Volume Six cover image

The Shack Out Back Community presents Imagine Magazine Volume 6! In this issue, we’ve got returning stories, new stories, ending stories, and helpful articles! Not to mention a whopping new batch of lies and fabrications in the Shack Tabloid, a spectacular photo gallery, by Uncle Jim, and much, much more!

Download PDF: Volume 6

  1. Love of Two Nations in Tabloid by
  2. Identity Crisis in Tabloid by
  3. Mr. Suck ‘n’ Swallow in Tabloid by
  4. Uncle Jim’s Gallery in Community by
  5. To Cavafy: Inspired by Hockney in Community by
  6. The History of New Year’s Resolutions in Community by
  7. Easy Cream Pie in Community by Derros Bloodmoon
  8. Gypsy Tart: A Recipe in Community by
  9. Pete & Jerry: My First Time in Library by
  10. PAIN: Chapter Five: Assignment in Library by
  11. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter Five: Game Over, Man in Library by
  12. Journal: Final Entry in Library by Kay S.
  13. Family: Chapter Six: Home in Library by
  14. Why Your Teacher Had it Right in Community by
  15. Letter from the Editor in Community by

Published January 1, 2012