went off without a hitch and when it ended, all the students bowed to Mark, who returned their bow.  After that they were off to the showers and then home.  Mark prepared for his MMA match in his usual way.  He pictured his opponent as a thin sheet of paper in the wind.  All he had to do was strike the paper five times before it hit the floor.  But if the paper struck him once, he had to start again.  After 40 minutes of practice, the paper had not struck him.

His opponent tonight was one of the men who had bested him earlier last week.  When they bowed at the start of the match, Mark said, “I forgive you.”  His opponent looked confused, but shrugged it off.  When the match began, Mark saw only the sheet of thin paper and remembered what he practiced.  Try as he might, his opponent could not make contact with Mark; every time he struck out, Mark was not there when the blow landed.  Mark’s blows – all five of them – made solid contact.

The first hit was to the man’s left shoulder; a solid blow with the heal of Mark’s hand, that caused the man to stagger back.  The man tried unsuccessfully to strike back.  He made several attempts, but each one missed its target.

Mark’s second hit made contact with the man’s right hip.  Now the man was limping and showing the pain that he felt.  Again, the man tried fruitlessly to strike his opponent.  No matter where he struck, his target had moved yet again.

Mark’s third hit found the man’s right shoulder; again the man staggered back from the pain.  The man’s arms were useless, so he attempted several kicks at Mark, but again, all attempts missed.

Mark’s fourth hit took out the man’s left leg and the man toppled over.

As the man was trying to recover and rise off the mat, he was able to get on his knees when Mark’s fifth hit landed on his jaw… and the man was out.  Mark had won the match and his opponent was out cold.  Still, Mark bowed to his opponent and said in a low voice, “Please forgive me.”

Sensei Lee congratulated Mark on his win.  “Mark, you showed skill without malice in this match.  You have returned to your status of Master.  I heard what you said to your opponent, both before and after the match.  Before the match, you cleared your mind of hate.  After the match, you did not taunt him, as he had taunted you last week.  You were not in a street fight; you were practicing your art as a combatant.  You make me proud.”

Mark bowed very low to his master and said, “My wish is only to please my Master and honor his dojo.”

Sensei Lee bowed in return and lifted Mark back upright.  “Mark, remember what we talked about today.  The demons are in you, not in your sons.”  Then he turned and left.

Mark showered and changed before going out to his car.  When he got there, his opponent was there.  Mark tensed up, but the man raised his hands to show he was not going to fight.  Then he stood tall and bowed to Mark and said, “I forgive you as well.”

Mark returned the bow and the man left.  The ride home was exhilarating.


* * *

After supper, Alex loaded the dishwasher and turned it on.  The roasting pan was soaking in the sink and his mom said that she would get that later.  Now Alex followed a nightly ritual and brought Luke up to the room they shared and put him to bed.  He had learned long ago not to play before bedtime or it would take forever to calm Luke down again.  Tonight he read one of Luke’s books to him.  He purposely used a slow and calming voice, and before the story was half over, the toddler was sleeping.  Alex made sure Luke had his teddy bear and that his blanket was covering his shoulders.  Finally, Alex gave him a kiss on his forehead and said, “Sleep well, Lucas.”

Returning downstairs, Alex set up on the kitchen table with his homework.  He was a good student, so it didn’t take him very long to complete his assignments.  Once he was done, he put his homework and books away and went into the living room and watched TV with his mom for a bit.  When the news came on, he kissed his mother goodnight and went up to bed.

He was quiet so he wouldn’t wake Luke.  He turned on a small lamp and undressed down to his underwear.  He grabbed his towel and washcloth and headed for the bathroom.  After going to the toilet and brushing his teeth, he washed his face and neck.  With that completed, he returned to his bedroom.  He hung the towel to dry and put his washcloth on the hook on the side of his night stand.  It was easily accessible, but out of site, in case his parents should look in.  After checking on Luke one last time, he turned the light off and, arriving at his bed, he slid off his underwear and got under the covers.

