This happened quite some time ago, but I still have fond memories of my first time.

In the early summer of 1968 I attended Advanced Individual Training, or AIT, at the United States Army Southeastern Signal School at Fort Gordon, Georgia.  I had just finished Basic Training, so, for the first time since high school, I was in shape.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t all muscle and buffed.  Rather, I was at a proportional weight for my 5’8″ frame; something I’d fight an often-losing battle with for the rest of my life.  I tipped the scales at about 160 with a 30″ waist.  Oh, to be back there now.  I had medium-brown hair and brown eyes with a touch of green mixed in – hazel, it’s called.  I was 20 at the time.

Since we were still in training, we weren’t allowed to go off post.  This left only a handful of recreational activities.  The options exercised were determined by how close it was to the last payday.  When you only cleared 200 and some dollars per month, it tended to go quickly.  To make the restrictions narrower, we were going to class on the third shift – 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  During the week, my group had to be in bed by noon so we wouldn’t sleep in class.  This left weekends as the only time to do anything.

On the Saturday morning after payday one month, we had a bitch of an inspection.  Our CO knew exactly where to find dirt.  Our room, as well as several others, had gig lists a foot long.  We had to correct them before we could go anywhere.  By 2:00 PM, we finally passed inspection.

We were two hours into “our time,” but we didn’t feel like going to the PX or a movie, so a bunch of us hit the Snack Bar for burgers and 3.2 beer.  We used to bitch about 3.2 beer then; now we call it ‘Lite’. One of the guys in the group was Jerry.  He and I had just met and hit it off great.  He was from the South and I’m from Chicago.  I think my Mid-West accent amused him as much as his Southern accent amused me.  We tried to imitate each other’s speech.  I think I was more successful.  One by one, the other guys left.  5:00 PM was the middle of the night to us.

Finally, Jerry and I walked back to the barracks.  We lived on the same floor, so I stopped in his room on the way to mine.  The rooms were about 20′ by 20′.  Each room had four bunks.  Jerry’s area was right inside the door.  I sat on one of the bunks while Jerry got undressed for bed.  I made a mental note that he was built about the same as me.  He stripped down to his briefs and got under the covers.  We were still talking, so I moved over and sat on his bed while we talked.

Nature called, so I went to the latrine and drained some of the beer.  When I came back I sat down on Jerry’s bed again and realized that he had fallen asleep.  He was lying on his side, facing me.  I figured I might as well go to my room, so I put my hand on his hip and whispered, “Goodnight, Jerry.  I’ll see you later.”  For some reason, I didn’t get up.  I just left my hand there and looked at him.  He looked so peaceful.  Then I noticed that my hand was making small, slow circles on his hip.  I was glad no one else was in the room.  Being branded as “queer” in the Army was the kiss of death at that time.  This was long before Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  I was drafted and I didn’t want to be in the Army any more than anyone else, but this wasn’t the way I wanted to get out.

Before I could remove my hand, Jerry rolled over onto his back.  Now my hand was on his crotch! “Move it!” I screamed to myself, “Move it!”  I couldn’t.  I froze because I could tell Jerry was hard as a rock! I looked at my hand and started the small, slow circles again.  I could see the outline of his cock through the OD green blanket.  I wrapped my hand around his cock and nearly jumped through the ceiling.  Jerry had placed his hand on my cock and had started rubbing it!

I was so startled that I was panting like a dog.  After I caught my breath, I slowly looked up at Jerry’s face.  He was staring at my crotch.  He looked as though he was mesmerized.  After several minutes, I moved my hand slowly up his body until it was on his shoulder.  I was bent over him and I lowered my lips to his.  I gave him a light peck.  He squeezed my cock through my pants.  I parted my lips and found his tongue.

While we kissed, I moved my hand under the blanket and into his briefs and found his cock.  It jumped as I wrapped my fingers around it.  I started slowly sliding my hand up and down his shaft while we continued kissing.  I had never held someone else’s cock before and I couldn’t get over how something that hard could be so soft and smooth.  I had to have more.  I slid off his bed and pulled his covers down.  I slid my hand into his briefs and pulled his cock out.  Like mine, it was about six inches and cut.  After what seemed an eternity, I lowered my head onto him.

