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When the alarm went off the next morning, Mike reached for it and discovered that Tim was holding him back… by his morning wood. He reluctantly removed his friend’s ‘Kung-Fu Grip’ and silenced the alarm. Then he rubbed Tim’s chest and woke him for the day. After a quick kiss, Mike put his boxer briefs back on and went to relieve himself. He hurried back to allow Tim to do the same. Then the boys washed up and brushed their teeth before dressing and going out to the kitchen. Uncle Pete was there already and was on his second cup of coffee.

“Good morning, boys. What’s on the agenda for today?”

“School, then looking for the missing ten kids from the German Club,” Tim answered. “We’re getting kind of worried about them. We don’t know if they’re OK or not, or if they’re in an orphanage, or worse, on the streets.”

“I’m sure they’ll show up, Tim. When you get a chance, why don’t you email their names to me, and the names of the two teachers as well, and I’ll see if I can run them down.”

“Wow! That would be great, Uncle Pete!” Mike said.

“What happened to ‘New Dad’, Mike?”

“Well, I miss my Uncle Pete.”

“Me too, Uncle Pete,” Tim chimed in.

“Hehe… I’m flattered,” Uncle Pete said. “I have a roast in the roasting pan in the refrigerator and I put the cooking instructions for it on the door of the fridge. It should be easy enough to get going and I should be home to help you finish up. Any questions?”

The boys looked at the note on the fridge for a minute and then responded in unison, “No Sir.”

“OK. By the way, I forgot to ask you guys last night if you finished your homework.”

“Yes Sir. It’s done and waiting to be graded,” Tim answered.

“And you, Mike?”

“Yes Sir. Same as Tim.”

“Good. OK boys, I have to get going, the trains wait for no man. I’ll be home about 6:00PM.”

“Bye, Uncle Pete!” the boys said in unison, and each gave him a hug.
When Pete was gone, the boys had a bowl of cereal and made their lunches for the day. When they finished, they left for school and the short four block walk. As they talked along the way, they wondered if they’d see Ms. Hart. They thought she was Mike’s mom’s friend Jill, but they’d have to talk with her to prove it. After entering the building and getting to their lockers, they saw Jerry LeBlanc at his locker.

“Hey Mike, was Ms. Hart who you thought she was?” Jerry asked.

“We didn’t get a chance to talk with her, but she probably isn’t. I think we’ll follow you to your French class and talk with her then.”

English Comp and History seemed to take forever to finish, but the bell ending second period finally rang and the boys were off with Jerry to his French class. When they got there, they saw her at her desk.

“I swear she looks just like Mom’s friend Jill, Tim.”

“I know, it’s uncanny!”

“Well, let’s get this over with so we’re not too late for German class.”

The boys walked in and started to introduce themselves, but Ms. Hart interrupted them, “Are you two in the right classroom? I don’t allow transfers this late in the term…”

Then she froze when she looked up at the boys’ faces. She seemed to recognize them, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Oh yes. You’re the two transfers from Raccoon City High School. What can I do for you?”

“Ms. Hart, I’m Mike Morales and this is Tim Bennett. We saw you yesterday and had to talk with you. You look just like my mom’s friend Jill. We had to see if you were.”

“I’m sorry, boys, but I’ve never been to Raccoon City, let alone known anyone there.”

“Uncle Pete was right, Mike. It’s just a case of mistaken identity,” Tim said.

“Your Uncle Pete?” Ms. Hart asked.

“Yes ma’am. He took us in when our immediate families were killed in Raccoon City. Without him, we’d be in an orphanage,” Mike told her.

“Whose uncle is he?” she asked.

“My Mom is Terri Morales and Uncle Pete is her brother,” Mike said.

“What a wonderful man he is to take you both in! I’d like your phone number so I could call him and thank him for this unselfish act of kindness. And what time is the best to reach him?”

“Thank you, Ma’am. The number at the house is 630-555-2371, and Uncle Pete is usually home by 6:15 every night,” Mike told her.

Just then the bell rang for the start of class.

“You boys will need a hall pass to get to your classes. What classes do you have and who are your teachers?” she asked.

“We’re in the same class, ma’am. We have German with Mr. Brach,” Tim told her.

“Fine,” she said and wrote a quick note. “Here. Give this note and the hall pass to Mr. Brach and he’ll let you in without giving you detention.”

