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On Friday, November 4, 2011, Comicality ran into an old high school pal.  Of course, this ‘pal’, as we all already know, was not just that!  He was Comsie’s high school lover!  Needless to say, Erick is absolutely furious.  However, what happened next came as a surprise to us all.

Comicality is the father of an illegitimate child.

His Once-Lover is now the proud parent of an eight year old child, by the name of Micca Yolti.  Apparently, it’s not so impossible for the male-side of our species to become pregnant, as we were once led to believe.  The only difference is that each trimester is three years in duration, and the child is, obviously, not delivered through the dreaded vagina.  In males, children are delivered through the belly button.  Fortunately, this is far less painful than what you were just thinking a moment ago.

Sadly, despite blood tests and interviews that say otherwise, Comicality denies poor Micca as his child.  The only possible explanation that our Shack Tabloid investigators can come up with is that having two children will cost him twice the amount of bubble wrap.

Bort, although seemingly thrilled, and Erick, who was not so thrilled, refused to comment on the subject, whereas Micca Yolti and his father just want to be part of Comsie’s life.

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