After a couple of gentile sucks, Jerry pushed me away.  “Don’t!  We can’t do this here.  My roommates might walk in,” he said softly, but urgently.  I didn’t want to stop, but he was right.

“Where can we go?” I whispered.

“The card room.”  At the end of each hallway were a half dozen or so one-man rooms.  One of them was set up with a couple of tables and some chairs.  Jerry got out of bed.  His dick was tenting his briefs.  As he reached for a towel from his locker, I started rubbing his cock again.  I had to stop when he wrapped the towel around his waist.  We walked down the deserted hallway to the card room.  It was empty and the lights were out.  We stepped in, closed and locked the door, and then turned on the lights.

We put our arms around each other and pulled each other closer.  Our lips met for the second time, but with much more passion.  We nearly cut each other’s lips with our teeth by pressing them together so tightly.  After backing off a bit, we stood there kissing and grinding our crotches together for several moments.  When we broke apart, Jerry removed his towel and briefs.

I was transfixed, staring at him.  I had seen hundreds of naked guys.  With community showers in high school and the Army, how could you not?  I never thought anything of it before.  Of course, those guys didn’t have boners.  Now, here before me was this average looking guy, with an average build, and I was beside myself with passion for him.  He stood there looking down at his hard cock.  I reached out and started to stroke it again.

He pulled away and told me to get undressed.  I came back to reality enough to realize that I was still fully clothed.  As I started disrobing, Jerry sat in a chair and slowly stroked himself while he watched me.  Knowing he was watching made me hotter, if that was possible.  When I finished, I sat in a chair opposite Jerry and stroked myself while I watched him stroking himself and watching me.  Neither of us had done anything like this before, and we were both nervous about getting started.

Jerry made the first move.  He took his towel and spread it on the floor.  We both got down on the towel and lay there holding and kissing each other.  Finally, we shifted around so we could each have what we wanted.  Looking at his cock, I studied it.  It was the same size as mine – about six inches.  His balls were average size, like mine.  His dark brown pubic hair was much coarser than mine was.  His treasure trail was so light and so fine that it was almost nonexistent, like mine.  Other than his pits and crotch, his torso was hairless, like mine.  What was I doing; making love to myself?

I was brought out of my study of his body when I felt him go down on my cock.  I looked at his face and saw his lips buried in my pubes.  I took a deep breath and slowly took him into my mouth.  As I licked around his cock head, I noticed that the helmet was shaped differently than mine.  I took it out and looked at it again.  The head of his dick was more spade-shaped than mushroom.  I dove on it again.

It was obvious that neither of us had done this before.  It took a few minutes before we stopped using our teeth completely.  Once we got into a rhythm, it was perfect harmony.  Again, I was surprised by how soft and velvety his cock was.  Then, simultaneously, we broke apart and kissed again.  We loved sucking on each other, but we had a stronger need to kiss and to hold each other.  Soon our urges reverted to our lust and we started sucking each other again.

Jerry came first.  I had never had a dick in my mouth before.  Hell, I had never seen a hard dick before, other than my own.  I didn’t know how to tell when someone was about to cum.  All I knew is that Jerry had just cum in my mouth and I instinctively started to swallow.  It didn’t taste good or bad.  It didn’t taste sweet or salty.  His dick was at the back of my throat and I just swallowed as he spurt.  His cock must have been very sensitive, because he pulled it out when he finished cumming.  I stroked it while he continued sucking me.  Then I came, too, and Jerry swallowed it all.  Now I know why Jerry pulled out.  He kept sucking after I finished and it was so intense I had to pull out.

We lay there for a few moments until our pulses got close to normal.  Then we held each other and kissed again and tasted each other’s cum in the other’s mouth.  We noticed for the first time that the room was cool and both of us started getting goose bumps.  I reluctantly got dressed while Jerry watched after putting his briefs and towel back on.  We turned off the lights and I opened the door and looked down the hallway.  No one was there.  We hugged once more and left the card room.  Jerry went back to his room and I to mine.

Although we wanted to meet again, we were always too afraid that we’d be caught.  I graduated AIT a couple of weeks later and, as too often happened in the Army, I haven’t seen or heard from Jerry since.

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