“Wow! Thanks, Ms. Hart!” Tim said and the boys left.

Ms. Hart put the phone number into her cell phone with the name ‘Pete O’Brien’.


* * *

When the boys got to German class, Tim gave the hall pass and note to Mr. Brach. He read the note:

“Will, I held the boys up. Sorry. Jacqui”

“OK, boys, take your seats,” Mr. Brach said and then continued his class.


* * *The rest of the day was average. Being able to study together every night was helping both boys’ grades. They were going from a C+/B average to a B+/A average. Having Uncle Pete check their homework every night was to blame, too.

At lunch, Mike and Tim met up with Jerry and let him know that Ms. Hart wasn’t who they thought she was. After lunch the boys split up and went to their separate Biology and Geometry classes before reuniting for Gym in seventh period.

The weather had become more normal for the month so, naturally, the class was outdoors and Soccer was the game of the day. Tim had played forward and Mike was a stopper. Unfortunately, the teams only had five players on each side, so the normal positions were scrapped and the teams took a one-on-one stance, with the fifth man playing Goalie. The positions were changed every 10 minutes. This time, Mike and Tim were on the same team and their team won in a close match, 11 to 10. There’s not much protection with only five on a side.

When class was over, the boys went in for showers. Partly to clean up after the game, and partly to scope out the packages on the other guys, but mostly to warm up. It was surprising how much colder it was today than yesterday. Following showers, the boys walked home. When they arrived, they fired up their laptops and Tim got a couple apples and two glasses of cranberry juice for them to snack on. Then the search began. When they checked their email earlier, they found that two more of the German Club members had checked in: Jeff and Gary Kern. They were fraternal twins and Jeff let everyone know that he was three minutes older than Gary. Their features were similar, but Jeff had blonde hair and Gary’s hair was brown, making it easy to tell them apart.

The Kerns had been friends with Tim and Mike before joining the German Club, so the boys were ecstatic to find that they were not homeless. They had gone to their grandparents’ place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The delay in contacting everyone was simple enough… their grandparents didn’t have a computer, so it took a while for the DSL line to be connected by the phone company. That had happened the day before and the boys were inundated with queries about their safety and whereabouts.

Tim messaged Gary on Windows Live and when he responded, he suggested they go on video chat so all four of them could converse. Within seconds, the four of them were in a video link.

“My God, am I glad to see you guys are OK!” Mike said.

“Same here,” Gary replied. “I saw from your email that 10 of us were still missing, have any besides us responded yet?”

“Not yet,” Tim said, “So we still have eight on the missing list… and Mr. and Mrs. Berghoff. Alan Carlisle said he had their email addresses, but so far they haven’t replied.”

“That sucks,” Jeff said.

“No kidding,” echoed Mike. “We have a French teacher here who’s the spitting image of my mom’s friend Jill. Tim and I talked with her today, but she said we’re mistaken.”

“Really?” Gary asked. “You mean Jill Valentine from S.T.A.R.S., right?”

“We didn’t know her last name. Is she really with S.T.A.R.S.?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, she was, at least. As for French, her mom was from Quebec, so that fits,” Jeff added.

“This is getting couriouser and couriouser,” Tim said, quoting Alice in Wonderland.

“That’s nothing! We heard that the town was blown up on purpose, not by an accident at the nuclear power plant. Our dad was an inspector for the state and he said he thought the Raccoon City power plant was the best maintained that he’s ever seen. Now Mom, Dad and Beth are gone, the bastards! I mean, what the fuck? How do you go from ‘best maintained’ to ‘meltdown’ in a matter of weeks?” Gary asked. “Someone has to pay for this!”

“Gary, are you shitting us?” Tim asked. “What have you heard about what caused the meltdown?”

“We heard it was a missile strike… our own GOVERNMENT did it!” Gary said.

“We want to go back and see what we can find. There have to be clues somewhere,” Jeff added.

“Guys!” Mike said in horror, “You can’t go back there! What about the radiation? It might not have been from a meltdown, but you know the place probably glows in the dark now! Going there wouldn’t be foolish; it would be a suicide mission! You’ll fry as soon as you got inside the city limits!”

“Dad gave Grandpa a couple of his old radiation suits a couple of years ago, so we should be good to go,” Gary said.