Lying there thinking about the day, he remembered knowing how big Jason’s dick was.  He automatically reached under the covers and began rubbing himself as he reviewed the memories that Jason ‘uploaded’ to him to show him that he was gay, too.  ‘Damn!  Jason is HOT!’ he thought as he saw his new friend nude.  As his dick started to grow, he wrapped his fingers around it and began to slowly stroke it.  ‘This is so cool.’  It was like watching a j.o. video in his head.  He found several memories from Jason jacking off alone or with other guys.  As the mental videos continued, Alex’s breathing became more rapid and as he cupped his balls, he could feel them shrinking up into his body.  He knew he was almost at the point of no return, so he grabbed his washcloth and brought it under his covers.  Finally, it happened and he got the washcloth in place at just the right time.  After cleaning up and hanging his washcloth on the hook again, the boy fell asleep with a smile on his face.


* * *

The next thing Alex remembered was the alarm waking him at 6:30.  He always turns off the alarm quickly so it doesn’t wake Luke.  Unfortunately, Luke was already awake.

“Alex, I have to pee!”

“OK, Sport, I’ll be right there.”

And Alex grabbed his boxer briefs and hurriedly put them on.  He had morning wood, but the boxer briefs were holding his dick close to his stomach.  He grabbed his robe and, once tied, he got Luke from his crib.  The two of them walked down to the bathroom and took care of business.  By this time, Alex’s dick had softened enough to pee.  As usual, Alex had Luke go first and then had him wash his hands.  Then he opened his robe and used it to shield himself from his baby brother.

‘I really don’t need more embarrassing questions,’ Alex thought.

One time, a couple of months before, Luke asked if he hurt his ‘peepee’ because it was so swollen.  Alex told him that it was just full of pee and that seemed to satisfy the toddler.  He definitely didn’t need Luke telling his mom about his ‘swollen peepee’.  So since that day, he started wearing his robe in the morning.  So far it was working.

Alex put Luke back in his crib and the toddler went back to sleep in minutes.  After grabbing a quick shower, and cleaning his washcloth, he chose his clothes for the day.  It was getting to be a bit colder, with winter coming on, so he chose jeans and a brown plaid flannel shirt.  As he got to the stairs, he could smell the coffee that his mother made every morning.  He loved the smell, but the taste was so icky he didn’t ever think he’d be able to drink it.  When he got to the kitchen, he said hello to his mom and gave her a kiss.  She had already put the cereal on the table, so he got a bowl from the cabinet and a spoon from the drawer.

“Alex, are you sure you want to go to school today?”

“Hahaha!  Who are you and what have you done with my mother?!?  She would never ask me that question!”

“Hehe.  OK, you got me there, but seriously, Alex, you’ve had a traumatic experience and Dr. Fowler is concerned that you might have injuries that haven’t shown yet.  And what about your mental state?  How did you sleep last night?  Were there any nightmares?”

“Mom, I slept like a baby.  I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow (the second time).  I know it’s a bad thing that so many people died in the bus crash, but I’m not sad that I survived.  I think it just means that I still have more to do in my lifetime.  I’ll tell you what, if I start feeling sad or guilty or depressed, I’ll call you right away.  How’s that?”

“OK, honey, but you understand that I’m worried about you.  I almost lost you in the bus crash and I’ll be a mother hen till I’m sure you’re alright.”

“Hehe, I wouldn’t have you any other way, Mom.  But now I have to get going if I want to get there on time.”

“OK, Alex.  Don’t forget your lunch.  I made a sandwich with the leftover pork roast and you have a bag of chips and an apple.  Do you have money for a drink?”

“Thanks, Mom.  Yeah, I’m good.  Bye!”

“Do you have your books and your homework?”

“Yes, Mom, they’re in my backpack.  This is Alex you’re talking to, not Luke,” he said exasperatedly.

“I was just checking, and you are my baby too, so don’t forget it!”

“Hehe, I love you, Mom.”

“I love you, too, honey.”

And Alex kissed his mom again and headed out the door with his backpack and his lunch.

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