SHOULD BE?!?” Tim screamed. “If they were his OLD radiations suits, what makes you think they would still protect you? What if they leak? What if they’re mock-ups or practice suits that don’t protect? You haven’t thought this through, guys! Don’t do it; you could die!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… we’ve heard it all before. Don’t you think we know enough to make sure the suits are the real deal?” Jeff asked.

“Thanks for your concern, guys, but we know what we’re doing on this one. Dad gave us training on what to look for last year when he was getting ready to test the Braidwood plant in Illinois. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing,” Gary added.

“Hey guys, Grandma’s calling us. She wants us to go to the store with her. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine,” Jeff said.

“Just think about the dangers before you actually go there, guys. Don’t risk your lives for this,” Tim pleaded.

“OK, we’ll think about it, but we have to go now. Later!” And the twins waved goodbye before cutting the connection.

“Mike, this really sucks!”

“No shit!”


* * *

Uncle Pete left a note and had a roast already in the pan and in the fridge:

Boys,Set the oven for 325 degrees and preheat the oven for 5-10 minutes. Then put the beef roast in the oven with the lid on the roasting pan. It’s about 3 pounds, so it has to cook for 2 to 2 and a quarter hours, so start it at 3:45. At 1 and a half hours, remove the lid from the roasting pan so the meat will brown properly. At two hours, check the meat thermometer, it’s already in the roast. It has to be at least 140 degrees. Tim, don’t burn yourself.Peel the potatoes, cut them into quarters and put them in the large pan we always use. This has to be ready to go at 5:20. Put the potatoes on to boil at 5:20, don’t start peeling them at 5:20, be finished by then, got it? Set the burner to MEDIUM. They should be ready about 6:00. If the water starts to boil over, turn the gas down a bit. Have the frozen peas on the stove by 5:45. Put them in a small pan and cover them with water. Set the burner at a little lower than medium. They should be ready at about 6:00, too.

Fix whatever you guys want for a fresh salad. I’ll do the gravy when I get home. If I’m running late, I’ll call and let you know.

Uncle Pete

We had to start hustling; it was already 3:30. The note was easy enough to follow and we got everything started on time. Tim didn’t even burn himself when he checked the temperature of the roast, hehe. After everything was prepared, we set the table and, as if on cue, Uncle Pete walked in the door at 6:00. After saying hello and how good the roast smelled, he excused himself to wash up. He was back in a few minutes and took a can of gravy out of the cabinet and started opening it. Tim and I started laughing.

“What? Read the note; I said I’d do the gravy. This is how I do it. Hehe.”

In no time at all, Tim and I had the potatoes and the peas in the serving dishes and on the table. Uncle Pete was slicing away at the roast and put it on a small platter. Then he put it on the table, too. We sat down and dug in. Uncle Pete is a bachelor, so rather than a gravy boat, he put the gravy in a clear glass coffee cup and we had a spoon out just for it.

Once we had tasted the fruits of our labor, Uncle Pete asked about our day. Tim told him about talking with Ms. Hart and I told him that she wanted our phone number so she could call and thank him for taking us in. No sooner had we told him than the phone rang. Tim got up to answer it.

“Hello… Oh, hi Ms. Hart, this is Tim. Yes, he’s here. We just sat down to dinner. What? OK, I’ll let him know. Bye, Ms. Hart.”

And he hung up the phone and returned to the kitchen table.

“Uncle Pete, that was Ms. Hart. When I mentioned that we just sat down to dinner she got all apologetic and said she’ll call back at 7:00.”

“Thanks, Tim. Now let’s chow down! What else happened at school today?”

This time I spoke up. “We won a soccer game today – 10 to 11.”

Uncle Pete laughed and asked why neither team had a goalie. We laughed and I explained that we only had 5 guys on each side and how we had to rotate through the positions and that included goalie as well.

“Ahhh… Plausible deniability in case your team lost,” Uncle Pete noted. Again we laughed and then Tim started telling about how we contacted the Kern twins and he said what the twins told us about going to investigate at Raccoon City.

“Boys, I don’t think they’ll be able to get past security there, but maybe I should make a call or two to make sure that they don’t get shot as looters.”

“Holy shit!” I said, and right away I knew I messed up.

“Yep. Holy shit is right, Mike. That place is covered with security, both military and police, as well as Umbrella Corp’s private security crews. I doubt that they’ll shoot on sight, but I’ll make a call to be sure no one gets trigger happy.”

Then Uncle Pete changed the subject. “You guys know that I grew up in Raccoon City, don’t you?”

I spoke up first, “I did, but I’m not sure if Tim knew before you said it now.”

“I knew, too. Mom and Dad would tell stories when they thought we were out of ear shot. Sometimes we weren’t.”

“OK, so anyway, Greg Mueller was one of the guys I went to school with. We lost track of each other after high school, but we reconnected after college. when we both came back home. Greg was a virologist and worked on some secret projects for Umbrella Corporation.

“I worked in telecommunications and my company transferred me to their main office in downtown Chicago. I ended up buying this place and started to live happily ever after. About a month ago I got an email from Greg. It seemed rather ordinary… too ordinary. Then I remembered a secret note scheme that we had in school. I re-read the note and saw the coded message right away.

“He wanted to meet me as soon as I could get there, so I told the people at work that I was going to visit my sister for a couple of days. Terri was happy to put me up. I sent a coded message to Greg to let him know I was in town and he replied in the same code that we should meet at one of the local watering holes on Main Street. When I got there, I grabbed a table in the back and waited for Greg to show. A few minutes later I saw Greg at the bar getting our drinks. He set my drink on the table and in the same movement he slid a folded scrap of paper to me. When I picked up my drink I palmed the note and nonchalantly slipped it into my jacket pocket. We had a great talk about old times and a couple more drinks, and then we left.

“When I got back to your place, Mike, I took the note out and read it; then I slid it over to Terri and she read it, too. The next morning, I logged onto the Internet through my satellite link and checked out the address that Greg gave me. I needed the password that he provided as well and when I connected, I was shocked at what I saw. Greg had siphoned some information from the project that he had been working on. It was a virus. They referred to it as a “T-virus”. It was an experimental virus, but the military and Umbrella Corp saw a way to make a weapon from it. Greg was pissed and he got with Pete Jenkins from Raccoon University, and the two of them secretly worked on a serum to defeat the T-virus. Greg hid it on a nondescript cloud drive and left a note for me on the home page of his account.

“The information lists what they were doing and showed the formula that he and Pete Jenkins developed. The problem is that the one thing that they were lacking for the antidote to be completed was a sample of the T-virus. The only one available that we could get at was in Jill Valentine’s blood. She was infected by the virus, but was able to survive because some guy named Carlos created an antivirus and used it on her. But now Carlos is dead and the formula is lost. Jill’s blood still has remnants of the T-virus and that’s what Greg needed to create his antivirus.”

Uncle Pete paused and saw that the boys were awe-struck and hadn’t eaten a bite of their supper since he started talking.

“Boys, I got Jill out of Raccoon City and got identification for her as Jacqui Hart. She was already fluent in French since her mom was French-Canadian, so we got her a job at Lombard High School. She’s been a sleeper for the last few months and was here when Raccoon City was demolished. From what I’ve told you, you can see that it’s imperative that you never mention Jill Valentine again.”

“Uncle Pete?” Tim said, “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a computer systems analyst, Tim.” And he smiled at the boys.

“Tim, I think that’s the only answer we’re gonna get from him,” Mike said. Uncle Pete nodded and continued eating his dinner.


* * *

At 7:00 sharp, the phone rang again. Pete answered it this time and talked for a few minutes, assuring Jill that everything was taken care of and all was as safe as it could be.


* * *

“Tim and Mike, you guys did a great job on supper tonight. It was delicious! I’ll have to double your allowances.”

“Wait!” Tim said, “When did we start getting allowances?”

“Oh? You don’t get an allowance? Well, I’ll double it anyway.”

“Tim, we’ve been set up. Two times zero is still zero,” Mike laughed.

“Guys, I have to go meet with Ms. Hart. I’ll be back around 11:00. I’d say I hated to stick you with the dishes again, but that would be a lie. Hehe. Don’t forget to do your homework before you search for porn on the Internet, OK?”

Tim and Mike turned beet red. “We don’t…”

“Sure you don’t. There’s not a teenage boy in the country who watches Internet porn.” And he winked at them. “Remember… Homework first, OK?”

“Yes Sir,” they said in unison.

“Good. I’ll be back at 11:00.” And he left.

The boys did the supper dishes and scrubbed the roasting pan and the other pots. They were done in less than 30 minutes and then they set up at the kitchen table to do their homework. A couple of hours later they were done and Tim even commented on how much easier it was to finish their homework when they worked together on it.

“Mike, let’s take our shower before Uncle Pete gets home.”

Smiling, Mike agreed. The boys got undressed and walked into the bathroom with their towels over their shoulders. After peeing and getting the water in the shower set properly, the boys got in the slid the shower door closed. First they each took a washcloth and, after soaping it up, they began to scrub each other, paying special attention to the other’s arms and chest. Tim took the lead this time, and after kneeling down, he soaped up his washcloth again and started washing Mike’s legs and feet. By now Mike was at full bone and Tim teased him by holding his dick out of the way as he washed between Mike’s legs. Mike moaned and leaned against the wall of the shower and spread his lags to give Tim free access to his crotch. Next, Tim lathered up Mike’s balls and rubbed them gently, still holding Mike’s dick up and out of the way. Mike was breathing heavy now…

“Turn around so I can get your back and your butt,” Tim requested. Mike complied. He loved the way Tim gently ran the washcloth up and down his butt crack and he started moaning again.

“OK – turn back around facing me again,” Tim said. Again, Mike complied. This time, Tim wrapped the soapy washcloth around Mike’s dick and ran his hand up and down on the boy’s hardon. Mike was leaning against the wall again, purring more than moaning.

“Tim, I’m getting close…”

So Tim rinsed the soap from Mike’s dick and put it in his mouth and closed his lips around it. Then he started moving his head up and down, slowly at first and then a little faster.

“Ow! Easy with the teeth, Tim!”

“Sorry – I guess I got carried away…”

Time continued sucking on Mike’s dick as he played with the other boy’s balls. He didn’t need Mike to tell him that he was getting close; he could feel the dick in his mouth getting harder and feel the head getting bigger…

“Tim, I’m gonna blow!”

Tim continued to suck and finally, Mike couldn’t take it any longer. “Tim, I’m cumming!” And he shot several volleys into Tim’s still-sucking mouth. When it faded to just a dribble, Mike slowly lowered himself to his knees in front of Tim and kissed him. He could taste his cum in Tim’s mouth and tried to use his tongue to swab it out. Tim slowly rose to a standing position and Mike lathered his washcloth and began to wash Tim’s legs and feet, followed by running the washcloth up between Tim’s thighs and cleaning his crotch and balls, just as Tim had done for him.


* * *

With the sound of the water running in the shower, the boys didn’t hear Uncle Pete returning at 10:40. Pete started walking to the boy’s room when he heard Tim moaning in the shower. The boys had left the door open and as he peeked into the bathroom, he saw through the frosted glass shower doors what the boys were doing. He smiled and backed away. Then he quietly exited the house and went to 7eleven to get a cup of coffee. He sat in his car in the parking lot, listening to the radio and sipping his coffee. He had 20 minutes to go before he was due home.


* * *

Finally, Mike soaped his washcloth and grabbed Tim’s dick and started to slowly stroke it up and down. Mike noticed that Tim’s balls were sucking up close to his body, so the rinsed the soap from Tim’s crotch and went down on his dick. Tim was almost screaming with the pleasure he was receiving and when he told Mike that he was about to cum, Mike started bobbing up and down faster and faster, till Tim could hold back and let loose with several shots of his own. If he wasn’t leaning against the wall, he would have fallen down for sure. Like Mike, Tim slid down to a kneeling position and grabbed Mike into a hug and kissed him deeper than he ever had.

After a few minutes, the boys rinsed off and turned off the shower. Exiting the shower, they dried each other off and walked back to their room to get dressed. In a few minutes they were dressed and they heard the back door open and close. The boys giggled and complemented each other on their excellent timing.

They rushed out and greeted Uncle Pete and asked him how the meeting with Ms. Hart went.

“It went well, guys. Did you finish your homework?”

“Yes Sir,” Mike said, and Tim chimed in with a, “Me too.”

“It’s a bit late, so why don’t you guys get to bed? I’ll see you in the morning.”

The boys gave their uncle a hug and went to their bedroom… again locking the door after they closed it.

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